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  1. Navy .. the numbers can be removed!
  2. $70 for the 7 shirts I really want this stuff gone!
  3. I have a 3X thermal jacket. Used 4 or 5 times. It is in great shape. #20 on sleeve, but can be removed. PM me for pics.
  4. I am getting back into umpiring after a four year hiatus. I sold most/all of my gear when I got out in 2015. I am only going to be doing Little League (no more HS or Legion at this time). I am not looking to break the bank to volunteer a night or two each week. I need a mask, shin guards, and chest protector. I could also use some XL Shirts as well. Does anyone have any of this they want to get rid of?
  5. $140 All of the patches can be removed, with the exception of the numbers on the Majestic shirts.
  6. I'll take the new Majestic Navy XL!!
  7. For some reason, I can't post pics. I can email pics if you are interested.
  8. If so, I have a deal for you. I have seven shirts for sale and I'd like to sell them as a unit rather than piecing them out. Majestic 3XL Polo Blue w/black piping (Old MLB Style) - #20 on Right Sleeve Majestic 3XL Black w/white piping (Old MLB Style) - #20 on Right Sleeve Smitty 3XL Cream - #20 on Right Sleeve & American Flag on Left Sleeve Smitty 3XL Navy - #20 on Right Sleeve & American Flag on Left Sleeve Smitty 3XL Light Blue w/Black collar - #20 on Right Sleeve, American Flag on Left Sleeve, and VHSL Patch on Left Chest Smitty 3XL Black - #20 on Right sleeve & American Flag on Left Sleeve Honigs 3XL Navy - #20 on Right sleeve, American FLag on Left Sleeve, and VHSL Patch on left chest I will sell the entire lot for $150 shipped. After a week or so, I'll parcel them out at $25/piece shipped. Paypal "Friends" only.
  9. Price is negotiable .. make me an offer!
  10. I will purchase them if still available.

    1. VAUmp


      Unequal Shin Guards?

  11. As soon as you buy the CP, I'll head over there!!!
  12. They were by far the most comfortable and protective leg guards I've ever worn! They fit securely and never slide around. There wasn't anything I didn't like about them. I'm only selling the gear because with my new job, I can't umpire anymore. Now, I'm 6-4, but I have very short legs (I wear 30 length pants), so my height won't tell you much about how they fit. You won't be disappointed in them.
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