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  1. Congratulations to @mjr_2013 on getting selected to work the Northwoods League. The Northwoods league is one of the top college summer leagues in the country and a HUGE step for him to return to umpire school and earn a job in Minor League Baseball.
  2. Getting close to O.U.T.S Seminar 2015! PM me with questions or visit oceansideumpiretraining.com

  3. Getting close to the O.U.T.S Seminar 2015! PM me with questions or visit oceansideumpiretraining.com

  4. Next best thing to Pro School! The 2015 OUTS Seminar will be March 1st-9th in Cocoa Beach! A great opportunity to escape the cold and attend a top notch camp. @Bob Bainter has brought in a great lineup of instructors including himself, Brent Rice, former MLB umpire Michael Fichter, James Pattison, Marty Bauer, Dan Kiley, and several current MiLB umpires! Featuring instruction in the 2 and 3 man systems, OUTS is also the official provider of umpires for the Northwoods League, one of the nation's premier collegiate summer wood bat leagues I attended OUTS in 2014 and it was one of th
  5. @Thunderheads lock this up please
  6. Shhhhhhh! that's the advice for premium members only
  7. If he thinks its your call he also needs to give you his game fee since you have to do his job too
  8. Day game or night game?
  9. Definitely worth it. Had my WV by Douglas reconditioned in October
  10. Great transaction with @Chris Hickman !
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