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  1. So I opened a topic earlier about a new CP. I decided to go with the Schutt/Adams. My next question is about the Schutt Scorpion leg guards. They look good, but I can't find any sites that have reviews. I also can't seem to find any pics that show the pads on the inside. Has anyone used these? I am brand new to the college level. Just attended MAU clinic. Just got assigned my first college game, fall ball. So I need college level equipment. I have read good stuff about the champion leg guards, but they look extremely big and bulky. What does everyone think about wearing good quality catchers shin guards? I have done that the last few years at the high school level and have been fine. I"m talking about college now though. I found a good deal on some Mizuno Samurai shin guards that look adequate. I'm not into spending an arm and a leg on my equipment. I like to stay under a hundred. I might drop over that on a mask, but I'm pretty frugal otherwise.
  2. I am selling... West Vest Gold Chest Protector 11 inch $80 or Best Offer Wilson Platnium Shin Gaurds 15.5 inch $50 or Best Offer Nike Mask with Team Wendy pads. Best offer for Nike Mask. Shipping paid by buyer. Ready to ship immediately. Finally added pics. Dm me. Thank you. Best offer for Nike Mask. Shipping paid by buyer. Ready to ship immediately. Finally added pics.
  3. Up for sale the following items: 1 Wilson A3009x - with wrap around pads 1 Wilson A3009 - with wrap around pads 2 Wilson A3077 steel powder coated in shiny black by Mask-It Sports - in excellent condition 2 Wilson A3077 titanium - in excellent condition 2 Wilson Platinum shin guards 18.5" - 1 in very good condition 1 in excellent condition 1 Gerry Davis 17.5" Original shin guards - in excellent condition 1 Gerry Davis 17.5" new version shin guards - brand new in package 1 Honig's shin guards 19" - in excellent condition 1 Vintage WV Gold M/L - in excellent condition 1 Wilson umpire equipment bag - in very good condition 1 Wilson catcher equipment bag - in very good condition 1 FUL bag - brand new in the box 3 Tan Team Wendy pads - in excellent condition 2 Wilson A3815 wrap around tan pads - in excellent condition 2 Nike pads navy blue - brand new 2 Wilson foam pads - brand new 1 New Balance 950 B/W mid cut base shoe 11.5 EEEE - brand new 1 New Balance 450 B/W 450 plate shoe 14 EEEE - in brand new 1 New Balance 450 B/W 450 plate shoe 14 D - in good condition 1 Mizuno Japan 2QA-122 - in excellent condition 1 Mizuno Japan 2QA-129 - in excellent condition 1 navy blue plate coat 44L - in new condition 1 New Balance T550 low cut base shoe 13 D with an additional New Balance sure lace 54" in black - brand new All the items in brand new, excellent or very good condition. Prices to be determined later. PayPal Friends and Family. Seller pays shipping.
  4. Looking for these shin guards 17”. They seem to be the or predecessors to the current ones offered by Douglas (if anyone has info on that it’d be great). If you have these, please PM me. Thanks
  5. The size 17 of the DLG-LITEs has been re-designed with additional plastic outer shell just under the knee area. You'll want to purchase the 17" here to ensure you have the latest, more protective version. Diamond grid tech foam offers unsurpassed ventilation to stay cool.Strapless single-knee design prevents irritation behind the knee.Extremely lightweight plasticProtection that is up to 2lbs lighter than other brandsLow-profile design makes it feel like your not wearing shin guards.Durable snap-lock Tifco bucklesRemovable toe extensionWeight: 1.6 lbs and up This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  6. The Force3 Ultimate Umpire Shin Guards are a high quality umpire shin guard made of premium materials including DuPont Kevlar, stainless steel rivets, and high-impact slimline composite buckles. The uniqueness of this design is in its lower profile design that uses Kevlar inside the padding that reduces the need for bulkier and/or heavier padding. Therefore, of all lower-profile designs in a double-knee variety, consider this your most protective option. FEATURES Kevlar layer is laminated into the interior padding providing the best protection and lowest weight possible. Slim profile provides conforming protection. Optional comfort padding provides a cushioned barrier between your leg and the shin guard. Vent holes make for great breathability and airflow while working your game. Lightweight: approximately 3lbs Three sizes: 14.5″, 16.5″ and 18.5"
  7. Hello all - I have these things to sell: LIKE NEW 17" Douglas Shin Guards: $150 + $10 shipping - SOLD I bought these brand new from UA.com last May. I used them for six games during last summer and have used them for four games this year so far. USED Matte Black Diamond Aluminum Mask (FRAME ONLY): $35 shipped I got this used about a month ago from a member this site. I have never worn this mask. It is in good condition.
