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  1. All that I have left now chest protector navy long sleeve shirt 4 wheel aluminum indicator plate brush with wood handle Honigs k2017 shin guards I'll entertain all offers! Need my closet empty!
  2. Black short sleeve honigs shirt and honigs mlb light blue shirt are sold navy ball bags are sold
  3. Both sets of poly wools sold, long sleeve black shirt also sold. what I have remaining is wilson west vest gold with all star delta flex harness size m-l navy long sleeve shirt size large both black size large short sleeve shirts mlb light blue size large plate brush 4 wheel aluminum indicator reebok zig black and white base shoes size 11.5 reebok magistrate plate shoes size 11.5 navy ball bags
  4. One set of poly wools plate and base is gone cream and navy shirts are gone belt is gone bag is gone black ball bags are gone sale pending on second set of poly wools and black long sleeve.
  5. If you have replied to this post please send me messages
  6. Pm me, the belt is gone but I've got a pair each of the poly wools, navy short sleeve is gone but the black shirts are available. Also still have the navy and black long sleeves.
  7. would you take $80 for:

    long sleeve navy, crème shirt, navy shirt, black ball bag, belt, brush, and the36" Diamond bag?

    Mike Johnson

    email:  rx39895@gmail.com

  8. all shirts besides long sleeve navy shirt are honigs unless otherwise noted large polo blue black collar- 10 bucks large black shirt- 10 bucks large black long sleeve- 15 bucks large long sleeve navy (smitty)- 15 bucks large black (Gerry Davis)- 10 bucks large cream- 10 bucks large navy- 10 bucks wilson west vest gold with all star delta flex harness and armpit pads removed- 100 bucks honigs poly wool base pants size 32 waist (2 pair) - 25 each honigs poly wool plate pants size 32 waist (2 pair) - 25 each honigs k2017 leg guards- 20 bucks (ankle pads removed) 2 honigs black ball bags- 5 bucks each 2 honigs navy ball bags - 5 bucks each size 34 patent leather belt- 10 bucks all sorts of indicators/brushes/ other accessories- message me for details and price 36" diamond gear bag- 50 bucks all prices are plus shipping and or best offer. If you are willing to buy multiple pieces I can probably work with you on the price. I want this stuff gone! I'm giving umpiring because I don't have enough time to work enough games to make it worth my while, being a lineman for my day job definitely makes it tough. Message me for pictures and with any questions or offers you have on this equipment, I WANT IT OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!
  9. I have a Wilson shock fx 2.0 titanium for sale. Looking for 100 plus shipping, that's negotiable. Some normal wear from carrying the mask, has probably 70 plus or minus games on it. Pm me for pictures as this will not let me upload the pictures from my phone. Comes with original storage bag. I would suggest changing the chin and forehead pads as I have not changed them since purchasing the mask. Only reason I'm getting rid of it is I went back to using the traditional mask. not particularly interested in trading but you may have something that I would really like, cash is preferable though. Make me offers on the trades
  10. Well, there's one way to ensure @mstaylor never works games in CT! FWIW, in the Orange County HS unit, the uniform requirements are: Quite right, I wouldn't be caught dead on a field with GD pants on. What's the matter with GD pants, other than they really don't match poly wools. They are ugly as sin, look like you are wearing pajama pants because they don't hold a press worth a darn, through the pleats or through the leg. Almost look like balloon pants unless you iron right before the game, where as with poly wools you don't have to iron your pants, just hang dry them after you wash them.
  11. Has anyone had their yearly rules meeting yet? I would love some clarification on 2-21-4 and the penalty imposed for such, under OBR this is considered to be "backswing interference" and no out would be called, the way I am reading this rule they are wanting the batter to be called out when the backswing hits the catcher and it interferes with the catcher making a play, I haven't worked in a year or so, this may not be a new rule, I would just like a little clarification here...
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