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  1. I now have both Colbalt and Uncap. I will never use Uncap in the field. Probably will sell Uncap if I can’t find usage for it.
  2. I took mine off but am 5’11” so was not a factor.
  3. That is my only question on this. On strike three, can the batter advance to first as if it is a dropped third strike?
  4. I just started using it. Works fine. Biggest issues are I had to order larger plate hates so it would fit. Also have to pay attention when removing so I don’t take off mask and cap at same time. Two hand method works.
  5. BACK TO THE VIDEO PRESENTATION...I was blown away by being able to see the thought process, equipment, testing, work lab and workmanship put into the new Colbalt line. That is a process that other safety equipment makers need to share with consumers. A new standard of expectation has been set for me.
  6. Maybe. I didn’t mind the two hand method. It was subtle. Love Ray’s harness and won’t go back to traditional.
  7. I used mine for the first time today. I did have to order up a hat size from 7 1/4 to 7 1/2 for my UnCap to fit. Once I did that it worked like a charm. I used my Wilson Aluminum mask black with Ray’s harness. Had to remember to put one hand on the harness and one on the mask for a smooth take off but no problem otherwise. Nice alternative if you like wearing a regular hat on the plate yet be protected.
  8. New All Star CP ordered. Got one of the 72. Can’t wait to try it out....hurry up mid September...
  9. I had a WVG TW (Umplife harness) and it was the best I have used. I loved the feel, profile and protection. I used it for about 4 -5 years at about 150 games per year, college level and never got close to getting hurt. Unfortunately in Feb my car was broken into and it was stolen. I now use a Force 3 and for me it is just ok. A bit hotter and more awkward but hey what can I do. I also have a WV Platinum (too bulky) and a WVG (too much foam and hot for AZ) but if I could buy a WVG TW I would in a heartbeat. Just can’t find one.
  10. Seems it would be difficult to manage. There is more than just clinching the mouth for a potential impact involved.
  11. Say it again and louder for the people in the back of the room. Seriously I have both all black and white trim. All black gets worn on the dusty fields and white on the better hs/ college/pro fields. I agree the charcoal looks better and fades slower. Not sure what color my GD Poly Wools are but since relocating to AZ only wear them at night when temp drops usually in men’s leagues games. People still order Heather Gray? Why? As you can see everything has a place and a purpose with me.
  12. Say it again and louder for the people in the back of the room.
  13. Don’t forget Illinois wearing Navy for the playoffs so the older umps in the bottom of the state. don’t have to wear / buy black.
  14. Try the Ump Life harness on the F3 mask.Big difference
  15. The Memory Foam did their job but just not use to getting a concussion or the headache. As I type this 3 days later I am still not right when vertical. When hit with TW I don’t feel anything or very slight. I am ordering in the morning a black set.
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