  8. Hello all - I'm selling a set of Wilson Gold shin guards. USED - Wilson Gold shin guards - 16" - 17" I also used these for one season in combination with the above chest protector. A few scuffs from tossing them on the floors of various dressing rooms, but still in great shape. $80 - Shipped
  9. Hey everyone I have a pair of Wilson MLB Platinum shin guards 17" for sale. They are in awesome shape, no damage (other than normal scratches and marks) Straps are not rusted and are in good shape, toe extension has been removed and all padding is clean and secure. These things are bullet proof, and are very comfortable. I'm only asking $50 for them plus shipping to your location. Feel free to ask questions, trusted seller/buyer here. Thanks!
  10. I have a brand new pair of Force 3 Shin Guards size 14.5 for sale. These have never seen any game action. The Shin Guards come with a bag to carry them in. I will ship these for $105 Pay Pal Friends and Family only. If you want to see photos just message me. thanks
  11. Looking for older model Douglas shin guards in good, solid condition.
  12. Honigs improved the comfort of their signature shin guard by upgading to a contoured nylon covered foam pad that's softer and better cushioned. The floating lower knee cap allows better flexibility when bending down into your stance. Encased plastic ankle plates provide additional protection. What sets this apart from other professional models is its versatility. Five sizes ensure you find the perfect fit. The instep plate is removable if you're wearing mid or high cut plate shoes and don't desire the overlapping protection. Removable thigh plate can be added for above the knee protection (K30E sold separately). All around, the best and most versatile choice for affordable professional level protection.
  13. Brand New West Vest Gold shin guards with tags 16"-17" $100.00 shipped
  14. I'm looking to upgrade my shin guards from the bulky Honig's ones I use today to something lighter. I'm looking at the All Star System Sevens and the Force 3 shins. I know people rave about the Force 3's, but can anyone one make a recommendation or express a preference? Or throw out a different option to consider?
  15. Made of premium materials including: DuPont KevlarStainless steel rivetsHigh-impact slimline composite buckles A layer of Kevlar is laminated into the interior padding providing the best protection and lowest weight possible.Conforming takes on a new meaning with the slim profile and optional comfort padding that provides a cushioned barrier between your leg and the shin guard.Vent holes also provide great breathability and airflow while working your game.Each shin guard weighs slightly more than 1.5 pounds!!!Available in three sizes, 14.5″, 16.5″ and 18.5″. This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  16. Full 23" length (17" from middle of knee to top of foot) - single knee Injection molded, high impact P.E. capsPoly/cotton lining reduces lateral shiftExtra strength elastic strapsThis product is available at Ump-Attire.com.
  17. Diamond double-knee umpire shin guards are made of quality materials and offer standard protection at a value price. Lightweight, high-density polyethylene constructionRecessed stitchingReinforced rivetsLock-stitched, braided bindingDouble knee design includes floating lower knee cap that provides better flex upon bending.Basic ankle protection through expanded foam linerAvailable in two sizes, 15"- 2.4 lbs. and 17"- 2.8 lbs. - these sizes are not the full lengths of the shin guard but the distance between where the middle of your knee would go to where your leg meets your foot.This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  18. The Schutt AIR-U5 Umpire Shin Guards provide advanced protection and comfort. For nearly a century, Schutt Sports has been committed to developing the most advanced protective gear in the game for players. Using the same technology, their umpire protective gear empowers umpires to focus and perform at the top of THEIR game! Lightest, most breathable protection on the fieldTapered design gives you a snug, comfortable fit with maximum coverage and movementToe guard attached by velcro and is removeableBoth the foam padding and outer shell are ventilated to increase air circulationWeight is approximately 3lbs.This product is available at Ump-Attire.com.
  19. The +POS Zero Gravity Umpire Shin Guard is a popular choice among everyday officials who demand a high quality, yet ultra-lite design. Its high density shell and breathable foam interior make for a less bulky shin guard, adding to the level of comfort. Titanium grey colorUltra-Lite designLow-profile designABS high density plasticHigh density breathable EVA foamHigh density plastic interlocking clipsSize, 17"Weighs approximately 1.8lbsThis product is available at Ump-Attire.com.
