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  1. I'll have to give these a shot. I'm still rocking old school Honig's poly wools but I will need new pants soon.
  2. I just can't fathom how in the world that was let to stand. This is one of the most egregious things I have seen on video.
  3. Hmm. I'll have to see how they do in a game.
  4. I have my MAG pads on a diamond frame wolfe and it muffles me.
  5. I just got both AS Mag pads and TW pads to try on my 2 mask. the TW pads are much less bulky. Getting used to the bulk of of AS and how it makes the mask sit away from my face, as well as how it muffles my voice may take some getting used to. We shall see which set of pads I end up sticking with.
  6. GreyhoundAggie


    This is a great situation to bring up. Great learning opportunity. Matt's quote is a fantastic maxim to remember.
  7. Welcome to the brotherhood. Call strikes, work hard, and be a sponge.
  8. I bought the Mag pads
  9. I ordered a TW and a LUC and I'll see which one I prefer.
  10. Thanks for the link. I already have a mask frame, just looking to swap the pads out.
  11. Do you find the All Star LUC to be too bulky or impede your mouth? They just look gigantic in the pictures I have seen. I call in Tx so its only "cold" here very early in the season, otherwise we may only call 1-2 games a year where the temp is below 50.
  12. Does anyone have opinions on TW pads vs the Wilson Wrap arounds or doeskins? I've worn leather pads for years and I haven't looked at the TW pads in 5-6 years. Debating which way to go for replacing my Honig's Doeskins. Took a couple of shots this year that have rung me and I think my old pads are just done for. Read up on the prior forum post but some of them are stale.
  13. Yeah, this year has been stupid for games here in Tx Hokie. Not enough officials and lots of games.
  14. I'll have to check out the Cobalt All-Star. It looks nice. And much less bulky then my Platinum.
  15. Definitely wolfe_man. There are some kids in HS that throw 90+ with wicked breaking stuff, and some of these catchers can't handle it. There is a kid in our area that is a switch pitcher. Throw 90+ with his right and high 80's with his left. The catcher couldn't handle him. One of our chapter officers called balls and strikes from behind the mound because it was unsafe for him to be behind the plate. I took a shot a couple weeks ago. Untouched fastball to the mask (pitcher/catcher crossup). Gave me a mild concussion (1st in my career from a shot to the mask). It took me a couple wee
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