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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Yes they are absolutely available!
  2. I’d reduce it or make it free, varies based on shipping distance. I messaged you
  3. In the interest of just getting them sold, the Douglas is marked down to $120 now and the All Star is $90 now. Looking to move fast.
  4. Sorry I’ve been away! Yes the shoes have sold. The pants are hemmed to roughly 32-34 inches
  5. I’ll be honest I didn’t even think to mention that, it’s just normal to me so I forgot that’s not standard. I’ll make mention of that in the post, sorry about that. Wasn’t trying to cover that up, just escaped my mind.
  6. I updated this listing to include more of my gear. Everything must go!!!!
  7. Hello! I know I haven't been on here for a while, I got busy with college studies and haven't umpired in years. As I do not have any plans to return to the field I would like to sell my equipment. I have a 15 in Douglas Chest Protector with gap protection and reddish/orangish colored pads, this only has about one season of use in it (probably not even that much). And an All Star MVP 2500 Hockey Style Mask, also with around a season of use on it but probably a little under that. I am looking to sell quick so please shoot me any offer you have, I'm willing to negotiate. I have other gear as well, various mileage on it but nothing extreme. I am rarely on here so please email me or text me. 717-515-6081 or Benton0101@gmail.com List of Items for sale -Douglas Chest Protector, 15 inch (reddish/orangish colored padding!). (sold) -All Star MVP HSM 2500 with leather chin pad. NOW $90, was $100 -Champion Chest Protector riveted version. ($50) -Reebok Field Magistrate Plateshoes, size 10.5 (SOLD) -All Star FM25Mask with Tan Wilson wrap around pads. ($40) -Smitty Shirts XL, Navy, Light Blue and Red ($10 for one or all 3 for $20) -Smitty Charcoal Grey Combo Pants, 40 Waist ($25) -Honigs Leg Guards ($20) Plus POS Ball Bag ($3 with any other purchase) All prices negotiable, multi item purchase discounts also available I really wanna move this gear. All prices are plus shipping. Pictures of Gear: https://imgur.com/a/T0KrKTf Pictures of Clothing Coming Soon!
  8. He also hasn't been sending his email flyer in awhile, he seems to be completely mia.
  9. When you have both do you put the dangler on the bottom of the built in guard or behind it?
  10. No, Air 2 is the newest moat up to date model. It's faster, 4 gen isn't very new it's starting to slow down a bit as newer tech arrives, you bought the best model. The 4 is nice but as new models come out it will eventually be dropped by Apple for OS updates.
  11. Great deal on sub-par head protection! They can't give thesethings away.http://m.ebay.com/itm/LOT-Diamond-Sports-Catcher-Umpire-Face-Mask-Baseball-Softball-Replacement-Pads-/261962290097?nav=SEARCH
  12. I suppose 9.01C could be used here, is there any rule saying you can't restrict?
  13. I have a set of never used Tan leather Wilson wrap around pads, I'd like to trade them for black pads. Pretty much any black pads but Wilson wrap arounds. I'll be out of town so ill answer any offers asap.
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