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Found 16 results

  1. With all of the talk about Powder Coating around these parts late last year I got to thinking that I might like a different look on a frame or two. I picked Mask-It Sports to do the Powder Coating. I priced a couple of companies locally and even with the shipping, Mask-It was going to cost the same, so I picked them based on the recommendations of others on the site. I sent them a Champro Pro-Plus Magnesium frame that I wanted powder coated Matte Black and the Titanium Cage from my MVP4000 that I wanted powder coated silver (the original silver was starting to oxidize like some All-Sta
  2. Wilson Dyna-Lite - $25 shipped (Normal wear/no dents) Mizuno 2QA-122 - $100 shipped (Normal wear/no dents/original harness/pads) SOLD! Wilson 6” Throat Guard - $10 shipped (Used in one game/no damage) Wilson Two-Tone Leather Pads - $20 shipped (New/never used in a game) SOLD!
  3. Hi everyone, i am looking to upgrade my mask. I currently own the champro drigear hollow wire mask(18 ounces) as a initiation mask but i'm calling higher leagues so i might want to upgrade to a stronger mask. I am concerned about weight though, i would like to get a strong but light mask. I've been looking at the allstar black magnesium mask(17.3 ounces). To be honest i'm not really sure what material is strongest. Magnesium, titanium, steel. Money is not really the issue. Just need some advice from you guys when it comes to material and fitting. Thanks in advance.
  4. All, ... special request ......... anyone have a beat on either of the special masks that MLB did last year for 4th of July and Memorial Day, etc? The camo and the red white and blue? All special masks last year are shown below ....... PM ME please .... (this is for a special game/s I'm involved in) THANKS!
  5. I'm sitting in a Texas Roadhouse after calling 9 baseball games over the past 3 days in 117°+ Arizona heat, watching the Mets get shellacked yet again by the Dodgers, when I notice the camera zoom way, way, waaaaaayyyyy in on Travis d'Arnaud and the Force3 Defender mask he's wearing. Travis is new to the Defender TM, having previously used the Mizuno Samurai HSM. The Samurai is one of the most thoroughly padded HSMs on the market, but doesn't get enough play besides the sleeker, more sculpted All-Star System 7's and Easton M-series. With the camera zoomed in on the telltale, trademark spr
  6. This is just a post out of sheer curiosity. I was wondering what is everyone's, current, primary mask. I'm not as interested in all your masks as there is already a thread for that ( see "Mask Porn"). I'm just curious as to the mask that you use on a regular basis. I currently still use my Nike Ti on a regular basis.
  7. http://www.force3progear.com/product/pro-mask-sun-shield/ Force3 trotted out a brand-new visor for their Defender TM, and of course, it's designed to fit to the unique geometry of the Defender's upper cage. There are two tab slots instead of one, and there is a notch to accommodate the centerline mounting clip. It even has the Force3 logo (which should, and hopefully someday will, supplant the Big Yellow W) laser-engraved. ... I'm shocked I beat @gnhbua93 in this announcement. If/when I get a Defender TM, though, it will surely have one of these on it.
  8. For the 2016 season, All-Star supplied one of its marquee sponsored catchers, Jonathan Lucroy, with a FM4000 mask. In the past, Lucroy had utilized the latest titanium models All-Star offered, typically the venerable FM25. This particular FM4000 looked a bit strange, though, appearing to have tin-foil clad ear struts and some of the cleanest welds I'd ever seen. That last photo, from the side, those bars look kinda... bloated... for being hollow steel. Turns out, it might not be a hollow-steel FM4000 after all... Lucroy was equipped with the ultra-brand-new Magnesium FM4000MA
  9. In the effort to minimize the risks of concussions and head impacts, Major League Baseball Umpires advises changing out mask pads every year. Now, keep in mind, this is for near-constant use in "high-impact" environments (the speeds of Minor and Major -league baseballs). Also, this does not include the advanced, spring-suspension mask from Force3, the Defender, since the pads are specially designed for the mask, and the mask's springs and struts are taking a significant share of the impacting force. Mask pads themselves vary greatly, and it is equal parts construction, performance and feel (ag
  10. The ZERO-G Umpire Face Mask from +POS is constructed with Ultra-Lite Tubular Stage 3 Alloy and comes complete with Ultra-Lite memory foam pads, making it extremely light weight and very comfortable to wear. Moisture wicking memory foam padsHeavy duty nylon Ultra-Lite harness makes for a sure fitWeighs approximately 16ozThis product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  11. +POS Umpire Equipment You guys remember +POS, right? No? Ah, new to umpiring? +POS has been around for at least a few decades as a "boutique" umpire (and other sports official) gear producer. In no way can it rival the mass produced quantities of a Wilson or an All-Star, but its real strength resides in innovation. Dan (founder) is a true gear engineer, and several of his designs have found their way into the production pieces for several of the "big guys". Recently, +POS rolled out a new website, and most of their catalog is currently on sale! That's significant discounts on the Mag-T magnesi
  12. Time marches on, and we've got some new offerings in masks for the upcoming season... Hockey -Style Masks (HSM) All-Star is still the iconic HSM producer, but several rivals have made significant improvements to their product lineups. • All-Star: Showing focused refinement, the MVP4000-UMP and MVP2500-UMP models get updated padding and (supposedly) better paint jobs. In fact, the MVP2500 "Molded" is now black through-and-through, meaning that a ding or knick isn't going to discolor the shell. The MVP4000 is now offering a titanium cage, to keep pace with Wilson (see below). The Syst
  13. I'm not fishing for replies on this posting. In fact, if we don't post much on this thread other than the occasional Discount or Sale or Promotion as they come up, and notify the rest of the community, that would be ideal and appreciated. With that said... Better Baseball is running a 15%-off Catcher's Gear Weekend, this includes traditional masks and HSM's. May apply to certain CP's and shinguards too. Sale runs 9/5/14 - 9/7/14 at www.betterbaseball.com and use the promo code: "CATCH15" when checking out.
  14. The folks at All-Star disturb me. Oh, I applaud the effort and attention to detail their product designers have. The FM2000 (which @Thunderheads loves) screams "Branding!" with its bar layout in the shape of the company logo. Cute. Verrrrry cute. Then, All-Star took an even more aggressive step in the development of their System 7 MVP masks (MVP4000, MVP2500, et.al.) and gave them an iconic, readily-recognized grill layout, different from everyone else's (at the time). Nearly every HSM-wearing catcher in the Majors was equipped with one, and that form has since driven the market. The g
  15. My fellow umpires – As a designer, I am constantly looking at equipment, structures, systems and processes and analyzing their features and flaws, their successes and failures, and developing ways of championing them or improving them. I have read, heard and witnessed many umpires convey that they either wear a HSM because of the total head coverage, or wear a catcher's skullcap because of the additional head protection from a foul ball ricocheting off the (closely placed) backstop, or careening off the overhead netting. There are also some concerns expressed by some umpires who may
  16. Tony B


    I friend sent me this link and asked if that was a legit Nike mask. The padding doesn't look the same as what I've seen, but I don't know these masks that well, So I pointed him over here to the guru's of gear junkies. http://www.ebay.com/...=item2c6895bbd7
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