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  1. No sorry I don't have the link anymore. It was inside of a high school baseball game from 2014 I think. I can try and find it but don't hold your breath. And on this play I have nothing. Umpire hit by a thrown ball is live and in play.
  2. So bored I was watching old high school baseball games so I can learn from other umpires. Learn what to do and what not to do. I thought this video was interesting for two reasons. 1.) The fair call was not very emphatic especially for a ball that was really close to the line. 2.) U1 turned his back to the ball. Had he stayed chest to ball and let the throw turn him it would have avoided him being hit and likely no run would have scored. Always a good reminder to see it happen to someone else if it keeps it from happening to you in the future
  3. Last year was my first year umpiring so I really haven't encountered too many situations like that. The factors that led to my decision, right or wrong are as follows: 1.) The play was ugly though I determined it wasn't an illegal play but it looked nasty 2.) The pitcher (Offender) was sticking up for his catcher who also happened to be his brother (which I knew the relationship prior to the game starting) 3.) The players were hastily separated 4.) It wasn't loud to where everyone at the ballpark heard it I'm sure over time I will develop more "Automatics". For now if it is not an automatic ejection BY RULE I will just take it case by case. I enjoy reading everyones responses. Respectfully, S
  4. Sorry I’m not trying to argue with you or argue semantics. I don’t need advice on my situation I posted because I wouldn’t handle that one any differently. I guess I’m just asking a question to stir up some conversation on how other umpires handle similar situations that’s all. Cheers !
  5. Haha I wasn’t seeking advice I was simply just asking others if profanity was an automatic for them
  6. Shawn0331


    Since I can't umpire right now due to weather I am just going over situations from my first year of umpiring in 2020. Situation: 13U..........R2, 2 outs. B4 hits a gapper to right center field. R2 (who is the size of a grown man) is chugging around 3rd and there is going to be a play at the plate. I get into my position and the catcher gets into his. The throw is on line but its obvious it is going to be a little late but still close. R2 slides feet first in a direct line to the plate however his lead cleat got caught up (Playing on artificial turf, infield and outfield) causing him to pop up (unintentionally). One of his feet ended up getting the catcher on the lower shin guard and as he was sliding/falling whatever you want to call it his hand contacted the catchers back. (This comes into play because the offensive manager argued that the runner kicked his catcher in the back) I called the runner safe and the inning over. (Fall ball a run limit per half inning and it was reached) Immediately the pitcher (Who is about 4'11" 105 pounds) starts towards the runner that just scored and says something like "What the F*CK is your problem sliding into my catcher!?" I quickly stepped in front of the pitcher and sent him back to the mound. The runner acted maturely and went back to the dugout and the situation did not get out of control and nothing further happened. The pitcher and the catcher are brothers and the pitcher (who thought the runner slid maliciously, and full speed to most people it probably did look that way) was sticking up for his catcher but more importantly his brother. I DID NOT eject the pitcher even though it was an eject-able offense. My question finally is....is profanity an automatic ejection for you all or is there ever a time to use discretion ? This was not a FED game which the rules for profanity call for an automatic ejection. This is OBR with no league rule stating a player or coach MUST be ejected only that they can be. Thanks!
  7. Is it acceptable for PU to wear a regular umpire jacket while working the plate or is that a no no? By regular umpire jacket I'm referring to what you normally see U1/2/3 wear in the pros on a cold day. My question is for high school and below on if it is acceptable or not.
  8. Thanks for the input everyone
  9. What do you all use and recommend? If I missed a previous topic regarding this just let me know and redirect me if you don't mind. Currently I am using a big black 5.11 bag not really made for baseball.....
  10. The Wendlestedt Online Course I took also has PU covering third in this situation though I could see how it would be hard to get in position depending on your fitness level
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but there shouldn't ever be a case when the PU rotates to third on a ground ball to the infield with R2 only... With R1 only the PU can move up towards third until R1 is put out at second, then if he is not put out and there is an overthrow, or a play at 3rd he is in position to make the call at third
  12. @Biscuit that is awesome that you went to the school last minute. Try to keep us updated on how it is going. Yes I did complete the Wendelstedt Online Prep Course and I found it to be VERY beneficial especially since last year was my first year ever umpiring. The course goes over the entire rulebook but also goes over the mechanics of the two umpire system. The mechanics portion was probably the most beneficial for me simply because It seems that a lot of umpires have little understanding of proper mechanics so gaining information from a professional school will help me do the right thing and hopefully help others I work with to do the same. Also I agree with pretty much everything @stevis said. I would recommend it to anyone and I assume if they do it again next year it will only get better!
  13. I just signed up for it. Couldn't hurt right?
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