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  1. I asked F3 about this and they said the pads are different. I have V2 and have not seen V1, so I can’t confirm.
  2. I went to an Oakley store and tried on everything and check a lot of Prizm lenses. I got the Radar EV Pitch with the Field lenses (and a spare Deep Water for everyday). I used the Field lenses for games this weekend and it was great. Very cool. Thanks a lot for the recommendation!
  3. I need some new shades for plate work. Pretty wide face. I feel like my eyes get sunburned after a weekend and on Monday’s I am squinting all day. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.
  4. I’m interested in the Umplife bag. What is your ZIP code so I can investigate shipping costs?
  5. Question 1: R2. Pitcher in stretch position. Runner takes off for 3B but pitcher does not know that. Pitcher spins and throws to 2B thinking he is holding the runner who is now half way to 3B. Is this anything? Question 2: Could the pitcher step and throw directly to 3B in an attempt to get the runner coming into 3B, or does the pitcher have to step off. I believe he can step directly to 3B. My partner thinks not. Thank you very much for your answers in advance. I love this site!
  6. When watching some of the MLB playoff games, I could hear on hot mics some of the umpires calling balls and saying “outside”, “high”, “inside”. I don’t recall a “low.” I was taught to not do that. What do you all think? Thank you.
  7. Babe Ruth rules R1. RHP makes a hop pickoff move to 1B. The right foot (pivot foot) disengages from the pitcher’s plate, but in front of the plate. Can I confirm that this is considered stepping off, or not? It matters on base awards if the pitcher throws it into dead ball territory. Thank you very much.
  8. I bought the Liquid IV at Costco and I like it. There are a few different kinds. One is like Gatorade with the sugars and another is with just electrolytes and no sugar. I got the electrolyte version in guava. I put half a pack in each of the 32 oz jugs I take to the field. Works well.
  9. Everyone: thank you for the advice. It’s very helpful.
  10. What is the proper signal and words (if any) to show an uncaught 3rd strike situation? Thank you for your advice.
  11. I always wear a throat guard. Lately I have been using the Force3 on my F3v2 mask just because it matches, but the plastic throat guards are great, too. I wouldn’t umpire without one.
  12. I registered but never heard back.
  13. I have only black bags. My favorites are the ones I got from Honig’s but I can’t remember the manufacturer. The cut out for the belt loop is in the shape of home plate. These bags seem to be a little bigger and the internal pockets are bigger, too, and fit plate brushes and other crap I carry. I recently ordered the Smitty regular and XL sizes. I will stick with the XL. But the internal pockets are not as big as I would prefer. Quality seems good.
  14. I like the NB plate shoes. I’m 280 and my current shows have been going on 2 years, but they’re wearing out and no amount of polish can help. I just ordered a new pair of V3 from Amazon. For the bases, I use an all black or mostly black sneaker with a little traction. I have a few pair that I cycle through. ASICS, NB, Under Armour, whatever. I’m not picky as long they fit (not easy) and are mostly black.
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