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  1. I’m really looking to trade. I’m really looking for a mizuno 122 frame or anything +pos (no shoes or pants) PM me thanks, Sam
  2. I have a pair of the old Hardwicks make Honigs Polywool Base pants for sale. Size 40. Hemmed to 30 length with another 2 or so inches in room. Always dry cleaned, never sent through the wash. I am looking to sell them for $50 plus shipping.
  3. I have three pairs of Honig's polywools that are too large. They are still in great shape, but I have no plan to ever fit into them again. All are 36 inch waist and are hemmed for 29 1/2'" inseam. The plate pants actually have an inseam about 27" but that's because the crotch is roomier and lower than most pants. Plate pants - PS1; $40 + shipping Base Pants - PS2; $40+ shipping Plate Pants - Newer style - seems like the style number continually changes; $30 + shipping Friends and Family please Left to right: PS2, PS1, New style polywools plate
  4. Never worn, one size too small for me, but I looked up the tag and believe these are indeed polywools from Honigs. Inseam appears to be about 30-31 inches. Honigs sells them for $66+ shipping, so willing to let them go for $53 shipped. Trades would work if you can offer any of the following: Team Wendy pads (black), size S or M majestic black polo + cash, Zig plate shoes size 10.5 or 11 (depending on whether they run true to size or not), GD size 36 pants + cash, or a silver framed mask with used TW black pads. I'll Ebay them on Thursday if nothing works out here. Thanks guys.
  5. I imagine this has already been discussed in the past. But with the new Polywool pants introduced into the market by Gerry Davis, it has added a new dimension to the topic. For the longest time, I have always been a Honigs guy for pants. But with the supposed decline in quality. I am now looking for an alternate. So I am asking you guys for comparisons between the new Davis/Feicheimer pants, the new version of the Honigs Polywool, and the Smitty Polywool sold by @UADirOps Thanks. (Side Question: I think I had bought a pair of Smitty's in the past and the base pants had white pockets. Is that still the case?)
  6. Honig's Whistle Stop. Provider of umpire equipment, uniforms and supplies. Carry their own brand of both uniforms and equipment.
  7. 2 pair of plate pants. 34x30 with some hem. Charcoal grey are Honigs with waist extender tab. Heather grey are Dalco. No waist extender. I'm 5'8" and they fit nicely to my shoe. $25 each plus shipping or $40 for the pair plus shipping. email slessig@tds.net with umpire pants in the title if you're interested. Thanks
  8. Emptying out a few items from the closet. All excellent condition - in fact that's why I'm getting rid of them, because I haven't used them much. 1/2 zip medium Smitty black w/ white stripes plate jacket. Open bottom (no elastic) and long for tucking. Ideal for bad-weather plate jobs. Medium Smitty black long-sleeve shirt. Small Honig's light blue w/ black collar short sleeve shirt. $50 gets you the lot shipped. Otherwise, it's $25 for the jacket, $15 for the long sleeve, $12 for the short-sleeve. I'll give it til Friday, then it's off to Ebay if no one needs them in here. Color from the photos might be off a bit, each item is like new.
  9. Premium Umpire Pants by Honigs Wool Blend Material Adjustable waist Plate & Combo pants have double layered seat and expanded seat and thigh.
  10. I'm looking for a needle in a haystack. I want a Honig's Poly Wool, PBS1, base pant in size 40. Prefer in new condition with tags attached, but willing to settle in new with no hemming or if not with hemming but without the inseam being cut. PM me, if you have one. Willing to pay up to $76.95 shipped.
  11. Has anyone had any experience with the Ultimate Charcoal pants from Honig's. They're about $20 less than the polywools and I was looking for something better than the Smitty's that always seem to have some problem with them (zippers, seams). I have the polywools (older model and love them) but I need more of an everyday pant that I can quickly wash and dry due to so many games in such a short period of time once the season starts. I see they get 5 stars on their website but only one review. Thanks.
