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  1. Moe


    Looking for a hand, what happened to this podcast?!? It was so good, I really think it's too bad that there's no new episodes...
  2. Jim Joyce John Hirschbeck Wally Bell (R.I.P) If not Wally, Joe West, just so I can pick his brain before and after the game to understand his side of the controversy and his theory of umpiring.
  3. Can be -30C. Might not be. Maybe just -20C Canadians are pretty hardy. We'll see
  4. A little bit, yeah. I think it would be fun. That's probably what most of the players will look like.
  5. Snowshoe baseball in February.It's cold, that's the idea. They wait until baseball withdrawal has set in, then offer a freeze your @$$ off baseball BTW, -30C is -22F
  6. What about stiffness?
  7. So my Alma Mater is having a "snowshoe baseball" tournament in February. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada, so needless to say, it will be really cold and lots of snow. Our February's are very cold (around -30C to -40C on some days). I have three masks, All-Star FM4000 with TW pads but I do have the stock pads, Diamond ix3 Featherweight with TW, and Wilson TI with stock pads. My problem is that I want it to be, not warm, but something that will be decently comfortable. I think the Wilson wrap around leather pads will be too cold. I think the TW pads will stiffen up. What experience do you have with this such cold weather and what mask do you recommend that won't cold on my face, but will still absorb the impact if I get hit?
  8. Moe

    Can he wear crocks?

    That's the thing I love about Baseball; if there is something not in the rulebook, IT WILL COME UP in a game if you do enough games. The rules are so ambiguous, someone will bring up something that is not covered. This is where we need to use our common sense. This is why they will never replace umpires with computers.
  9. Moe

    Can he wear crocks?

    Let's try not to get too off topic guys.
  10. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article/mlb/mlb-denies-protest-by-rays-over-timing-of-replay-challenge?ymd=20140826&content_id=91512152&vkey=news_mlb
  11. Moe

    Can he wear crocks?

    Got it, but besides that...
  12. I was asked today in a 18+ league if a player could wear crocks. I couldn't think of any rule saying he can't, but said that it really wouldn't be a good idea. I asked the director of the league if he knew of a rule, he said no. I asked the team why would he want to. I thought it was a really bad idea. He ended up finding a pair of old running shoes, but was curious as to what you guys had to say. Thoughts?
  13. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article/mlb/joe-maddon-encouraged-by-conversation-with-joe-torre-about-protest?ymd=20140824&content_id=91193386&vkey=news_mlb
  14. I was watching this game and I am on the fence. I don't think that MLB is going to undermine a CC, but maybe Maddon has a point... We'll see...
  15. Moe

    Cast fiasco

    Alvulsion fracture is a piece of bone chipping off where the ligament attaches to the bone. When the ligaments pull off, the bone comes with it. You can see both in the xray and MRI.
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