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  1. I study the rule book based on my career experience too. Outline like its the bar exam, bold certain lines like you would important case law, and distinguish NFHS from NCAA and ORB where necessary. Worked for me on the bar, it'll get me through umpiring. (Some rec leagues around here use mlb rules, frustrating) But seriously, I find outlining to be the best strategy. And a lot of the book is unimportant start with the main categories for an ump, for me I concentrate on 1 balks/ illegal pitch 2 obstruction 3 interference 4 dead ball / live ball 5 remedies aka what is awarded by rule and judgement
  2. Anybody have a favorite brand or model of pants they really love? I have the smittys in wool and in poly/spandex, and even when I wear the "base" pants, they still fit me like parachute pants through the leg. Looking for a more athletic cut of pants. Especially on the bases. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions.
  3. Is anyone else on here going to the Placement Course? Do they have live games?
  4. I actually think the clips are really useful. It helps me assess my own zone when I see the best missing calls too. Plus how they handle player and coach complaints is useful
  5. Based on what they told us on a conference call Wendelstedt has partnered with UPC and John White, and those same wood bat leagues that he assigns.... North Woods, West Coast ... Harry's is going to have 30 jobs for those leagues that they can assign. This was done because the UPC and Harry's schools overlap this year.
  6. Thank you Stk, pretty sure thats the road I'm going to take. I've been in touch with an instructor from Harry's. I work for myself so summer leagues would be right up my alley. Anybody else on here go to pro school and then return home to their day job and doing hs/college games?
  7. Thank you. That's helpful, and it makes sense. The minor league guys have been doing it at a high level full time. Been thinking of going to pro school, but with an eye towards the college ranks because I don't want to leave my day job. But covid is making the idea of a month in Florida less than appealing.
  8. Question for the high level guys out there .... do the big conferences (sec, acc, B10, b12) still hire guys from lower D1/DII? I've been told by an evaluator at a camp that many of the big conferences only hire umps who have left AA/AAA.
  9. Here's Marvin Hudson with a strike two, and then his punch-out. FYI he's "looking at his finger" on the strike point, but I guess in 6 man during the ALCS that's permitted even with 2 men on base.
  10. I got the prizm field lenses on my flak jacket 2.0 Oakleys. With my prescription. No adjustment period at all, I just saw clearer right away. Called games with them, drove with them. They just make being outside more enjoyable to be honest, the clarity is the thing that really stands out. They fit under my mask without a problem and have never come off when I've ripped my mask off. That may be just a matter of time though, so I have been trying to find a tight strap to hold them in place. Like rec specs. Fwiw I got mine online from lens crafters. They were expensive, but getting prescription Oakleys i knew that to be the case. And LC had the best price I saw at the time (last spring)
  11. Pardon me if this is discussed at length elsewhere (but I didn't see a recent relevant thread) ... But does anyone care to share their punch-out move, their thoughts on strike 3 calls, or clip of a pro? Personally I've been using the "tear a book" move, but am looking to change to something closer to Marvin Hudson here, with a straight away punch and pull. With my current move, too often I end up pulling the yoke on a lawnmower.
  12. Speed can be measured empirically. Perspective is the impression of height, distance, etc against a variable background. I'm not saying gray masks offer a better perspective, but it's possible. And many of us buy from ump-attire, who made the claim, so I think it's a pretty legitimate question. Your sarcasm aside.
  13. Beacher80


    Now that I've posted a few times, I figured it's time I make use of the introductory thread. I'm from the DC-area, new to the area, and recently joined an association to do HS and rec league games. Been going to camps/clinics and would like to do collegiate some day. Did local little league for many years prior to this.
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