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  1. Good to know BT. We are similar sizes so thats good to have as a reference.
  2. I'm thinking heavily about moving towards the Cobalt CP for next season. My question is how does it fit huskier umpires? I'm 5'9 260ish currently with broad shoulders and I am curious if anyone has experience in how it fits. Being a bigger guy I'd appreciate the lower profile and bulk versus my WV Platinum ive been using for years. Thanks for anyone's thoughts and opinions.
  3. That's fantastic. Congratulations and don't suck!
  4. Damn. I'm gonna have to think about this one. Considering I'm looking at a new CP for next season and finally making my WV Plat my backup may be hard to justify the money right now. Want something less bulky.
  5. Do you know how the LUC-Mag pads would fit in the Nike TI mask? I put them on my Diamond mask and like them so far. Bulkier but more comfortable than my TW pads.
  6. I've tried doing some research on the site. But there is so much. Can someone break down for me why these mask are so good and worth the money? Visibility? Safety? Weight? Just trying to get more info and see if its worth popping on one.
  7. What style are the pads on these? I am not familiar with Nike TI at all. I know everyone talks about them like they are the holy grail.
  8. Welcome to the forums! Oh man. I feel for you on this one. Nothing gets me more upset than a coach questioning my integrity. I loved lawumps first idea, to call the coach out loudly and publicly for the world to see. But to be honest I doubt I'd make it that far as the instant those words came out of his mouth I'd have tossed him. Don't ever accuse me of cheating or favoring a team. Tell me you thought I kicked a call, that my zone hasn't been great, but never that I was out to get you and your team and purposely kicked calls. I hope you write to the league president of the association you were calling for and have then do something about it.
  9. @BT_Blue Included are the sunglasses, a microfiber cleaning wipe, a hardshell Oakley case, and a second set of nose pieces (not pictured). I understand the confusion due to the title of the post.
  10. Wolfe, This would only apply if the obstruction caused him to miss 2nd in the umpires judgment correct? He doesn't get a free pass if he is obstructed 10 ft off of 1st base and then just steps right over 2nd on his way to 3rd.
  11. I was wondering if I was missing something with talking about wearing a plate coat in August.
  12. That's outrageous they let them back in the game. I'd never call another game for that TD ever.
  13. At least they are finally putting the coaches sitting on buckets as a POE. I fight this every year since there are guys who don't want to enforce safety rules and that makes me the bad guy,
  14. I believe you are right on this one noumpere. i'm going to take my answer down. Forgot that on the missed base that the status matters at the time.
  15. For HS I am not positive on this since it so rarely happens, but I believe we are not entitled to our game fees until a pitch is thrown. Then we are entitled to the full game fee even if the game is called right after that for weather, etc. If we show up and then there is a rainout, its tough luck for us except i believe the schools owe us travel money ($15-$30 usually depending on how far away the school is).
  16. I got always wear 2 ball bags beat into my head from my very first umpire clinic. I guess anything else just looks weird to me now.
  17. Shut them down hard at that age level. In HS games if kids start arguing or discussing the strike zone i cut them off quick. They can ask me if thats the top, the bottom, where did that catch and I'll tell them. But they don't get to argue about the zone. And the kid should have been gone the second his bat touched the dirt starting the line. Absolute mortal sin. The coach is a rat for not shoving his foot up that kids behind for his behavior instead of gaslighting the umpire. Players tend to reflect their coach's attitude and feed off them and he is teaching them its ok to act that way. File this one away in the memory banks for the next situation. It's how we get better.
  18. You threw your partner under the bus. I don't care how many times you've seen a team or what level of ball it is, that is never ok. That's just my opinion.
  19. F3's for the win. You will love them.
  20. Good to know. I bought some Team Wendy's last month. Thanks for answering back.
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