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  1. I have one for you. Missing the big shoulder pads (foam part) and side pads. PM me the shipping zip code so I can estimate the shipping cost.
  2. Purchased bag from @The Short Umpire Timely communication, quick shipping 👍
  3. alex7

    2022 NCAA Test

    One of those possibly poorly written questions asks when a pitcher must be removed. It lists among the options when a coach illegally makes a visit after having used up all of his team's allotment, or after the coach's three visits. The answer it wants is "all of the above." However, by rule, you would NOT change the P at that point, since that's what the coach wanted to do, illegally. Obviously we wait until the AB is finished, then the P is removed. But he must pitch to the batter first. So it seemed like a possibly poorly written question, imo.
  4. Ask a nerd! Decently written test, would say only 2-3 were written ambiguously or possibly incorrect unless you understand what the writer was thinking.
  5. To expand on SH0101's great point - most of the 2-man guys I work with (HS and NCAA) focus on umpiring the most likely play. On that OP scenario, as PU I head to the 1st base side of the mound, where I can: Still have a good look at the slide legality at 2b Help with pulled foot at 1st Help with swipe tag at 1st Help with overthrow rulings so my BU can get inside ahead of the runner All those things are going to happen I'd say 1000 times more often than R1 beating the throw at 2nd, AND going to 3rd, AND my BU not being able to make the call at 1st, take a few steps towards the mound, and angle-over-distance the call at 3rd.
  6. I wear size 10.5 shoes. I have size 11 New Balances and Rebook Zigs that are comfortable on the bases, both with the small nubs on the bottom. Fit my 10.5 feet perfectly. What's your ZIP code and I'll check the shipping cost if you're interested.
  7. Shawn, an alternative to the ebags, if you don't find one in your price range, is an Amazon dual-deck 32-35 inch travel bag. I went from a traditional umpire bag to one of those a few years ago, and there's been no difference, except the price was about 60% of the traditional umpire bags. They come with your typical side pockets, top pocket, telescope handle, etc, along with the dual decks for separating gear from other stuff.
  8. alex7


    Like others have said, context matters and as you develop, you'll gain more confidence into reading those situations and making your decision. That said, until then, if you NEED something along the lines of hard-and-fast truths 1) if it's a player or assistant coach 2) if it's loud enough for the fans to hear it it's a good "automatic" threshold to start with. Again, not 100%, but if you need SOMETHING to start with as you develop your feel for situations. If it's a HC, I might go with an immediate and loud warning. If it's personal, then we're back to automatic.
  9. So this year, NCAA if it hits the catcher ANYWHERE and he catches it, we have a caught foul tip and the ball stays fair. NFHS it's still directly to glove or hand? OBR still directly to glove or hand? Just checking if NCAA is the only we know that's changed it.
  10. I bought two pair of the new All-Star Magnesium pads, with the hard plastic insert on the bottom piece. I'm keeping one for my All-Star mask, but want to trade the 2nd one as I don't like the look of them with my non-AS mask. New, still in the plastic wrap. Looking for new/newish black Team Wendy pads in exchange. DM if you need a picture
  11. I bought one with an offer price of $68. Received it in the mail today, 3 days later, despite some odd tracking info. Might be worth the shot for some of you.
  12. It's good to have ANY kind of counter-argument if an association's leadership is MANDATING one to use the hammer exclusively. That was the unfortunate OP situation, and the purpose for my grasping at Point Lifesavers
  13. I understand you're detailing what a proper hammer should look like. Many guys at all levels don't exaggerate it that much, which allows for at least the POSSIBILITY to argue the point does a better job of signaling. Remember this is just commenting on a seemingly legit baseball association that won't even allow the point.
  14. alex7

    Tag-up questions

    I need to move there so I can move up the ranks quicker!
  15. alex7

    Tag-up questions

    Situation 1: runner is awarded home as it is two bases from the time of the throw when it comes from an OFer Situation 2: the run counts, as the third out is a timing play on appeal, not a force out.
  16. It would be towards the tail end of good timing, but there are times where we can point a strike to the side after the ball is back on its way to the pitcher. And absolutely it's easy to point to the side while keeping your eyes forward. One counter argument against the hammer call always, is that signaling is meant to show the crowd and everyone else what is happening, and a hammer is harder to see than a point, as far as the crowd behind you.
  17. Wanting clarification on this one. Note 1: If the batter or runner continues to advance after being put out, that act alone shall not be considered as confusing, hindering or impeding the fielders. 2) If a runner or batter-runner, who has been put out or obstructed, hinders or impedes any following play being made on a runner, such runner shall be declared out because of a teammate’s interference." Assuming the retired batter would fit under "batter put out" in Note 1, are we agreeing that #2 above is absolved by Note 1, and we have a "that's nothing"?
  18. No rules specific to batting gloves worn by pitchers in NFHS Though as umpire you have the latitude to consider anything extra that's worn, as being distracting and thus not allowed. I believe it's the same for NCAA, While OBR has put out a reference specifically not allowing batting gloves under a pitcher's gloves.
  19. Yeah, the lack of gap coverage made me look but not bid last time it posted. Overthinking it or a legit concern?
  20. Many probably know already, One recommendation made by Tom Hiler is to purchase the Ready Ref / Ref Smart vibrating timers that football officials have been using. They have some programmed for 20 and 120 seconds. It's a pita, but it's what was recommended, to avoid having to look at it.
  21. Purchased base shoes from @Stk004 Smooth communication, included traking #, shoes got here as advertised and quicker than expected. Thanks brother.
  22. assming it's still FED, not if the umpire believes the bluff was the reason the pitcher completed the inside move. "As long as the umpire judges that it is reasonable for the pitcher to believe he had a play at third, even though the runner stopped, it is a legal move. (6-2-4b)"
  23. illegally after sliding in safely at home? =)
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