  12. Honigs improved the comfort of their signature shin guard by upgading to a contoured nylon covered foam pad that's softer and better cushioned. The floating lower knee cap allows better flexibility when bending down into your stance. Encased plastic ankle plates provide additional protection. What sets this apart from other professional models is its versatility. Five sizes ensure you find the perfect fit. The instep plate is removable if you're wearing mid or high cut plate shoes and don't desire the overlapping protection. Removable thigh plate can be added for above the knee protection (K30E sold separately). All around, the best and most versatile choice for affordable professional level protection.
  13. So long old standard! Now what, folks? Take a peek at Honig's site .......nothing http://honigs.com/sport/baseball-softball/pants.html
  14. AllSports East, formerly Honig's East, is having a 20% off sale in uniforms, sewing and alterations until the end of the year. Use the coupon code SAVE20. The owner is Frank Neves former MiLB umpire and D-1 NCAA baseball umpire Featured Products - AllSports East
  15. In the effort to minimize the risks of concussions and head impacts, Major League Baseball Umpires advises changing out mask pads every year. Now, keep in mind, this is for near-constant use in "high-impact" environments (the speeds of Minor and Major -league baseballs). Also, this does not include the advanced, spring-suspension mask from Force3, the Defender, since the pads are specially designed for the mask, and the mask's springs and struts are taking a significant share of the impacting force. Mask pads themselves vary greatly, and it is equal parts construction, performance and feel (against your face). The two that are the most noteworthy are the Zorbium© pads from Team Wendy and the MemoryFoam pads from Wilson. Other pad sets that work very well are the All-Star LUC pads, Wilson doeskins, Wilson wrap-a-rounds (which are being phased out, IIRC), or any of the "boutique outfitter shops" (such as +POS or Honig's). In fact, the lighter the mask – by using materials such as Magnesium, Aluminum, and Titanium – the more supple and energy absorbent the pads have to be. The "show ponies" from Nike, Wilson, and Rawlings1 (the Titaniums) and the "experimentals" from +POS, Champro and Diamond (two Magnesiums and an Aluminum) are heavily reliant on more-than-adequate pad sets. Diamond skimped by with woeful, paltry pads for 2-3 years, until finally forced encouraged to dramatically improve their stock pads on their aluminum mask, even though one should strongly consider using one of the premier pad sets if using a mask like that frequently. Does that mean get a whole new mask? Not exactly! Most of these pads are available individually. Since the pads are sold separate from the mask, then... well... naturally there are mask frames that are sold bereft of any pathetic sub-optimum pads. Three great outfitters offering bare mask frames, ready to take pads and harness of your choosing are: +POS – Offering its light-as-a-feather-strong-as-an-ox hollow steel ZRO-G mask frame, in silver. Lightweight, great sight lines , rounded chin guard, classic look evocative of the Nike and older Wilson frames (perhaps there's substance to the myth that Nike used the ZRO-G planform when designing their Titanium & Steel iconic masks).Ump-Attire – The Emporium Co-Op of All Things Umpire offers Diamond's DFM-UMP-iX3 mask frame, in black. Aluminum, light but unyielding, with great sight lines, squared chin guard and extended crown guard. And with it sold through Ump-Attire, it has nearly the entire array of pads and harnesses to outfit it, as well as U-A's outstanding customer support.Honig's – The Outfitter keeps their trademark K4 mask frame out there, in black. Hollow plugged-end steel affording excellent, resilient protection, with a brief chin guard (ideally suited for any of a number of dangling throat protectors), "blowback" ear guards and an extended crown guard contributing to a sophisticated look. Nice feature of Honig's site, the frame can be ordered bare, or outfitted with any of the pads Honig's has in stock directly on the online page.1- All-Star is, unfortunately, not listed as their titanium show pony, the FM25Ti with its dual-wire eye slot and huge, radar-tower-like ear guards, is intended for catchers.
  16. Like New Base pants. Lost a ton of weight. Don't fit me anymore. Worn a handful of times. Hemmed to 30" hem on one side came loose. Easy fix. Size 42 make offer.
