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  1. Jocko

    Parent in Stands...

    ​or listen to the fence
  2. Who cares? Watch an R2 give signs to his teammate up to bat about pitches. Happens all the time.
  3. ​tell him to get hi a$$ back where he belongs kidding. my other hand finds its way behind my knee
  4. With a RH batter, my right hand is just behind F2 with my palm facing F1 (kinda like onora but I dont molest my f2s). Left hand behind left leg. LH batter....just the opposite.
  5. ​If they're playing the Braves and you're on the stick....wake up. You're dreaming.
  6. ​*Hands held up indicating time, and said LOUDLY "THE BALL IS NOT IN PLAY" If he doesn't get it after that, it's gonna be a long day
  7. Had this yesterday and I was shocked at the poor game management by the HTHC. Time is getting VERY short. HT ahead 4-3 in the bottom. VT hustles out, takes 2 warmup pitches and are ready to go. HT gets a leadoff walk. Then a 6-4-3. 2 down. Clock is under a minute. F1 delivers, B3 fouls one OOP. I have already requested baseballs from BOTH teams and have zero in my bag. I announce AGAIN that I need baseballs and brush the plate. VT SPRINTS balls to me. PLAY! Next pitch......B3 flies out. FREE BASEBALL. 24 minutes later, VT wins 7-4. Should I have changed my zone and preserved the win for the HT? Should I have brushed the plate a few more times to kill the clock? Had a sneezing fit? Found a way to burn about 45 seconds? Nope. I'm there to do a job and do it right. Which I did. Not my job to manage the game for the teams.
  8. The ball cannot be made live by the HP umpire until the batter is ready, the battery is in their proper position with pitcher engaged, and the pitcher has the ball. Once this criteria is met, HP should both verbal and mechanic the ball live by announcing "PLAY" with a point towards the pitcher.
  9. Jocko

    NTSO anyone?

    @ricka56, I am indeed working for Wayne. Have a DH Sat and again on Sun. You live in the HEB?
  10. Today I joined North Texas Sports Officials. Any of my new brothers on UE?
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