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  1. For me the best all around in all weather plus good protection has been the all star LUC pads and the Honings pads.
  2. Another vote for the diamond 33". Five years and no sign of wear.
  3. Thats sweet looking Razzor!
  4. @BCBrad and @MadMax, I have been considering replacing my 15" Champion with the XV as the backup to my Douglas. With your gushing reviews you have just about convinced me to pull the trigger on one.
  5. Watch this ump attire 2 minute review of the cp, at about the 52-54 second mark he talks about the shoulder caps being adjustable.
  6. @Thunderheads that is a sweet looking mask! Love the pad color!
  7. @ofhs93 The FM4000 is very tough and deflects foul balls very well and has great vision. @Thunderheads has one for sale at a sweet price.
  8. @Rock Bottom Nutty Buddy was a good choice. Its the most comfortable cup I've ever worn, and the most protective. Hint for wearing it, compression shorts with the NB and NB strap over the top of the compression shorts.
  9. Double check the walmart listing, its the regular catchers version harness not the umpire harness.
  10. Here you go for 69.95 with the umpire harness not the catchers harness: http://www.wilsonbowlingandsporting.com/allstumfamam.html
  11. @Rock Bottom I have owned two of the three masks that you listed, the FM25 and the FM4000. I never really liked the looks of the FM2000 although all the All-Star masks offer good protection. The FM25 is the heaviest of the three and is very stout and will take a shot well. The FM4000 was my favorite and the lightest weight of the three at about 17ozs. It offers great protection and great vision. From side to side it has more curve to the frame than any other mask, this is done by design to help deflect ball and impact away from your head. The only bad thing is that most silver finished steel frame masks eventually dulls and will need to be powder coated sooner or later. For the money you can't beat it. By the way @Thunderheads has this mask for sale right now in the buy, sell, trade forum. He has already had it powder coated in a matt black finish and at $40 plus shipping its a steal. You can buy a new set of LUC pads for about $20-$25 dollars and still below most places new retail price.
  12. He must have a hidden minimum price, I submitted an offer for $75 and it was rejected immediately. Sorry but its a Wilson gold/platinum with a different logo on it, not worth the money.
  13. Wilson lists them in grams showing it at 791 grams = 27.9 ozs.
  14. Agreed. For that $109 you can p/u an equally protective mask, although less decorative, and it won't weigh as much as those Wilson boat anchors.
  15. I have the Champion model with removable padding. I haven't seen the AA in person, but the Champion plates are a little thin compared to my main CP Douglas. Love the Champion in the heat of the summer. I'm tempted to sell off the Champion and p/u the new Adams/Schutt for backup and the summer heat. Curious if the shoulders are wider than the Douglas or Champion which fit me perfectly.
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