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  1. I ordered the Adams chest protector last January. Love it by they way. I also ordered the "matching" shin guards. They have 3 models. I ordered the model that looked to have the best padding. Can't remember the model # and I'm at work right now. There was little to no information about their shin guards online but I gave them a try anyway. My first reaction was that they were comfty and lite weight and didn't hinder any movement. At the end of my high school season I took a direct pitch, from a JV pitcher not throwing that fast, to the bottom of my shin guard. I noticed after the game that it had cracked. I didn't feel anything so I guess it did it's job but I still don't think that pitch should have cracked a good shin guard. Soon after I bought the Wilson Platinum guards for 20 bucks more. There is really no comparison. Spend the extra 20 bucks. I wore the Wilson's for the rest of the Summer and loved them. I am a sweaty guy but I couldn't tell that the padding and lack of ventilation holes made me hotter during the Summer months. Buy the Adams Chest Protector but pass on their shin guards if you do high school and above.
  2. Yep, I have ordered from other companies just to save a few dollars. But I always go back to Ump-Attire because I know they will deliver. I put in an order on Monday night hoping that it would come in in time for my tournament this weekend. It came in today, a day early! Thanks!!
  3. C'monBlue, I was looking at bags the other night. The Ogio's popped up. I liked them and they look very sturdy. I can't recall the if I was looking the 9800 but I'm pretty sure that the two I saw only had one big compartment. Can you keep your gear and clothing separate in the 9800?
  4. I have the same frame. I had planned to replace the pads but didn't take the time to get around to it. I was working a 12U tournament last weekend. Took a hit from a lightly hit foul ball off the top of my mask and felt a bar make contact with my head. I have TW's on the way. I am really considering getting a skull cap also.
  5. Rock Bottom, I purchased the Schutt XV chest protector before this season. I have noticed that my TG hangs up on occasion when turning my head. But when I wear my old CP it doesn't hang up at all. In my opinion the front plate of the Schutt is curved a bit to much and causes it to sit a little proud of my chest. If your barrel chested like I am it just adds to the problem. I'm planning to adjust the CP by taking a heat gun or blow dryer and see if can take some of the bend out of it. For now though, I just deal with it. When I don't take the mask off, I have learned to raise my chin a little farther if I need to look side to side.
  6. I like it. I want one. I don't think it's meant to be an umpire jersey. Maybe for after the games, or for support staff. The Nike logo wouldn't matter to the umpires during games.
  7. Great Idea! Do you bend it a little so it forms to your arm? Do the magnets weigh down the sleeve? I was thinking it might look funny when your running or be a bit heavy on your one arm.
  8. My mind is blown!! I didn't know this product existed, even for name badges. I just took the patch off of my Basketball Referee shirt because I worked a non-sanctioned JH tournament. That leaves all the little holes on your sleeve. Of course, I have to sew it back on now. Now I can have the same shirts for summer Baseball and High school ball. I can't believe I'm so excited about this, lol. This feels like a game changer. Thanks guys!!
  9. Magnets?!?! In almost 20 years of doing this I have never heard of using magnets. How does that work? It has to be some kind of flat, flexible magnet. What do you put on the inside of the shirt for the magnet to stick too? Does anyone have pics?
  10. Good point! I hadn't made it that far yet. I knew there had to be some reason the prices were so much cheaper.
  11. So I googled "used umpire gear" today. I was trying to see if there were any Riddell or All-American chest protectors out there. I came across a web site called epicsports.com. Some of the prices on that site seem to good to be true. Even for used equipment. I don't recall any of you all mentioning this site. So I'm thinking it might be a rip off. Does anyone have experience with this site? If it's legit, you all better not buy the stuff out from under me.
  12. An ad for this came through my Facebook feed around 10:30 last night. My first thought was, awesome! I love Diamond products, I own diamond products. I didn't check out the specs until this morning though. One inch thick padding plus the plates makes this thicker than my current Diamond softshell CP. The padding looks frumpy and un-breathable. It appears to be similar to the Wilson's line but I would think that they would want to separate themselves by having a more updated look. The pads may not be any worse than the Schutt or the All Star but it looks thick and hot to me. And it doesn't say that you separate the plates for cleaning either. Do those bicep pads look horrendous to anyone else? They could lower the price if they just left them off. They look like a complete afterthought. As does the harness. For a CP at this price range, that harness won't do at all. I'm passing on that alone. Even if the pads were equal to the Schutt, it is still 10 dollars more than the Schutt with a weak harness. And that's with the $20 introductory discount. The "one size fits all" line is not a good selling point. People want a more custom fit now-a-days. Even if it is just advertising jargon. I always wondered why Diamond didn't have a hard shell model. Maybe this is why.
  13. My mom and grandparents would probably know the name. There is no one in town by that name anymore. At least not that I know of.
  14. That's a good point. It can get very expensive if we have coordinate all the colors with a different shirt. Where I'm at in Missouri, we don't have a high school association. I never had to worry about different color bags. I just had black. Everyone wore navy for baseball, so I just had blue hats. Some people had black hats with their navy shirt. I would love it if there was an association that everyone followed so that all of us umpires looked the same and used the same mechanics. It was tough for me to learn the right way. I have tried to relay some of this stuff to the guys I have been working HS with for years. They are very reluctant to change. I'm fine with change. I like the black. I agree, navy looks outdated. The red stripe looks odd. Were they going for a flag color scheme? Who all owns a pink shirt and all the extras to go with it?
  15. Oh, ok. So you know where the big city of Koshkonong is. That's my home town.
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