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  1. That's Russell Martin's mask on the ground in front of him. Rawlings Ti. Looks like aftermarket pads, maybe All-Star. Scott was wearing a Wilson mask, maybe a dyna-lite with Team Wendy pads
  2. Wow, these are popping up quite a bit. A few more on eBay. Looks like mr. $300 retracted his auction, so that's good. I'm glad no one fell for that. Though honestly, they look so much alike it's a wonder if a buyer would ever realize he didn't have a real Nike titanium. Hopefully, more people will know what they are looking at when they see one of these Adidas frames.
  3. Ha, I don't think you've got much to worry about and it seems like you're describing your item to the best of your ability. The other guy, however is trying to get more than I paid for a complete Nike Ti, so I think he knows what he's doing and it isn't nice. Anyway, if you look at pics of a titanium mask the bars are solid throughout. I haven't held one of these Adidas masks but it looks to me like the sharp turns in the ears are crimped. It also looks like it's powder coated in a matte silver so the ends of the bars appear cleaner but maybe I'm wrong. The weight of your mask falls in line with say a hollow steel All-Star FM25. There was another user here who said his Adidas weighed around 15oz. I weighed a +POS @ 12.5oz As far as the profile goes, I can't tell the difference between the two and it's very possible they come from the same source. It's interesting that the Nike Steel mask has quite a different profile than its titanium sibling. Personally, I appreciate the weight drop from a Ti more than any added shock absorption that a steel mask provides. As a catcher in a rec league, I rarely see anyone throwing over 70, so direct shots don't do much. Plus I can definitely feel say, a 3oz difference sitting on top of my head after 7 innings of up and down, and whipping my body around to throw down to second. For an umpire, where you keep your head relatively still, i suppose it might not be as important.
  4. I've noticed that too. At least one of the sellers has marked his as Nike Ti "style". The other guy's trying to get $300 for his. I noticed these complete Adidas masks typically go for $50-80. But the frames alone weigh close to a pound and the ear guards are a dead give away with the crimped corners. The titanium masks I've seen have smooth corner transitions and will weigh a little over 11oz
  5. I'd def hold on to that mask. You know, in case of the zombie apocalypse.
  6. Rawlings Ti, pads and harness added
  7. I don't have 'em but here's a review post including some other brand pads not in my list from 2011. I don't know if anything has changed much with their design since then but it says 5 oz total...Maybe someone here can weigh theirs? http://midwestump.blogspot.com/2011/02/review-and-comparison-of-umpire-mask.html
  8. Hey guys, there are a lot of members here who are mask addicted so I just thought I'd post some weights of some of the popular mask frames and accessories that I have, have had or tried. It might help you choose a back-up or lighten up your current rig a little. Every little bit helps. Though I can't attest to perfect calibration on my scale, I am using the same scale for each item so the differences in weight by comparison should be very accurate. Everything here is listed down from lighter to heaviest. Also, if you guys want to 'weigh in' your own items that aren't listed here, feel free. Frames Nike Titanium - 11.1 oz Rawlings Titanium - 11.5 oz +POS ZeroG - 12.5 oz All-Star FM25 Hollow Steel (with vinyl coating) - 14.6 oz Wilson Chrome Moliben (without vinyl coating) - 15.2 oz Wilson Dynalite Catcher/Umpire (with vinyl coating) - 18.7 oz Pads Diamond Quik-Dry Vinyl (Not 50/50 pads) (upper) - 0.9, (lower) - 1.3 oz +POS black mesh (upper) - 1.0 oz, (lower) - 1.4 oz +POS smooth tan leather (upper) - 1.0oz, (lower) - 1.4oz Nike (upper) - 1.1 oz, (lower) - 1.8oz All-Star Mesh (upper) - 1.6 oz, (lower) - 1.4 oz (Yep, I checked it twice, the upper is heavier than the lower pad) +POS new Classic Brown Leather (upper) - 1.4 oz, (lower) - 2.0 oz Rawlings LWMXTI (upper) - 1.8 oz, (Lower) - 2.1 oz Wilson Amara Suede (upper) - 1.9, (lower) - 2.6 oz Wilson Black Leather Wrap-around (upper) - 2.6 oz, (lower) - 3.9 oz Harness (es) (Harnessi?!) Rawlings Ti - 1.2 oz All-Star Delta - 1.3 oz +POS lite - 1.3 oz Nike - 1.5 oz Wilson - 1.6oz
  9. Just have the pads left. Give them a try, they're super light!
  10. No, I'll include whatever shipping method you want thru PayPal ff or Venmo
  11. I have a +POS Zero Gravity mask and items available for sale. This is the new "Matte Cold Gray" frame. All these items are 100% still in the box, unused. Frame $40 (weighs 12.5oz) SOLD Black mesh pads $20 (upper weighs 1oz) (Lower weighs 1.4oz) SOLD Sun Visor $12 SOLD prices are what +POS sells at and are firm plus shipping for whatever method you choose.
  12. Haha. I've got a Nike gunmetal for sale.
  13. It's just normal Rustoleum enamel spray paint. Had some left over from the helmet and decided to try it on these used pads. The paint is flexible enough. If I really bend the lower pad inward- like in half, there are two hairline cracks in the paint that run vertically along with the middle velcro strap. But put into the mask, there is no sign of chipping/cracking. We'll see how long they last. If you were really worried about it, I believe all the companies produce some form of aerosol designed specifically for vinyl. But they were easy enough to mask off and spray.
  14. UCLA Bruins colors. I painted the helmet and no label black vinyl Diamond pads with the columbia blue colors (Rustoleum "Spa Blue") Total weight with the +POS harness is 14.7oz.
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