  17. One of the lightest protectors on the market is now stronger than ever! You may see protectors that look like the Pro-Elite, but none have the same guts to take a Major League fastball. The interior rigid plates have been upgraded to HD115, increasing the strength, rigidity and hardness. On the back, we've attached 5 removable velcro pads for extra protection while at the same time creating a 1/4'' space between the protector and your torso for improved air flow and comfort. An adjustable clavicle insert allows you to find the perfect fit. The hard shell over the pre-curved collarbone plates combined with the rigid lightweight HD115 plates and low rebound closed cell foam helps disperse and deaden the impact of the ball. HD115 inserts added near the waistline wrap around your side for maximum protection. Includes "y-strap" harness. Adjustments at the shoulder and waist along with a new attachment point for the optional biceps pad all combine to make this fit like a glove. PLUS, we've dropped the price, making it more affordable to everyone! Black only. Available in 2 sizes: REGULAR (12") or XL (14").
  18. The next step forward in our line of protective gear! Rigid HD115 plates provide protection from fouls and deflected balls at any level of play without added weight. 3-break construction allows the Zero Gravity to wrap around your body for a great fit while the triangular HD115 plate overlapping the center break gives extra protection over your sternum. Strategically placed plastic reinforcements add extra peace of mind. On the back, a quilt lining and 5 removable velcro pads provide extra cushion while at the same time creating a 1/4'' space between the protector and your torso for improved air flow and comfort. A newly designed mesh center backing secures the protector in place. Optional biceps extensions (sold separately) attach under the shoulder cap for an overlapping fit. Optional torso extension units (sold separately) extend the length of the protector by 3". Available in 2 sizes: REGULAR (12'') or XL (14'').
  19. So after years of wanting a plate coat but not willing to pull the trigger because of the price, I finally bit the bullet and placed an order with Honigs the first week in January for a B3S Plate Coat. I could just imagine putting it on for the first time with my Honigs Poly Wools and perfectly shined New Balance plate shoes - it would be like putting on a tuxedo! First class all the way! At least that is my opinion... To be fair, Honigs web site says "Plate coats are for sale by special order only. Delivery typically takes 12 weeks. Special order item - non-returnable." When I placed the order on the phone, I was told 8-12 weeks for delivery. While I hoped that it would come in 8 weeks, I expected 12 and did not start calling Honigs to find out the status until the full 3 months had passed. That is when the situation went from bad to WORSE. I understand that Honigs outsources the product and thus have little control on when the coat comes to them. However, they have full control over their customer service. I sent 3 e-mails to which I never received a response. I placed 5 calls to the Michigan office looking for someone who could update me on this. Each time I was told "let me check on that and I will call you back." I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL BACK IN ANY INSTANCE, which is unacceptable under any circumstance. Finally on call 6 (today) I was told that the coat should be at Honigs within 7-10 days. So here is the timeline I have been dealing with: January 7 - Order placed March 4 - 8 week point (Longshot - but based on Honigs statement on the phone, the first date that my coat might arrive) April 1 - 12 weeks since order was placed. First tried to contact Honigs via email April 6 - First call placed to Honigs April 23 - 6th call placed to Honigs. Told to expect 7-10 more days before it arrives at Michigan office. I expect this is business days and not calendar days. If I give Honigs the benefit of the doubt and it takes only 7 calendar days to get to the Michigan office, then 3 business days to ship to South Carolina, the earliest I might have it is May 5th. However, I think it is reasonable to expect at this point that the date will more likely be May 12th or beyond. That is 125 days, or just shy of 18 weeks!!!! And the best that Honigs will offer me is a $20 gift certificate towards my next purchase. Yep. Twenty whole dollars! Needless to say, Honigs will never see another penny from me. And if anyone out there has been looking for a 44 Long plate coat, keep your eyes on ebay. I'll even put the Honigs gift certificate in the pocket for you! By the way, the average temperature in South Carolina on May 12th is 83 degrees.
