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  1. Question for the umpiring history buffs. Have there ever been umpires assigned to their first world series before been assigned to their first league championship series? Thanks.
  2. Hi All, New to this and wasn't sure where to put. We wanted to share with you all an interview we did with umpire Gerry Davis on our podcast. Hope you enjoy it. Any constructive feedback will be greatly appreciated. https://coachbaseballright.com/podcast/episode-3-interview-with-major-league-umpire-gerry-davis/ Best, Steve Nicollerat
  3. I am just going to drop this right here!
  4. First pitch was at 1:20pm and posted air temperature in Wrigley Field was 91º, but I'm sure the on-field temperature was considerably higher. Well, with a game going over 3 and a half hours in that heat, PU Hunter Wendelstedt is showing off a white cooling towel draped over his neck and shoulders while the game is going on! He's also keeping the movements to an absolute minimum. Lineup changes are being handled by one of the BU's (I think it's Guccione). Players are dropping out due to heat fatigue. If there is a note in the MLB Suggestion Box that recommends having the umpires in shaded positions with good sightlines, and referring to Video Replay if/when needed, it probably came from this game.
  5. MadMax

    Face Value

    In viewing clips of pitches and hits on mlb.tv, I have noticed a trend – MLB umpires are opting to a wider variety of masks rather than the default, formerly supplied Wilson DynaLite. We’re still seeing guys use the Wilson DynAlum and the occasional Wilson Titanium (Way Too) Low Profile, and there are those still relying on their Nike Icon Titaniums, but we’re also seeing increased numbers of Mizunos, Force3 Defenders, and All-Star FM4000MAGs. I’m sincerely wondering when that “paradigm shift” or “break point” is going to occur, when it is open season on branding gear with attributed logos instead of hiding, obscuring, or flat-out lying so as to appease a company that lethargically refuses to progressively protect their “sponsored” representatives. Because a knocked-off mask is viewed as a “failed mask”, MLB umpires – wearing Wilson -marked masks especially – are directed to wear their masks far too tight. Well, coincidentally, this plays right into Force3’s strengths, as the reactive spring suspension functions best when the mask is worn snugly. It’s just a shame that Force3 doesn’t receive due credit!
  6. @Scott Kennedy you know you guys are awesome and managed to get us the real deal shirts. This site sold both of these models but the only thing they have left is XX, plus I’d rather buy from a company I trust. Is there any way you could get these and make them available to us? Thanks and keep up the great work!!
  7. I know I’m kind of dreaming here, but I’m finally going to see my role model/idol Jim Wolf tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone knew someone in his crew so that, if possible, I could meet them. Jim was the one who inspired me to get into umpiring in the first place (his brother played and he didn’t; mine played and I realized I wasn’t good enough to keep playing) and I’d like to thank him in person. Thanks again!
  8. I was looking at heights of several players and umpires for fun. Jim Wolf is listed as 6’ and so is Randy, but then I found this.... Jim looks more like 5’9”. Kind of insteresting to see that their heights are changed or maybe they are measured with shoes on. Just a random find, by the way.
  10. Hats 35.00 each plus shipping 7.88 anywhere in USA New Era Fitted hats for UMPIRE 1 hat =35.00 plus shipping Sizes : 2 (two) 7 1/4 2 (two ) 7 1/8 1 (one) 7 1/2 1 (one) 7 inch 3 (three) 7 3/8 PayPal only at birddawg@cox.net.
  11. Fired up the AppleTV to watch the video clips of Orlando Arcia scoring from 1B on an infield single and escaping from a 3B-HP rundown (this had to be good!) to discover that the Orioles vs. Brewers game is the Featured Free Game of the Day. When prompted to login (I just have a lapsed, standard account), I noticed that the cost for a Year's Subscription is... only $19.99!!! The monthly is $24.99. This may have been a misprint, but I took a shot, and sure enough, I was charged $19.99 for the rest of the year of premium baseball coverage. Happy Independence Day! Watch some baseball!
  12. This one is probably pretty infamous around discussions between umpires, so most of you probably know it by heart, but here's the video anyway: My father was an umpire, so I've always had a good handle on the rules and basic umpiring stuff, but it wasn't until I started calling games myself that I've begun to take notice of the really finer points: mechanics, timing and advanced positioning.. Those kinds of things. I've been watching a lot of famous plays to see how these things were handled by the respective umpires. This one had me a bit confused. But not for anything to do with what occurred at 3rd base... My understanding (and I could be wrong, causing myself the confusion) is that on an obstruction call, the umpire making the call indicates that obstruction happened but that as a play moves to another base and another umpire, that 2nd umpire has to first rule on what he saw at his base, then factor in the results of the obstruction. So looking at this play again, shouldn't the PU have called the runner out on the tag and THEN awarded the run on the obstruction call? Unless I'm missing something, he seems to have noticed the obstruction call by the 3U and called the play safe based on that. Whats the proper way to call this? If he did this correctly, I'm pretty shocked as I can imagine any number of things can go south quickly. Also, I know that the results of an obstruction call is at the umpires discretion on what would have happened had the obstruction not occurred, but on this play, which umpire decides that?
  13. I'm watching the game and that fly towards the backstop is hit. Rizzo bounces it off of his hand then off of his glove and catches it. Isn't that supposed to be foul?
  14. http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/53157956/v1057710383/mlb-now-digs-into-robotic-umpires
  15. Some of the leagues that I umpire for play under MLB rules. I know in federation, coaches are allowed one offensive conference per inning... What is the rule on that for MLB? You see all of these MLB players talking with their 3rd base coach halfway up the line so often and the umpires never say anything.
