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  1. Purchased base shoes from @Stk004 Smooth communication, included traking #, shoes got here as advertised and quicker than expected. Thanks brother.
  2. assming it's still FED, not if the umpire believes the bluff was the reason the pitcher completed the inside move. "As long as the umpire judges that it is reasonable for the pitcher to believe he had a play at third, even though the runner stopped, it is a legal move. (6-2-4b)"
  3. illegally after sliding in safely at home? =)
  4. and if anyone wants to engage on clarifying my thinking: on missed touches of home with a play there, we're taught not to signal anything. I believe this is different than at other bases, where we would signal safe (BR misses 1st as D misses swipe tag). How does our non-call at home affect appeal vs R abandoning, if neither side is aware of the missed touch of home?
  5. Hello, everyone. I'm stuck between b and d as possible answers, and am having a hard time thinking of a play the D would make that is NOT initiated by the offense. From the test: R2, one out. R2 attempts to score on B3’s single to center field. F2 misses the tag on the sliding runner, but R2 also misses the plate. F2 sees B3 advancing to second and throws to F4 who tags B3 for the second out. a. R2 may not return and touch home after the subsequent play on B3 b. R2’s run counts unless it is appealed. c. R2 may return and touch home after he enters the dugout. d. R2’s missed base cannot be appealed after the subsequent play on B3 Thanks!
  6. I ruled C and have heard this play discussed by Hiler, fwiw. If he goes out of his way during an attempted tag (not what's happening in the video), now you have a different situation with an out of the baseline call.
  7. Video question with the missed bunt and back-pick at 2nd base. a. Batter is automatically out for stepping out of the batter’s box. b. Batter is not out if any runner attempting to advance is put out. c. On a pickoff play at any base, the defensive player must clearly have possession of the ball before blocking the base. f. b and c only. I know C is right, but B is sitting there tempting me because IF we're talking about calling the batter out for interference, then yes, it's ignored. Just wish it said "Batter is not out for interference if any runner..." But, of course, it doesn't, AND there's the B and C option.
  8. that's where I'm getting stuck, as I see the catcher protected with the it shall not be considered a violation if the catcher blocks the pathway of the runner in a legitimate attempt to field the throw, (e.g., in reaction to the direction, trajectory or the hop of the incoming throw. It seems the bobble of the ball is still part of the legitimate attempt to field the ball based on the hop, so I'm not seeing the obstruction here. I can't tell if Maven is saying the same thing with his quote at the end of his great post, or if that's what he's replying to and essentially arguing against the highlighted part of the rule.
  9. alex7

    Illegal Feint?

    coach pitch. I'm more impressed he's found a way to call SOME!
  10. I found one just this January through a California umpire association website (I think it was CBUA) store that was selling their left-overs. Black, not as high quality as the MLB ones, but still worthwhile. Took me forever to find it, literally scouring random links in random association sites, but it's doable.
  11. at 6:43 he's on the grass. At 6:45 he's still not in the lane. Those that have nothing, I'm not sure why.
  12. I've been grabbing them so far this season, and the coaches and hitters do seem to simply adjust after the first one or two, especially if you're fortunate enough to get one in the first few innings. It's a little more difficult if the first one you see up there is in the 5th and no one expects it yet. But yes, only if the majority of us are grabbing it will the expectations adapt. And I'm on board with @kstrunk in my thinking - it's an absolute hitter's pitch, a mistake pitch that deserves to be crushed. You don't even bother to swing? Yikes. Strike!
  13. Comment begins with "...looks like the BR runs the entire way in fair territory." Comment ends with "...this is a good time to say 'That's nothing!'"
  14. alex7

    No brackets

    And THAT, my friends, is why I won't work D1 baseball.
  15. lol, I think what they're telling you is that the reason he forgot to put his mask back on is because he previously took a hard direct shot WITH the mask on. Thus the title of the video.
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