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  1. Anyone out there have a Douglas with Tee Hooks and a Force 3 harness? I ham considering sending mine in to add the tee hooks but, I don't want to make my harness obsolete.
  2. I just saw this on the Douglas pads Facebook page. http://herald-zeitung.com/obituaries/article_4ba37588-2eff-11e8-bb81-3790059fdb74.html May he rest in peace.
  3. I just got my Doug (“treat yoself” birthday present....with some help) in 13”. However, I can’t seem to get the shoulder pads over, ironically, my shoulders; they dry looking forward and it looks bulky with the majestic(Sz M) on. Any tips??? Thanks!
  4. I have original padding for a 15" Douglas CP. (The 12" and the shoulder pads are sold) Used but in good shape, we'll taken care of New padding is $85 from Douglas.....pm me with questions and offers. PayPal friends and family ...Shipping to be determined after sale to your zip Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  5. Hello all - I have these things to sell: LIKE NEW 17" Douglas Shin Guards: $150 + $10 shipping - SOLD I bought these brand new from UA.com last May. I used them for six games during last summer and have used them for four games this year so far. USED Matte Black Diamond Aluminum Mask (FRAME ONLY): $35 shipped I got this used about a month ago from a member this site. I have never worn this mask. It is in good condition.
  6. Want to price a used Douglas plate cp
  7. I recently replied to a message from a fellow umpire here on U-E regarding chest protector opinions. As I re-read it, what a I divulge is applicable to a great number of chest protector questions we the membership here get. His question was in regard to a Douglas, specifically, but I can express technical opinions about any of the CP's on the market. So, let me share this here with you... I present to you this rhetorical question: why are we as an umpire community clinging to antiquated technology and practices when modern, cutting-edge opportunities are not even being fully considered or realized yet? Or, better yet, why are we accepting this sloth and sluggishness from the gear producers themselves??! I hold Team Wendy in lofty regard because they actually established and progressed their own technology – Zorbium – for one ambitious goal: to mitigate, reduce and hopefully eliminate TBI's. The reason they pulled the plug on CP retrofits wasn't because TW is a money-grubbing company that saw no profit in it, or that Zorbium itself is a poor product. It simply is, that when the US military drops a massive product request on you, with an ironclad contract, you put everything else aside and go all-hands-on-deck. We really need to start examining the direction that our protection needs and solutions will go instead of settling for the "traditional" and "status quo".
  8. Have a few items Im looking to sell: 1) Brand new (without tags) M/L Wilson Gold. Only worn a handful of times, you can tell how new it is based on the fact the white tags on the protector still look new. Asking $130 shipped 2) Used 13 black Douglas CP. This CP is not new and definitely has been used, but it still has life in it. The plastic is in good condition as well as the padding - padding probably has a few more years of heavy use in it before one might want to recondition. No rips in padding, clips and harness are in good conditon. Asking $95 shipped. Please PM with any serious offers. Payment only through PayPal friends and family and only to the 48 states.
  9. First time for everything I guess. I would like to trade one of my WV Gold L/XL chest protectors for a Douglas. Preferably the older one with the black shell. But the grey one would be fine too. The CP is about 10 years old. But worn for only 5-7 of them. Still in good shape with a little rust on the rivots and clips. I am looking to make the deal with my backup rig and move my current one to the backup role. I don't have photos right now. But I can get them to you by request as my gear is currently in storage for the winter (and fall and summer this year).
  10. I wanted some extra protection added to my Douglas CP (which I love, by the way), so I sent it to Jeff Cook in Houston to have it modified. I agreed with the reviews about the concern with the gap in the shoulder caps and the lack of protection along the sides. Jeff knew exactly what to do and got it back to me very quickly. Here's the finished product: It still fits great and maintains the low profile. If you have a Douglas and want to make a few tweaks, Jeff's your man!
  11. Have an older (late 90s early 2000s) black Douglas CP and was looking for advice on whether the TW Retrofit would be a better padding "refurbishment" than sending back to Douglas and having them put on new Douglas padding. I know when I used a WV Gold with the TW padding I was surprised by the heaviness and density of the TW padding. Also, has Douglas instituted a better and smaller shoulder gap modification piece than the one in this attached photo? I have seen the posts where folks took the black instep protector flap off their triple knee Wilson leg guards and riveted these to their Douglas but that's not something I'm interested in - or have the ability to do. I know people were doing the large Douglas flaps in the attached pic a few years ago but I was curious if Douglas does something that is smaller. All replies are much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Looking for older model Douglas shin guards in good, solid condition.