  16. I was watching the Giants-A's game tonight and they were talking about a balk that was called in last night's game that they didn't understand. Dave Flemming recounted his discussion with Bill Miller before the game and said that it was a point of emphasis this year. I can't find a video online about it. Chris Bassitt is in the stretch, foot on rubber. Brings his hands together. Then, he steps back with his front foot (Lefty, he moved it towards 3B), then delivers the pitch. It's almost like he goes into a windup after he's come set. Here's a video with Price, but he moves it forward, then goes into his delivery. http://m.mlb.com/video/v568503883/bospit-price-fans-five-holds-pirates-to-one-run I can't recall ever seeing a pitcher do this in MLB.
  17. Majestic short sleeve black 2XL shirt with MLB logo $65 — Phoenix, Arizona One (1) Short sleeve, black. Authentic MLB umpire shirt. Size 2XL Price $65.00 PLUS shipping (7.88 anywhere in USA) PayPal only at birddawg@cox.net See pics for viewing inspection. email me for faster response birddawg@cox.net
  18. Majestic short sleeve black 2XL shirt with MLB logo $65 — Phoenix, Arizona One (1) Short sleeve, black. Authentic MLB umpire shirt. Size 2XL Price $65.00 PLUS shipping (7.88 anywhere in USA) PayPal only at birddawg@cox.net See pics for viewing inspection. email me for faster response birddawg@cox.net
  19. I'm looking for the 2015 MLB rules interpretation. If you are interested in selling your copy PM me. Thanks
  20. On 6/20/15, Red Sox C Swihart was out at 2 on CS. The call was that the tag was applied before Swihart touched the base. Red Sox challenged. The replay showed Swihart beat the tag. However, the replay also showed that subsequent to the pop-up slide by Swihart, his momentum took him off the base while the tag was still applied. After a lengthy Replay Review, the call on the field was confirmed. The crew chief went over to Red Sox manager Farrell and explained why - Swihart did beat the tag, but the call on the field stood anyway, since he subsequently came off the base while the tag was still applied. Here's the play: http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/63817564/v178877383/boskc-perez-nabbing-swihart-confirmed-by-review Questions: Q1) From "Major League Baseball Replay Review Regulations" the following is stated: "Specificity of the Challenge. When invoking a Manager's Challenge or otherwise requesting a Crew Chief review, it is the Manager's responsibility to ensure that the Umpire knows the specific calls for which he is seeking Replay Review, but the Manager need not state the reason for his belief that the call was incorrect. (For example, in order to challenge an "out" call on a force play at first base, the Manager need not state that the throw pulled the fielder off the bag, the runner reached first base before the ball was caught, etc.) Moreover, the Replay Official shall have no authority to review any calls other than those included in a Manager's Challenge or those accepted for review by the Crew Chief." Does this imply that a Manager CAN specify the reason for his belief that the call was incorrect, and in this case if Farrell had done so (by indicating he was challenging specifically the ruling on the field that the tag beat Swihart to the base), does that mean the Replay Official could not review whether Swihart's left the bag after the slide, and the Red Sox would have won the challenge? (The Royals could have then challenged what happened after the slide, but at a minimum the Red Sox would have retained their challenge.) Q2) After the pop-up slide, Swihart's momentum took his hands and body onto the back of the crouched-over infielder, and his foot left the bag while the tag was still applied. It looks like Swihart saw the out call begin to be made while his foot was still on the bag. His hands were on the infielder's back at the time. Swihart relaxed the force of his contact with the infielder, and let his momentum take him off the base. It could have been argued that if Swihart saw that he was ruled safe rather than out, he would have stopped his momentum and kept his foot on the base. When the Crew Chief went over to Farrell to explain why the ruling on the field stood, could Farrell have argued that? If he made that argument, could there have been another review? Q3) A more generic question, using this play as an example. As I said in Q2, if Swihart saw that he was ruled safe rather than out, it could be argued that he would have stopped his momentum and remained on the base. His hands were already on the crouched-over infielders back. Could Swihart have used the infielder's back as leverage to keep him foot on the bag, e.g. rather than relax his arms and allow his body to carry forward (and off the base), could he have applied subtle additional force to the back of the infielder to remain on the base? Q4) Another generic question: In a case such as this, can a Replay Official rule on the "intent" of a player, in the event that the player may have acted differently if the call on the field was different? In the example of Swihart, could he rule based on what he thought would happen subsequent to the slide if the ruling on the field was correct - and Swihart believed he was called safe rather than called out?
  21. first .......Angel Hernandez at his best .... Your browser does not support iframes.
  22. Petty, I know, trust me ....but ....   Has anyone noticed the amount of guys who point their strike call (most) use 2 fingers when it's the second strike?   WHY?  I don't know why this bothers me, but why does almost every MLB and MiLB umpire do this?  So many of them do this, I have to assume it's something that's suggested during training?   Does anyone know?   AGAIN, ...I know it's petty, and it's not important, but I was just curious to know .....   example:
  23. Funny or not ........this was a cool thing WF did for Stand up for Cancer....   http://m.mlb.com/video/v45310583
  24. Gentlemen, This year at spring training the minor league umpire crews are raising money with UMPS CARE for disadvantaged kids. Please consider making a small donation to help provide these children with a little help and joy. Every little bit counts. Donations can be made at: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/ColoradoRockiesCrew/amlu-umps-care-spring-bowling-tournament Thank you all for your generosity and support!
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