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  1. Up for sale, a brand new with tags attached, navy blue in size 44L. $110 shipped. PPFF. PM if any is interested in it.
  2. The Schutt XV Umpire Chest Protector is an advanced piece of protective gear for baseball umpires. For nearly a century, Schutt Sports has been committed to developing the most advanced protective gear in the game for players. Using the same technology, their umpire protective gear empowers umpires to focus and perform at the top of THEIR game! Features: Ventilation holes: 10mm ventilation holes maximize air circulation and the evaporation of excess moisture. Greater impact absorption and durability: Utilizing impact absorption technology from their most popular line of football shoulder pads, the XV chest protector is made of high density EVA foam for greater impact absorption and durability. Moisture and heat management system: The moisture and heat management system of this umpire chest protector allows airflow into and away from the body, allowing the skin to dry and the body to cool itself. Superior protection: Features caps to cover exposed gaps in the shoulder area, wider chest plate and a padded Y-back give you maximum coverage and extra protection. The design of this chest protector is form fitting. This chest protector also has a 4” removable extension which provides additional coverage for the stomach area and a t-hook attachment for a secure fit. One size fits most (Measures 13" from top of neck pad to bottom of chest plate. Shown with 4" pad extension, included.) Weight: Approximately 3 lbs
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SiUZIJ7Z5U
  4. Up for sale the following items: 1 Wilson A3009x - with wrap around pads 1 Wilson A3009 - with wrap around pads 2 Wilson A3077 steel powder coated in shiny black by Mask-It Sports - in excellent condition 2 Wilson A3077 titanium - in excellent condition 2 Wilson Platinum shin guards 18.5" - 1 in very good condition 1 in excellent condition 1 Gerry Davis 17.5" Original shin guards - in excellent condition 1 Gerry Davis 17.5" new version shin guards - brand new in package 1 Honig's shin guards 19" - in excellent condition 1 Vintage WV Gold M/L - in excellent condition 1 Wilson umpire equipment bag - in very good condition 1 Wilson catcher equipment bag - in very good condition 1 FUL bag - brand new in the box 3 Tan Team Wendy pads - in excellent condition 2 Wilson A3815 wrap around tan pads - in excellent condition 2 Nike pads navy blue - brand new 2 Wilson foam pads - brand new 1 New Balance 950 B/W mid cut base shoe 11.5 EEEE - brand new 1 New Balance 450 B/W 450 plate shoe 14 EEEE - in brand new 1 New Balance 450 B/W 450 plate shoe 14 D - in good condition 1 Mizuno Japan 2QA-122 - in excellent condition 1 Mizuno Japan 2QA-129 - in excellent condition 1 navy blue plate coat 44L - in new condition 1 New Balance T550 low cut base shoe 13 D with an additional New Balance sure lace 54" in black - brand new All the items in brand new, excellent or very good condition. Prices to be determined later. PayPal Friends and Family. Seller pays shipping.
  5. If this doesn't convince you, I don't know what will. medium.MOV
  6. Hats 35.00 each plus shipping 7.88 anywhere in USA New Era Fitted hats for UMPIRE 1 hat =35.00 plus shipping Sizes : 2 (two) 7 1/4 2 (two ) 7 1/8 1 (one) 7 1/2 1 (one) 7 inch 3 (three) 7 3/8 PayPal only at birddawg@cox.net.
  7. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/heroic-mlb-umpire-steve-palermo-dies-67-article-1.3165049
  8. The official on-field shoe for MLB umpires for the 2017 season, the MU460v3 New Balance Umpire Plate Shoes are designed for that extra look of authority with its hi-gloss finish that is easy to clean while maintaining the comfort, breathability and traction you expect in an on-field athletic shoe. The redesigned floating instep guard provides advanced features. First, it provides maximum protection where you need it most, on the inside of your feet, without the extra bulk on the outside where you don't. Second, it "releases" from the top making it easier to take on and off and to lace your shoelaces. Third, there is a mesh strap that creates space between your shoe and guard for air to flow. This mid-cut style is all-black with MLB logo on the tongue and heel and with NB logo on sole. FEATURES Dispersion Instep Guard provides more inner foot protection ABZORB® - a blend of Dupont™ Engage® and Isoprene rubber - in heel and forefoot provides superior shock absorption and cushioning throughout the game Strategically placed mesh strap on inside of metatarsal guard that promotes air flow and breathability Guard releases for easy on/off Mid-cut provides greater ankle support Hi-gloss is easy to clean / polishable Snug-fit integrated neoprene sock liner provides additional comfort between foot and hard toe Nubby outsole for enhanced traction 23.1 ounces The official plate shoes for MLB umpires For baseball or softball
  9. Apologies if this is a tacky question, but what's the going rate for an umpire in Cooperstown? First week in June? We want to be fair but we have no context of a fair price for the umpire (or us). Any insight would be appreciated -- thanks!
