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  1. I last wore the red pads, navy shirt combo in 2000 when filming HARDBALL with Keanu Reeves…not going back
  2. You sure can call time. Especially in the interest of safety or the flow of the game. Where do these coaches get this stuff from that comes out their mouths. Wow!
  3. That is exactly what I been doing for 25 years. As my memory has gotten worse with age verbalizing the count first and foremost keeps me in the game. And rarely am I asked the count. If I make a mistake I got two helpers right there to get me straight. The batter and the catcher. Oh and I say ball every pitch unless it is ridiculously off the top of the backstop. I believe the rule book says every pitch should be called. Too many umpires keep important info a secret. Why?
  4. I use a half safe signal pointed to the right and no verbal. I pregame the no verbal with my catchers. “If you don’t hear me on dropped third you need to make a play. I either didn’t see you catch it or I don’t think you caught it. If you do catch it come up and show everyone.” If I got a catch I come up big and loud to stop the action. I have had many catchers (all ages) thank me for giving them direction on how I am gonna officiate that play. Remember they can’t see our signal. This method altho different than what we were taught at school works for me.
  5. I tried to stop the old school cross body point for lefties once and was just lost behind this big 6’ 4” 270 lb. hitter. I just went back to the cross body. I never knew why I (with no one on) look at my finger either but never been dinged for it nor missed any action on the field so I left well enough alone. At this point (no pun) in my career both hs and college, I am just gonna keep doing what I do including an occasional hammer for the swinging caught strike 3-3rd out. If the point works for cool kids like Mad Max then why not for old dogs like Mr Ump. Photo Credit - Referee Magazine, March ‘21
  6. I am that guy that does not use one as Kyle said. My neck build is short and my AS CP sits real high. My AS Mag mask and Wilson alum mask both over lap my CP so I am protected. Still most people need one and many have them on wrong. Like Mad Max said I too recommend for those that need one, get one.
  7. I didn’t really realize how sweet these mask were until I bought one on Mad Max’s recommendation. I plan to get a black/black with additional tan pads for next season. Visor of course too l
  8. Black mask, silver pads…blue visor
  9. Not painting it. Just gonna roll with it as offered by AS
  10. Ordered… should be on my mask by Wed…blue the only color offered.
  11. If you do say no give them my email or text number.
  12. I have his number. I should inquire about that Carlucci. Naw I won’t pester him.
  13. I see. Now I got to watch All Star daily for the release.
  14. What if NB stopped making plate shoes?
  15. You are correct. Colbalt has been the closest to the WVG
  16. Good Luck with that. One of the most sought after rigs. Mine was stolen one night. I bet they dont know its value.
  17. I have decided to sell my Silver F3 with black/ tan pads mask. I am switching to a All Star Magnesium. F3 used 4 times and has never been hit or dropped..Like new condition. $175 firm. Buyer pays shipping. Inbox or email me: morganandre@live.com
  18. I had a Team Wendy West Vest Gold until stolen in 2020. Loved that vest and not sure I would have an All Star Colbalt now if that had not happened. With that said I have nothing bad to say about either. Never felt a blow, both were low profile and cool in the AZ heat.
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