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  1. Mr_Chairman

    Legal catch

    In layman's terms, once a ball touches anything or anyone not a defensive player or his (properly worn) equipment, it can no longer be caught for an out.
  2. At the risk of stating the obvious, I will add to what @MidAmUmp said by saying that, once the ball is batted into play, you have no responsibilities for R3, unless he somehow gets hung up between third and home. Logic dictates that you would want to be closest to your responsibilities, which will be R1 and B1.
  3. We have another complex here that uses multipurpose fields. In order to jack one to center, it'll require hitting a ball 485 feet. Not to mention that, in the multipurpose quad, there are no foul territory fences past the bullpen area, so we do the "imaginary line" thing all the way out to the fence. With acres of foul territory, it gets wild trying to get a good angle for overthrows that come close to the dead ball area.
  4. The last twenty feet or so of the right field foul line at one school is about an inch and a half away from the wall. Always fun trying to determine if the ball hit the wall first or the line...
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