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  1. Worked with a D62 umpire on Sat and he told us this story. Did not realize the who the injured was. Prayers for Grayhawk!
  2. As an assigner, the way I write my contracts with my leagues is that if they cancel with at least 2 hours notice there is no charge for the umpires. If they cancel with less than 2 hours notice the umpires will be paid a half-game fee. If they cancel with less than 30 minutes notice the umpires get a full game fee. In this case my umpires would be looking at 3 game fees if they could be there for all 3 games. There is a shortage of umpires in my area and a plethora of games, so maybe I have more sway over the Leagues and tournament directors than in some other areas. As an Umpire, I value my time and the time of my umpires.
  3. He actually isn't out of line at all. The assignor assigned him a game at at a certain time, location, and price; and he accepted that game. It is the kind of contract that we negotiate over and over all season. The assignor then changed the terms of the contract by changing the location. The Umpire has the right to renegotiate his side of the contract. Having said that, personally, I would have gone to the new location without saying a word and done the game. I would have been awesome, too.
  4. MB_Ump

    Burn out

    Try a different sport. Currently moving up the ranks in volleyball and enjoying it. Have my eye on waterpolo as my possible next sport. The newness and learning keep things fresh, but your already developed game management skills mean that you move up faster-less mistakes.
  5. Earthquakes are not like TV 99.999999% of the time. Just a little rock and roll, then finish the rest of your day. Like a loud fart, but with more destructive potential.
  6. I was sure I was going to read "A great game can turn into a shirt show". Only not shirt...
  7. Extension on most masks fine-dangling not required.
  8. I have used Epic Sports multiple times with no problems. Just about to reorder the third batch of our Association hats.
  9. Zipper pulls, the plastic feet, and several places have come unsewn. We umpire year round here but it mostly sits in the back seat of my truck, then I'll pull it out,and set it on the ground to get dressed. Its not like I'm sending it through airport luggage destruction every week. One of the feet broke off while I was loading it the first time-moved the bag and there it was. I'll just use it until I get around to buying another one, then I'll get get an eBag or Force 3 bag.
  10. Something breaks or falls off of mine every month. Would not buy it again.
  11. Seem like an easy decision for them as they already have a variety of turf shoes-they would just need to manufacture them in umpire desired colors.
  12. I have a pair of the 18.5 that were too tall for me. They have maybe 15 games on them. They have some minor scuffs from living in my equipment bag. I use the 16.5 now and love them-seriously the best I have used in my career. I would sell them for $85 shipped or trade straight up for another pair of similar quality 16.5.
  13. In my area, they are referred to as the 2 stripe, 1 stripe, and grey panel. Everybody has the 2 stripe, many have the 1 stripe, few have embraced the grey panel, and I've never seen a lcoal ump in the all black. My usual crew also rocks the OC 1 pink stripe because it's sexy.
  14. Youth/HS games I want them to hustle. Adult MABL/MSBL I don't make a big deal about it but they never are waiting for me-until they get to play off/championship games where I'm stuck for 9 innings, then they get the normal encouragement.
  15. Might even make it down here. First rain in 6 months
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