  20. These umpire shin guards provide the same nylon shell-on-foam padding construction and similar hard shell ankle protection as the Wilson Professional model, but in a lighter weight, double knee setup. Unique double knee design provides some above-the-knee protection.Contoured inner padding is nylon shell with foam for superb comfort to both knee and leg - same padding design as Wilson Platinum and Gold chest protectors - and also extends enough around the leg to prevent rubbing from strap hooks.Floating middle knee for better flex upon bendingExpanded ankle hard shell plates over nylon shell and foam for maximum ankle protectionInstep plate provides protection when worn with field shoes, or can be removed for use with plate shoes. The instep plate is attached with velcro and easily removed.Contains MLB logo and "W" Wilson logo on each side of ankle plateWeighs approximately 4lbsShell color matches both Wilson Platinum and Charcoal chest protectors.Model number WTA3417This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  21. The Wilson DaviShins Umpire Leg Guards were designed by umpires, for umpires, the DaviShins feature a Dual-Hinge design that wraps around the leg for a snug fit. A recessed, no-gap knee cap offers comfort and protection while squatting. Fully adjustable and removable ankle caps offer an increased amount of protection from foul-tips and wild pitches. Leg Guard Features:Unique new design developed by umpiresDual-Hinge design wraps around the leg for a snug fitRecessed, no-gap kneecapFully adjustable, removable ankle capsTone-on-tone logos for professional lookModel: WTA3491Color: BlackSizing in inchesThis product is available form Ump-Attire.com.
  22. The Wilson Guardian Umpire Shin Guards feature a triple knee cap design and removable toe cap for superior protection. Lightweight with strategic venting for maximum breathabiliity. Aegis antimicrobial treatment keeps gear fresh. Features: Triple knee cap designRemovable toe capAegis antimicrobial treatmentStrategically vented for maximum airflowSizes: 15.5", 17"
  23. ... But Will Be Again Soon. I made the move to get the shinguards that will (likely) be the last pair I ever purchase. With @UmpJeff's facilitation, we ordered in the set (UnEqual CP for him, shinguards for me), and he routed them to me hastily. I opened the box, and... Wow. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww. For as large-coverage as they are, they are featherweight. I currently use All-Star LGU313-17's primarily because they are low profile and rather minimal, yet do provide a patella plate. I didn't exactly bust the scale out, but they are likely lighter than the All-Stars. They look formidable too, with a huge patella plate and lots of shape-conforming syn-leather. But they are as light as can be. I am (was) looking forward to putting them right to work with games this week and a massive tournament this MDW. But... alas... I cannot... ... because I ordered. the. wrong. size. Reading some of these threads over, the advice for someone of my height is to get the Large, 18.5" size. Well, after putting these on, within 2 seconds, you can tell they are too tall (probably best for our @BigUmpire friend). I checked Force3's webpage on the guards, and the sizing guide details measuring from the top of the ankle to the center of the knee while seated. I did, and I measured... 17.5". Dead-on between the L 18.5" and the M 16.5". So I called up Force3 (which has a mightily cheerful and friendly staff working their phones), and got an exchange underway. When he heard my plight, he acknowledged that it is personal preference on which size to take when you're dead-smack between sizes, and that the 16.5" is probably the way to go. So, back to Connecticut these go (today), and next week, I'll have new shinguards to wax ecstatic about. Beware, Wilson owners! Your time of wearing sofa cushions is about to meet its reckoning!
  24. LP-11 Double knee model LP-1 single knee model Double/Single knee umpire's leg guard. Wrap around shins protect legs from stray balls and secure leg guard to its proper position.
  25. LGU 2000 - Double Knee LGU 1000 - Single Knee The System Seven™ umpire specific leg guards are designed for maximum protection, ventilation, and comfort. Wraparound style plates and padding completely protect the front and sides of legs. Toe cap is removable for the umpires who have plated base shoes. Adjustable and repositionable Patella Plus™ knee pad absorbs impact and holds knee in place. Removable and machine washable 3D mesh shin pad provides a snug fit and helps air circulation. DeltaFlex™ harness features pre-crossed straps to keep the back of the knee free with no pressure points. Harness is by far the most comfortable leg guard harness system around. This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
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