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  1. Looks nice. How heavy is the All Star mask? I've seen a few MLB guys rocking it. I use the pads in my current mask.
  2. if thats the case they will almost certainly be too narrow in the toe box for me. Darn. They are good looking shoes.
  3. I tried the Reeboks and they were just too narrow. I'd be tempted by these but Im afraid of them being too narrow for me as well.
  4. On the AJ play, i think the additional confusion is Eddings signalled out after pointing the right arm out. I never signal out until I have an out.
  5. Wolfe, Do you normally use a D width on shoes or are yuou like a 2E? Cause these are my size but id be worried about them pinching too. Are they comfortable otherwise?
  6. My biggest complaint is that High Schoolers and lower level players watch this, think its funny or accepted, and then try it at our games where it is expressly forbidden. And then we as umpires are the bad guys for enforcing the rules. Just play baseball.
  7. That's definitely a plus. If i get into another sport it would most likely be football.
  8. How do you like calling VB kyle? I know there is a bunch of VB down here.
  9. Count me in the F3 camp. Best shins i ever used. Haven't tried the Douglas so can't comment there.
  10. I'm a fan of the pitch clock and would love it to come to the HS level, but I know that's a long way off if ever. Banning the shift I'm more against. Let teams line up their defense how they wish and its on the hitter to beat it.
  11. ^ I do it the same way Kyle. Always has worked well for me.
  12. Nice. Its a small world even in Chicago. I'm flying out there tomorrow for 5 days. Any good restaurant or bar suggestions?
  13. Gotcha. I've been real happy with my Cobalt. Really like the lower profile vs my platinum.
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