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  1. I’d like to sell it as it is, but if no one wants it, I’ll send it to Tony to fix it
  2. Nike Ti for sale, bought it from a retiring minor league bullpen catcher, reason for selling it is because I already have 8 masks, so I’m going to part with this one $300 obo one of the ears is cracked and separated, but the structural integrity is still there
  3. Sorry about that, I updated it, it should work now
  4. Hi all, I’m taking an engineering class in my high school, and one of my challenges is to come up with several products. One of my ideas is to come up with a new product for keeping a umpire shirt tucked in. That being said, I would love if you could take a few seconds of your time to fill out a survey for me. The class record survey is 130 people to fill a survey out, and I would like to beat it. https://forms.gle/NPyRtcxfto18LWuj6 thanks, Sam
  5. I like it, I have several different mask “bags” and it very similar. The only difference is it’s not really a “bag” per say, more of a sleeve, which I really like. Really good quality, overall Ray did a great job, I’d recommend it
  6. I had Tony powder coat a mask the was traded to me from @wolfe_man, thanks by the way, I had Tony do it in a copper/bronze color and it turned out amazing. Another happy customer
  7. Sadly I already have something very close to that, I just really want the mizuno, but thank you for the offer
  8. Bump, would like to get one before the season starts, thanks
  9. Bump. Added doeskin and multicolor pads, pm offers. Open to almost anything
  10. I want to complete a fonzie build pm me
  11. Forgot to say, 2 Hoings steel masks, a Wilson aluminum, idk what the top left is, and 2 sets of Wilson wrap around pads
  12. I’m really looking to trade. I’m really looking for a mizuno 122 frame or anything +pos (no shoes or pants) PM me thanks, Sam
  13. Figured this was relevant. I bought this mask from @wolfe_man a while back. This mask really reminds me of this mask, it is an old Honig’s
  14. @kylehutson man that thing is beautiful, out of curiosity, how much does it weigh?
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