  13. Very nice Douglas 12" with Team Wendy Retrofit, and the original chest pad only. This was one of the first ever Team Wendy Douglas retrofits before they stopped doing the Douglas (they currently do them again, but stopped for a couple of years). This is the all black model from the 2010/11 time frame This one was customized by Team Wendy by its original owner (Fittske24) and the extra padding was cut at the bottom making it more like an 11 or 11.5" Very comfy, collarbone plates formed nicely. This has an All-Star Delta Flex harness (shows some use but still fine) and t-hooks. Also comes with a NEW set of t-hooks from Douglas. You'll get everything including the Douglas original chest padding. $125 + shipping. US only, paypal only (friends and family) photos coming PM me with interest
  14. 12" Douglas chest protector with an All-Star Delta Flex harness. This is the "new" grey and blue model. The chest protector is in excellent condition and the harness is like new (never sewn or taped). This served as a spare/back up and is very lightly used. I also will include the original harness. $140 shipped to you as a PayPal Friends and Family transfer. Please PM with questions.
  15. Hey all ..... Well, .....I did it, and I gave it a shot, but ....... I MUCH prefer the Douglas padding compared to the TW padding. I had my Douglas TW retrofitted but as you can see, ... I don't really like it, so .......here it is up for grabs. This TW retrofit is only for the chest portion (not the shoulder cups). I wore the TW's w/ the Douglas about 6 times (at the most) Again, this is for the retrofit TW padding only that will fit a 15" Douglas. PM me, .... Paypal only (friends & family) $110 + shipping or, make a reasonable offer
  16. Ok folks ......   GREAT NEWS .........   Team Wendy is indeed doing Douglas CPs for retrofit!     Sheilah is no longer w/ TW, ...the new contact is Pam.   Pam Pirogowicz     ppirogowicz@teamwendy.com Customer Service Representative TEAM Wendy  17000 St. Clair Ave. Bldg.1 Cleveland, Ohio 44110 O: 216.738.2518 Ext. 232  M: 216.337.8869 F: 216.738.2510
  17. All .....   I'm thinning the herd, and this one is off to a new home!   15" Douglas-Douglas: t-hooks, and the shoulder protection.   I'm selling this without the harness because I borrowed the Detla-Flex that was on it for my Vintage West Vest TW retro-rig.     Refurbed in 2012; very good condition.     I'm looking for offers, please consider at least $15 for shipping depending on your zip.   paypal only   PM me, please
  18. To my surprise my Douglas came in today. I even get to use it since I have the Plate today at a JV Game.
  19. I have a freshly re-conditioned 15" WV Douglas for Sale New Velcro, new strap and T-hooks, cleaned the padding, re-stitched the whole outside of padding, new rivets. Also added the extra shoulder pads for maximum protection! The 15" is a bit too big for me. Want to save some money to buy either a Wilson Ti or a Nike Ti. Make offer!
  20. I'm looking for a 12 inch Douglas in good condition. I would like to score it for around 150 maybe a little more shipped, not entirely sure if that's a long shot or not. if I cant find one by Tuesday next week I am going to purchase a WVP so any help would be appreciated but if not I don't think I will be disappointed. you can PM me here, or you can email me at andrewbrown0330@yahoo.com. I could even make a 13 work if that can broaden the spectrum a bit.
  21. Hi, I am currently in the market for a 12 or 13 inch douglas cp. Preferably with the t-hooks. Shoot me a PM if anyone has one they are willing to sell or trade. Thanks in advance!
  22. After my first year of youth ball, I'm going to jump into the world of HS baseball this coming spring. To get started, I bought everything Diamond because it seemed to be good intermediate stuff, and it has been. I know I'll need to get a hard plastic CP for HS ball this spring. I've read all the threads about the fits, sizing, ribs, heat, shoulder gaps, what's "cool," ect. My situation is a little more specific - I had open heart surgery a few years back. I'm a fit/slender guy so I don't have any additional padding and my sternum is still somewhat fragile. I think I've narrowed my search between the WV Gold and Douglas. Although I wore nothing but All-Star as a catcher, the reviews of the System 7 fit makes me nervous. My question is to those of you that have worn multiple "pro" CPs, which of these do you feel gave the best chest protection? Specifically, the middle chest/sternum area.
  23. I have a few items for sale that I would like to sell on here before selling on Ebay. If interested send me a PM or email me and I can pass along my phone number. Thanks! Douglas, 15" Chest Protector with Custom T Hooks and slots. Used of several months (1 year old), however was too big. ($125) Wilson Platinum, 13.5. Brand New (never used at all) ($120) Wilson Titanium Facemask. Brand New (used once this past season). ($125) Diamond Featherlite Shunguards (15 inch.) Very light and used once last year. ($35) Items are in excellent condition and thought I would give the guys here a shot rather than mess around on Ebay. Shoot me a PM on here or my email (cgman76@gmail.com) to discuss any questions or items that you want. Thanks! Curtis
  24. I have a Black Douglas for sale if anyone is interested. $125 plus shipping
  25. Just a follow-up on my OP from the System 7 Sizing Thread. To buy a new CP I had to sell one of mine. So I decided to sell my old West Vest Douglas that I had modified with the extra pads. I put it on eBay with a starting price of $90.00. On the last day of the auction it was up to $120. I was happy with that. But then with about 20 seconds to go it started going up to $160-170 Then when I looked at it after the auction ended it jump to $281 WOW! Now time to start looking at a New CP and Leg Guards!!!
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