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  1. Too much rope. It shouldn't take you 3 comments about your strikezone to issue a warning, especially the way you described it above.
  2. It happened on Memorial Day Thanks I will keep this up. I appreciate it!
  3. It happened on Memorial Day Thanks
  4. OP Is this your first career ejection?
  5. Read the OP No mention of combos here!
  6. What are the best low profile shin guards on the market? I have the All-Star 1000's but they look bulky under my Smitty plate pants. Thanks
  7. benrosen

    Victorino HBP

    Dead ball, award everyone three bases. Then toss the defensive manager. +1
  8. Unless he really makes a scene I would probably warn or even ignore this.
  9. Just buy all of the CP's and compare them!
  10. Google is your friend!
  11. That is close. I don't think he beats the ball so correct call.
  12. Am I the only one that has him safe? Looks like they missed the INT so he should be out anyway.
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