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  1. Thank you. I was curious because I don't know much about masks. I was worried that this might be a fake product. Are you saying that this Nike product is made of titanium just like a major leaguer uses?
  2. First, I am from Korea! Because of that, my English may be a little lacking. Please excuse me. I'd like to ask a question to the members here. I bought a mask recently. But I am curious about the material of this mask frame. Can you tell me what kind of mask this is? And I want to know if this mask is the latest or old product of the model. I have no knowledge. I ask for the advice of the knowledgeable members here.
  3. Hi. I didn't know there was such a good online community. Say hello to the members here. Nice to meet you. I look forward to your kind cooperation. I am from Korea. I hope you understand even if my English is a little poor.
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