  10. As I have mentioned before I look up to and admire Jim Wolf, and it would be awesome if I could contact him somehow. I know it sound corny but I grew up watching him ump games and whatnot. Thanks.
  11. Gals and guys, I hope you all are doing well. This is going to be my first season umpiring behind the plate and I was hoping you all could give me some tips. I can't help but feel butterflies in my stomach at the thought of getting back there, but I've loved it since I was young. Thank you all.
  12. http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/53157956/v1057710383/mlb-now-digs-into-robotic-umpires
  13. We are a 12U team from Southern California called OCX (Orange County Xtreame). We had an umpire for our trip to Cooperstown but unfortunately it fell through. We are looking for an umpire for the week of August 6-12, 2016 at All Star Village (CASV). Please email me if your interested to go over details and requirements mrcheez@sbcglobal.net Jeff Showalter
  14. Up for sale is a XL Majestic thermal jacket with tags attached, navy with red. $80 shipped, PPFF only.
  15. This is another journalist article of his experience at HWUS. http://www.businessinsider.com/i-finally-completed-my-dream-of-attending-umpire-school-heres-what-it-was-like-2016-5
  16. Do any of you workout just to get in shape to work baseball? Is a workout part of your daily life? Or are you a lucky one who doesn't need any form of exercise? I've found that once the season starts now that I'm out of baseball... I stop working out during baseball. Between work and baseball I'm too tired to make it. What do you guys (and gals) do to balance this? As a side note... I love the gym. It's not a matter of not wanting to go!
  17. Honig's & Majestic XL pullovers with front zipper $35 — Phoenix, Arizona Excellent condition, smoke free home . No tears,rips or stains. Dry cleaned only. $35 each plus shipping. I'm in Az. I will delete when sold,PayPal only. Perfect for those chilly evenings late games. $35.00 EACH Shipping is $7.88 anywhere to USA. email me for faster response birddawg@cox.net
  18. Gentleman- I have been relocated for work and will not be able to go to the Southern Umpires Camp this year that I have already registered for. If you are wanting to go I can transfer my spot to you and will also give you a discount. I paid for an out of town student, which includes housing for the 3 nights, total cost (445) and have already paid the (345 deposit). I will transfer my spot to you for 250 which will give you a $95 dollar discount on camp tuition. You will still owe the remaining 100 when checking in for camp. Please email me or PM me at breasons91@gmail.com if interested. Thanks guys Link to camp website: http://baseballumpirecamps.com/page/southern
  19. Your browser does not support iframes. Don't tell me a throat guard isn't a good idea! keep in mind boys .... get in your stance, make sure your TG "clacks" against your CP .... notice how Welke's TG got shot straight back but off of his CP....... lucky
  20. can anyone explain why this is happening? Your browser does not support iframes.
  21. if the batter looks in to the catcherto try to look at the signs after the umpire tells him to stop whats the umpire call
  22. Hi all, I am Marshall from China. I am a baseball fan and playing with our amateur team in Beijing,China. Looking forward to learn baseball rules and umpire skills from here.
  23. Hey guys, Just want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me here so far. 1 person that I know and you guys on here have been great help to me as i start my umpiring career. From helping me with tips or just telling me what to do to improve, what not to write on reports, how to handle ejections. Even people going out of their way to message me personally to help me and give me advice. Thank you. Im 17 and only have been umpiring for not even a 7 months and I have already done High School, JV and Varsity, College, and also had a chance to do a AAA game here in Florida. and all thanks to you guys. I read what advice you give me and also look at other posts to see what advice you give them. This is one place i know for sure that i can come whenever i have a question about something. As I've said like 100 times now, Thank you. And once again Thanks for all the help and support -Berns_97
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