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  1. This is a mistake by the umpire. It's the players responsibility to know the count and the situation. Run scores. Batter comes back to the plate. 3-2 count.
  2. That's a fairly egregious miss, and not even a close call. I guess he panicked.
  3. I'll have to grab some of these i think.
  4. Looks like a nice harness, might be time to upgrade. I'm assuming these work well on wilson platinums and such?
  5. At that age I toss immediately for the profanity and if he said "no damn way" I shut him down immediately. I've had kids softly say f bomb or something because they missed a pitch etc. I quietly warn them that I don't wanna hear that again. But turning and loudly f bombing me? He gone. Most coaches that are worth their salt are going to light that kid up once hes back in the dugout. You don't get to argue at HS level IMO.
  6. Super happy for you! Well deserved and you are one of the best umpires in that chapter. I'm bummed we never got to call together while I was there. Enjoy every second of it.
  7. Thanks for the great explanation Jason. The coach from Sam Houston took it much better than I was expecting. I figured someone was gonna go ballistic on a play like this.
  8. Welcome to Texas @HokieUmp. I just got back and couldn't be happier. There really is some fantastic baseball here. I'm in the DFW area too @BlueRanger. Just moved back a month ago. All of your ejections are good in my book. Good job trying to get the HC to handle the bad parent. There is a reason I don't call those age groups anymore and its the parents. You don't see it quite as badly in the HS ranks luckily.
  9. I did the clinic twice. You will have to do some pretending, it is part of getting reps. But the instructors are great, you will be on information overload. Just be a sponge, hustle everywhere, and go in with an open mind. They will make you a better umpire. I plan to try the advanced clinic next year, can't make the clinics this year.
  10. Agree with all said above. I bought the F3's a couple years back and they are by far the best ive ever tried. Comfortable, stays in place, and you don't feel a thing when you take a shot head on. The diamond lites do not offer enough protection. I took a straight shot in a game, and immediately retired them. It almost dropped me. Save up the money and only buy a pair once, it is worth it.
  11. Great to see you back @Grayhawk. After slowing down the video you can see that he is still in the air when he initially makes contact on the slide. Im sure thats why he slid late to break up the play. I would have called this FPSR at full speed most likely, its just not as cut and dry as others. I know people want to see the hard contact and automatically say "its FPSR". It's very close to being a legal slide if he starts to slide just a foot earlier and then makes hard contact.
  12. Do you see interference on this play Maven? It looks bad because the contact was hard going into 2nd, just curious how others see the play. I've rewatched it a few times and it is definitely a bit of a late slide, but he appears to make contact with the defender on top of 2B, and he slides directly into the bag.
  13. Don't know how I missed this. Terrible news. All wishes for a speedy and full recovery to @grayhawk. I've always appreciated his insight and advice. Please keep us updated on his recovery.
  14. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Texas is bestest! Get better soon.
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