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  1. Nope. All umpires here in our Texas chapter shall have black as their default color. Me likey.
  2. They haven't officially shut down HS ball in Texas. But i have no doubt it is coming. We've been told its up to the individual schools as of now, but i can't imagine they aren't going to err on the side of caution.
  3. Absolutely. Congratulations on the weight loss.
  4. You'll break that habit. You just have to consciously think about it for a while, it will become second nature soon. And all the clinics I've gone to most of the instructors have strongly encouraged voice + mechanic for strike calls.
  5. So they sent out a bulletin a couple days ago in TX with an update. I'll copy and paste it here. So TX is leaving it up to the opposing coaches. Umpires get paid no matter what. Varsity Contests (Beginning February 24) – All games are expected to be played with compliant baseballs. If the coach does not have compliant baseballs: o The opposing coach has the option of playing the game or not. If the opposing coach chooses not to play the game, the officials are paid and an incident report will be submitted. The District Committee will decide what happens next with regard to that game. o If the opposing coach chooses to play the game, it will be played. The home head coach will be restricted to the bench for the remainder of the game and an incident report will be submitted. o Once a coach is restricted to the bench, there will be NO other penalty assessed to him for the use of non-compliant baseballs.
  6. I agree its a bit stupid when they say its ok for scrimmages but not ok for regular games. I'm less liable magically for a scrimmage? I'll double check again but at our meetings we were told play the game and file a report if the wrong balls are provided.
  7. We were told in Texas to play the game, but file a report with the state following the game letting them know the wrong baseballs were provided.
  8. Glad to hear it went well. Hope you can get back on the field soon
  9. Ok. I didn't call ball last year so explains why I would have missed it. Glad they brought the rule in line with the other levels anyways. Thanks for the input gents.
  10. Was the ball stuck in the glove NFHS rule changed this year? or has it been that way a while and I missed it. I had it firmly stuck in my head that NFHS was different and didn't allow the tossing of the mitt to get the out like in higher levels. There was a question specifically referencing it on the test so thats why it came up. Its never happened in my career, I am just curious.
  11. Holy hell. My heart goes out to you @grayhawk Know that all your brothers in blue are thinking about you and your family right now.
  12. I'm probably going to have to pop on these. My old base shoes have seen better days. I think the only things I truly need this year are new base shoes and I might have to get that slick lineup card holder
  13. This is a mistake by the umpire. It's the players responsibility to know the count and the situation. Run scores. Batter comes back to the plate. 3-2 count.
  14. That's a fairly egregious miss, and not even a close call. I guess he panicked.
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