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  1. The mask is sweet. Nice and light and a great color way.
  2. In the NFL locker room every Sunday ther is a section with approved uniform extras (gloves, socks, sleeves, headbands) which players are directed to use. These are then donated, sold or auctioned each week to various charities and online. If you look online you can find them. A friend who use to work in the locker room at Solder Field use to bring me gloves all of the time. If you notice every week there is a different co ordinated theme of shirts, polos, hoodies, hats, gloves, etc. and they always match. The NFL never stops making money.
  3. Ordered mine too. Thanks for the tip
  4. Is this still available for $100? New or used?
  5. I have been in Referee Mag 3 times and on the cover of one of their books. They pick pictures that match the article topics. Nothing more or less. No mechanical thought put into the selection.
  6. The Step Back is a good idea. Take your time. No rush. He is out anyway.
  7. Thanks Max...the first few post had me scratching my head like is there a new me aha Nic...lol.
  8. Classics. They use to be the standard and if brand new that is a good price. With that said based on what’s available today they are not an everyday shoe. Special occasions only.
  9. Got one two months ago. Love it. Paid $100. I highly recommend the investment.
  10. Interested. Can you send more pics?
  11. The more you think about it you can’t get hit by the ball except in an infield fly situation if you are on the bag. Casebook 8-4-2k
  12. FEDS: 8-4-2k Page 55.... The whole standing on the base part and only the infield fly is said vs line drive.... What you guys got
  13. Never used, still in the bag with the fresh smell....Force 3 V2 Chest Protector...Inbox your best offer...
  14. Like Chris I want to buy just the pad for a WVGold.
  15. Looking for a Team Wendy West Vest Gold Chest Protector...Mine was stolen and hope to replace..,call 708 446 7203. Will buy with or without the pads...
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