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  1. Agree completely Maven. Had this earlier this year and made the same argument with the coach. Batter was walked and has a a right to run to first base and as long as he didn't intentionally get in the way of the throw I had nothing.
  2. I've thought hard about the mizunos but im worried about the width as well. I have high arches so that would be good for me. My current New Balance are about dead. Might just need to pop on a pair and see how they fit. Can always return.
  3. Being a Rangers fan on top of that I enjoyed it a lot. And the home plate umpire called an excellent game.
  4. Had this in a varsity game last week. Coach was asking isn't it a force play? And he's been coaching 30 years. One of the greatest baseball myths that people screw up all the time.
  5. I haven't noticed any fading yet, but its only my 2nd season with them. And yes GD has expander waistband
  6. I have the Gerry Davis. No complaints so far.
  7. I agree there are multiple options here. It's a minimum a verbal warning, and a written warning no stretch at all. You could have even ejected here for counting calls on you and been justified. It's hard to say without being there and seeing how it all played out. The hardest part of umpiring is game management.
  8. I lied. I have the MAG version. The grey and black. Looks really good with the pro black umpires shirts.
  9. Good to see our local boys representing. I've been trained by both Brammer and Bucky. Tremendous umpires. And a hell of a call. That's one that gets missed a lot.
  10. I second the All-Star LUC pads. Have them in my mask. Taken 3 shots this year and didn't get hurt. Really liking them. And they look slick.
  11. Great discussion in this thread. And something I have been trying to preach to the new umpires coming into the organization. I'm trying to grab more strikes as well. And you generally hear a lot more complaining for calling a close pitch a ball, then grabbing those close pitches. Just be consistent is all coaches/players ever ask.
  12. Had my first ejection of the year last week. Doing a varsity tournament here, 2nd of 4 games. Home field team is playing in this game and the 3rd. Bottom of the 5th inning rang a kid up on a pitch right at the knees. Batter was unhappy, turns to walk back to the dugout and looks at me and say "You're f*%$ing terrible". See ya! Easiest ejection ever. They got to play with only 10 players the next game as the coach sent him home. Punish stupidity whenever possible.
  13. We have a few JV/V doubleheaders here. Generally with the smaller schools. Almost all schools here have lights so thats not an issue. Most of the big schools do JV doubleheaders with the Varsity being at the opposite site as a single.
  14. Our association has a website and takes payments there. Super easy, and can track by member number.
  15. Based on the reading I am ok with what you called. I agree with Wolfe. Good to teach to avoid contact especially at the JV level. I'd rather get the MC and an ejection than regret not calling it later.
  16. So I ended up getting the Arahi 6 by Hoka. The guy at the running store said they have more stability with a J Frame. So far they are comfortable. I'm just wearing them around right now. He recommended using some Scotch Gard to keep stuff from sticking to them as much. I also liked the look. Black White and Grey.
  17. Those are the ones I'm gonna look at today at the local running store.
  18. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm gonna go check them out at the local running store.
  19. I agree with you Max. I don't care about polishing base shoes either. I just need shoes that are comfortable and effective. Never tried Hoka but they look comfortable. Skechers also are comfortable, but my last pair didn't hold up as well as I'd like.
  20. I do change out the insoles is the funny part. I just need wide. At least EE width. May look for those brooks shoes someone posted in another thread.
  21. I may end up looking at running shoes again. Or something that gives a bit more cushion. I like new blanace for the width, but after multiple games my feet and knees kill me in new balance turf shoes normally. Anyone know how cushioned these new ones are?
  22. Quite the honor. I'm sure you worked a long time to achieve that! Don't suck!
  23. I've always just rocked sunglasses under the mask instead of a shield
  24. True. Might have to pop on it. I already have the MAG pads and umplife harness.
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