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  1. Bumping this topic. Did have a mask for sale with the CP but it was sold. Just have the CP left.
  2. Mask is sold. Still have CP and I'll sell it for $150 shipped. Any takers?
  3. Selling my Unequal CP V1. It's brand new and never worn at all. Wasnt able to call this year for a couple reasons and I just need to sell it now. Hate to see it go, was looking forward to putting it to good use. Shoot me a text if you have any questions. Thanks! Ship same day if possible. 605-571-4330.
  4. I am 5'11. So, any size guards that would fit that. I would say 15"
  5. Hello to all! Hope this find you all doing well and enjoying your season. My shin guards have completely rusted out at the buckle and broke the strap, thus making them practically useless. LOL! So, I thought I would jump on here and see if anyone had any decent guards that they would like to sell. Ive got a growing family at home who eats like a barn full of thoroughbreds. So, I'm on a budget at the moment. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just a quality pair to keep my bird legs safe with a little life left in them. Lol. I would like the single knee style instead of the style that fits around your thigh. Thanks for your time and thanks for looking. PM me if you got anything. Thanks!
  6. Does anyone have an UE CP that they would like to sell or trade? Let me know if so! THANKS!
  7. Would you be interested in a trade? I've got a charcoal Wilson West Vest CP plus $20 that I throw at ya? Are your Honigs' charcoal or Heather?
  8. Hey guys, I asked first! Send them my way! Lol! Jk! I knew I could find them on Honigs website, I just couldn't afford to pay their prices right now and was hoping I could find some on here for cheaper in used condition. That's all. Wasn't looking for a handout per say. Just wanted to find some used one for cheaper if possible.
  9. May be interested, need pics though
  10. The Ump Attire powder with black collar, is it a medium or large? If its a large, how much you want for the newer creme large Honig, the red large Ump Attire, and the Ump Attire powder(if its a large)? What would you take for those shipped?
  11. Still have the shirts available?
  12. No, actually Im looking for the Honigs bags with the water resistent backing to keep the water from leaking through to your pant legs. Sorry for the confusion, should have explained more. Im looking for Navy or Black. Thanks!
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