  20. Well.... Since my buddy and primary umpire partner @Trakes2 have birthdays back to back (Feb 21 and 22) ...we always go down to Honig's to grab a few things ...this year was no different.   A couple plate hats, numbers for new jerseys, a patent leather belt, etc, etc, ...  always fun ...   And again, this year, we got to see some of the MLB guys stuff right before they get sent down to Spring Training ...... (plate coats)    
  21. Looking to buy some more undershirts for umpiring, i currently have three shirts which isn't adequate for umpiring 7 days a week. Our group requires undershirts that black and as I personal preference I want undershirts that WON'T get loose at the neck area. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Hi all, For sale is a BRAND NEW Honigs pro style mask with BRAND NEW Team Wendy pads. This is a completely new ready to use mask. Will ship to the lower 48 state. Payment must be made using Paypal and money sent as a gift to a friend. $65 US (No harness) Frame is Silver, pads are black. Pictures will be posted tomorrow. Thanks!
  23. Up for sale 2 pairs of Honig's PW size 38, 1 base 1 plate. $120 shipped PayPal as a friend.
  24. Competitor Honig’s Helps Us Out in a Pickle One of the best feel good stories you haven’t heard about within the officiating sporting goods industry took place in March of this year. The background: We (Ump-Attire.com) had just secured the rights to provide uniforms to Minor League Baseball. The uniform was chosen by PBUC (Professional Baseball Umpires Corp) who oversees MiLB umpiring. They were to include Smitty shirts, Smitty jackets and Ump-Attire poly-wool pants. In the process of ordering our supply of these items for all 220 umpires, the manufacturer (O.E.M.) for the pants got behind schedule after providing almost one-third of the pants. Two weeks prior to the drop-dead delivery date, the company of almost 30 years closed its doors. Yes, closed. Not just early for the weekend. For good. No more pants were to be delivered. Now what? We did have some stock of poly-wool pants, which are all but required at the professional levels, from previous years. But this stock added to the stock that was newly manufactured was not nearly enough to cover all umpires. So, here we were, a company who is known for providing great service. We had just proudly stepped out of our comfort zone just a bit to score a contract with Minor League Baseball. THE Minor League Baseball. And after stepping up to the plate as a rookie in perhaps our biggest game ever, we were about to show the world how well we could strike out. We scrambled for over a week trying to find a solution. Spring meetings for umpires - where we were to hand out uniforms - were less than one week away! No solution was available to have additional pants in our hands in that time frame. Or was there? The final solution involved contacting our retail competitor Honig’s. Honig’s is the largest and longest standing officiating sporting goods company in our industry. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Honigs not only provides uniforms to the NFL and the NCAA but they also provide poly-wool pants for Major League Baseball. Would Honig’s assist us with a supply of pants despite being a competitor and despite having the MiLB contract prior to us? Their answer? “Yesâ€. And a few days later, I drove to Ann Arbor (about 6 hours from Louisville) to pick up pants in order for us to have in time for the meetings. Some say we showed a lot of class in swallowing our pride and going the extra mile to make this happen. But I think Honig’s showed the class. They didn’t have to do that. Contractually, we did. Where we agreed is we wanted to make sure that a set of umpires were taken care of no matter the circumstances. What I took away from this experience most is just how much companies, like us, Honig's, etc, who specialize in sporting goods for sports officials, truly care about the profession of officiating and those in it. THEY COULD TAKEN A BETTER PICTURE OF THE BOX! http://umpattire.blogspot.com/2013/11/competitor-honigs-helps-us-out-in-pickle.html
  25. Have multiple shirts for sale guys. $60 with free shipping. Paypal only please. See attached photos. PM for any questions. 2 cream - 1 cliff keen Large and 1 Officials choice Medium (stretches fairly well) 1 grey- officials choice Medium (stretches) 2 navy blue - 1 honigs large 1 cliff keen large 1 black - cliff keen Large 1 red - cliff keen large
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