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  1. Not as easy to determine working a 1 or 2 man crew for a FED game.
  2. Last weekend, I worked a 16u game. The catcher on one of the teams had mentioned that their top 4 pitchers were at a pitching clinic. I started both teams with a fairly tight varsity zone. One pitcher was pounding it with well located fastballs. The other was struggling. He was walking about 4 per inning. During the 3rd, I decided to open the zone for him. I told the batter to let the team know that the zone just got bigger, so that we all wouldn't spend the majority of our Saturday, at a baseball game. 2 batters later, kid comes up and thanks me. He said he understood why I had opened it up and agreed, but he was happy that I let them know, so they could get a little more aggressive when hitting, instead of wondering why the zone was different all of a sudden. Kid went on to have a 12 pitch at bat, fouling off a bunch and doing a great job of protecting the plate. During the postgame, my partner had suspected that I had done that. He said, he wouldn't think about telling one team that they would be seeing more strikes, but it made sense, especially during fall ball.
  3. A baseball game is a set number of innings based on what level they are playing and the rules for that level. Each team takes turns playing offense and defense every inning. (barring any rules that may prevent this. ie mercy rule, weather, etc. ) The rule says that only the defensive team can appeal a checked swing. Since each team is given the same number of opportunities to play defense, they have the same opportunities to appeal a checked swing. I fail to see how that is unfair. Is it unfair, that the team playing defense is not allowed to score runs, while playing defense? Something I always taught my players (when I was coaching), is that the umpire is always right. Even when he's wrong. They are free to criticize the umpire(s) every game they play without any mistakes. So no swings and misses, no called strikes, no outs while on offense. While on defense, absolutely no errors and every pitch is a strike. I would suggest that, if you feel the need to criticize umpires in writing, you may want to want to work on your punctuation.
  4. Is that like nails on a chalkboard for anyone other than me?
  5. It appears in the video that he is walking back, looking right at the 2 base as R1 is heading back to 1B.
  6. "Hey man, I've got a date tonight. Would you mind calling more strikes so we can get out of here?"
  7. depending on the pitcher, I may go up to the armpits for JV. This sounds like you are giving the batter an advantage and taking away the top corners from the pitcher. If you can throw an inside pitch at the top of the zone, that's a money pitch. Especially if you can control the low, outside pitch. Top of the zone, usually yields a bunch of pop flys. If the pitcher has a half-way decent defense behind him, he's going to want those. As an umpire, I love one-pitch outs. A properly coached team will figure out that you aren't giving the pitcher the top of the zone and take full advantage of it. Last weekend, I rung a kid up on a low outside fastball. He was pissed. As he stormed back to the dugout, the on-deck batter says, "That's been a strike all day, you gotta swing at that."
  8. Does anyone make them in charcoal? I'm under 6' and look ridiculous in pleated pants. I've looked everywhere I can think, but everything in charcoal is pleated. Please help.
  9. you might want to include a size.
  10. Isn't the ball considered "passed the base" when it crosses the front plane of the base? Why would we have a separate interpretation for the runner?
  11. The other night, 14u game, foul ball that F2 went for, I tossed a new ball to F1 and as F2 and I were putting on our masks, I glance up and see F1 just about to release the pitch. I yelled TIME! so loud and moved F2 and I out of the way. Luckily, my yelling caused F1 to spike the ball. I explained to F1 that a foul is a dead ball and he can't pitch until I decide everyone is ready and put the ball back into play. Which he did for the next 2 foul balls and then was back at it.
  12. I always appreciate any feedback given to me from my partner. I also think that working above our ability will only make us better. I hustle my ass off when I'm on the bases, but it still floors me when I'm behind the plate and my partner, who is 15 years my senior, is always in the right spot to make a call. I'm hoping that repetition will one day get me to that point.
  13. If the white card is showing, he needs to take it off.
  14. While there isn't a huge market for plate shoes. And Nike is pretty much into it for the profit. There is a point where is could work. Plate shoes don't change every year so if you spread the cost of tooling over a couple of years, there could start to be a profit there.
  15. Run as fast as you can toward a brick wall. Do you put your arm up to help you stop or protect you from hitting the wall? I'd be very careful with calling MC here. Most runners are trained to pick up the 3rd base coach between 1B and 2B. If he's telling them to go, they put their head down and are going. After rounding 2B, they'll pick up the coach again to see if they are going in up or down, making the turn or continuing to home. For malicious contact, you should be watching the shoulders, if they are level and facing forward, I would bet that the runner is not trying to truck the fielder. If the runner drops the front shoulder, there's a really good chance he's trying to truck the fielder. But yes, this is a judgement call, and yes, do leave the field if there is an alligator. But Baseline and Basepath are 2 different things. The Baseline is a straight line between the bases and the basepath is a line from the runner to the base. The basepath is defined by the runner and can change until there is a play attempted on him/her.
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