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Found 19 results

  1. Just arrived this afternoon: Yup, that’s a Diamond DFM-iX3-Pro. For catchers. In aluminum. It weighs nothing. I gotta say, the pads on this thing, as simple as they are, are better than the default pads on the Umpire version (not the DFM-UMP-BL)! In any case, it’s strong, light, and offers a rather generous eyeport. It won’t bend. The only reason this didn’t really gain traction with catchers is because it’s not an All-Star or UnderArmour, or Nike, or Easton (who all use titanium or steel), and the NFHS codes prohibit them. Without them carried on retail shelves, they’
  2. This is just a post out of sheer curiosity. I was wondering what is everyone's, current, primary mask. I'm not as interested in all your masks as there is already a thread for that ( see "Mask Porn"). I'm just curious as to the mask that you use on a regular basis. I currently still use my Nike Ti on a regular basis.
  3. Does anyone have either of these masks and if so, can you please provide feedback on them? Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, there are a lot of members here who are mask addicted so I just thought I'd post some weights of some of the popular mask frames and accessories that I have, have had or tried. It might help you choose a back-up or lighten up your current rig a little. Every little bit helps. Though I can't attest to perfect calibration on my scale, I am using the same scale for each item so the differences in weight by comparison should be very accurate. Everything here is listed down from lighter to heaviest. Also, if you guys want to 'weigh in' your own items that aren't listed here, feel fre
  5. Hello all - I have these things to sell: LIKE NEW 17" Douglas Shin Guards: $150 + $10 shipping - SOLD I bought these brand new from UA.com last May. I used them for six games during last summer and have used them for four games this year so far. USED Matte Black Diamond Aluminum Mask (FRAME ONLY): $35 shipped I got this used about a month ago from a member this site. I have never worn this mask. It is in good condition.
  6. Gentlemen, I've been lurking here for months, reading posts and admiring the knowledge of, camaraderie in, and passion for this avocation of ours. I finally have a post of my own to make. I have been working my way up in the college ranks, and it looks like I will be getting some D-I work this coming spring. As a result, I've been thinking about upgrading my equipment, specifically my mask and CP. Even the D-II and -III stuff I am have been working probably warrants an upgrade. The mask is first, as the one I have been using is a few years old, and not as heavy-duty as I think i
  7. Time marches on, and we've got some new offerings in masks for the upcoming season... Hockey -Style Masks (HSM) All-Star is still the iconic HSM producer, but several rivals have made significant improvements to their product lineups. All-Star: Showing focused refinement, the MVP4000-UMP and MVP2500-UMP models get updated padding and (supposedly) better paint jobs. In fact, the MVP2500 "Molded" is now black through-and-through, meaning that a ding or knick isn't going to discolor the shell. The MVP4000 is now offering a titanium cage, to keep pace with Wilson (see below). The System 7's, sho
  8. Davis Quik-Dry pads Pro style mask pads with all black Quik-Dry material. By Diamond.
  9. Diamond double-knee umpire shin guards are made of quality materials and offer standard protection at a value price. Lightweight, high-density polyethylene constructionRecessed stitchingReinforced rivetsLock-stitched, braided bindingDouble knee design includes floating lower knee cap that provides better flex upon bending.Basic ankle protection through expanded foam linerAvailable in two sizes, 15"- 2.4 lbs. and 17"- 2.8 lbs. - these sizes are not the full lengths of the shin guard but the distance between where the middle of your knee would go to where your leg meets your foot.This product i
  10. The entry level protection you need and expect in a helmet now comes in lightweight impact resistant outer shell made by Diamond. The Diamond Umpire Helmet also features multi-layer comfort foam and DiamondQuik Dry technology. Stay dry, comfortable and safe no matter how many innings you umpire. Lightweight impact resistant outer shellDurable extended wire frame for added protectionMulti-layer mesh covered comfort foamAdjustable chin pad with DiamondQuik Dry technologyComes with a drawstring bag for storageAvailable size: Extended sizing to fit 7 1/8 – 7-3/4 This product is available from Ump
  11. The Diamond Big League Umpire Mask with new pro-style pads wrapped in full-grain leather is a great call! Diamond has scored a major upgrade on its popular aluminum alloy frame for under $100. Substantial pro-style pad design for big league protectionFull-grain leather padding for maximum comfortUltra-lite single eye-bar frame design with anodized finishIntegrated upper U-bar, ear and throat extension to provide peripheral protectionUnique matte (non-shiny) black colorWeighs approximately 15.5oz with harnessThis product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  12. Features new lightweight iX3 breathable technologyPerfect combination of plastic and three-layer foam for unsurpassed protection and comfortAdjustable (and removable) arm pads to customize the fit to your specific needsLined with CoolMax fabric for moisture managementRemovable 4 1/2" sizing plate included14 " body length (neck to bottom)18 1/2" body length with plateWeight: 2.75 lbs with plate (1.25 kg) This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  13. Selling this Diamond Big League Mask. Used in 10 games this season but kept in like new condition. Very light mask weighs only 16 ounces... the diamond pads are an upgrade from the former iX3 pads and do not grab at stubble (in case you forget to shave before the game ) Make me an offer through PM... thanks for looking
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=321332505092 Hey guys. Listed it on Ebay 2 minutes ago but wanted to give you the Buy It Now opportunity. $75 for the rig, shipped. Would cost about $109 to do it yourself. Only flaw is the slit on the TW pads, as I used them on an All-Star fm4000 mask. Bought an All-Star TI from boyinr, so this one became expendable. Diamond ix3 mask is a lightweight beast, if you're not aware. Should easily last a decade.
  15. I have a Diamond ix3 chest protector and i was wondering if anyone else here used one and what they thought of it. I've used it for a year and i was wondering if this was a good one to stick with for the long haul or if i should be saving to upgrade sometime in the future? I like the CP but it doesn't have any actual plastic for protection, just high impact foam. I call HS and down at the moment so its not like I'm doing any major college ball. Not to make this post any longer, but I just wanna say that I'm new to the site and love it so far. I've learned so much just in my first day of re
  16. Hey guys , My offseason has officially begun and I am now in the market for a silver frame mask. I am leaning toward the FM4000 which is $70 right now at Lesters. I would really appreciate a few different opinions. thanks
  17. I just received the new diamond mask with the upgraded padding and the silver finish. I have always been a HSM guy but I decided I would try something new. Does anyone know exactly how tight the mask should be? I want it tight enough where I'm protected but loose enough where it isn't counterproductive.
  18. I am selling a brand new pair of these, as I noticed the first time I tried them on that the awesome knee protection wasn't low-profile enough for my combo pants that I wear behind the dish. As you can see in the picture, these 15" don't have a gap between the knee and shin guard like the 17" do, so these offer ideal protection. They have ankle protection but don't come with the removable foot guard, which most of you don't need. Ump-Attire has them for $62 after shipping, so I'm selling them for $45, shipped. Have never been used and are incredibly light.
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