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  1. There's a couple games on YouTube that have been edited down just the pitches and action. A 15u 7-inning game was distilled down to 26 minutes. That's 2-2.5 hours of waiting. I think it's time to get serious about the minute between innings, but I do worry about the kids' arms if they don't warm up.
  2. I have no interest in making the games go on 2 hours longer. It's also not a cheap/easy undertaking. The camera needs to be connected to a computer somewhere, they'll probably need to be wireless, so lots of new tech. A couple levels of security. I've been hit in the chest many times, so you'll need 5-6 extra cameras on standby. 2-3 hours of HD video is gonna need some storage. You'll need a technician on site, as something will go wrong. The tech will probably need to operate the rig, so they can get to the right spot in the video. And some kind of hardware on the field so the umpire can watch it. For amateur umpires, I don't think many of them take the catcher's position into account. I always try to be aware of where the catcher is in relationship to the plate. If he sets up with his left foot at the center of the plate and the ball hits the glove on the right side of his body that's probably not a strike. We've all seen the LL catcher set up behind the opposite side batters box and receive the ball right in the middle of the chest, we've seen those get called strikes. I would guess the PU saw the ball hit the glove right at the chest and wasn't aware that the catcher was that far outside.
  3. I don't have leather pads, but I have a set of Honig's that I really like. I use a mix of 1 part filtered water, 1 part vinegar and a couple drops of biodegradable dish soap. (This doubles as our veggie wash/all purpose cleaner) Spray the pads, lightly scrub and rinse. Then air dry. After drying, I hit them with a couple squirts of Lysol, anti-bacterial and let them air dry again, then a couple squirts of Scenturion. https://specializedsaddles.com/product/scenturion-sports-odor-eliminator/ The Scenturion came highly recommended by the equipment manager of the local WHL Junior team. He buys the stuff by the case and it's saved them a small fortune on pads.
  4. I did this once in a LL game and the District UIC came by between innings and said, "Don't do that." So I stopped. Now when I call the first "1 more" after a pitching change. I'll suggest to F2 to let his teammates know what's going on. The good catchers know what I'm talking about and will step in front of the plate and do just that. The not so good catchers will have no clue as to what I'm asking and it usually ends with a grounder to F5, who stomps on 3B, then tosses the ball to the mound as he's running off. All while, half his teammates are bewildered. F2 will turn and ask, are there 2 outs or 3? And I'll tell him, "there's two, because there was no runner on 2B, so no force out at 3B." While half the team is trying to figure it out, what should have been a simple third out at first is now a triple, possibly a HR on errors with 2 - 3 runs scoring. I did have a coach come out and ask me why I didn't tell the pitcher what was going on. I told him, that "if I was coaching them, one of my infielders would have yelled out the situation prior to the pitch. As an umpire, it's not my job." The magic happens when F2 comes to me between innings and says, "Now I understand what you were talking about."
  5. I've been watching for sales and started buying 2, a large and a medium. The medium is for the bases. If my partner is the right size and can fit, I'll loan them a shirt to match. Out here, powder (delta) blue seems to be the standard.
  6. I keep my brush in my pants pocket. The 2 nicest balls go in the right-side ball bag, and 2-3 backups in the left-side ball bag. Carrying more than 5 is too many.
  7. I checked with the fans and coaches of the other team and they thought you called a fantastic game. On close plays, be loud and sell the call. If they ask you to get help, and you have any uncertainty in your call, get help. If you are 100% sure of you call, let the coach know that you don't need help and your call stands. Also, once you call, "Foul!" you can't put the cap back on the bottle. There's no appeal. It's foul. Finally, have a short memory for the bad stuff. Every game starts as a new game. Most of the coaches will forget what's happened in the past and so should you. I try to remember the coach's name, it's pretty disarming when somebody calmly addresses you by your name.
  8. MS baseball here in OR is close to the same as HS. My Association pays $55/man for 2-man crew and $73 for solo.
  9. Wow, Oregon fees suck. This year a varsity game gets you $69.25/official, with JV at $52 (x1.33 if solo). And we are seriously hurting for officials. Last season, the association that handles the Portland metro area high schools was down to 35% of the umpires they had 2 years ago. JV games were either solo or cancelled. During fall ball, one of the 14u leagues, decided to stop playing double headers and go to a 9-inning format. But instead of making $120 for the D/H, I was getting $70 for the 9-inning game. The games were slightly better, because there were only 2 innings left when they ran out of pitching. But it was still a really long game. I did back-to-back solo behind the plate. Morning games on a south-east facing field, suck for fly balls when working solo.
  10. No spectators at any sports for that school for the next year. No playoffs for any sport for the next year. 2 years for hockey. Although it might be something in the water. Eagles fans have the same issues.
  11. Here in Oregon, most associations pay the same for plate and bases. There is usually a $5 difference between 1-man and 2-man. I'd happily give up the $5 to have another set of eyes on the field. Most of the guys who worked solo JV games, said the same.
  12. Find out the association and the assigner. Contact them and ask what you need to get in. It might take a couple tries to get thru.
  13. With the shortage, many new guys are having to work solo. When they miss something like this, they get berated by the fans and coaches, and basically don't want to umpire any more, because they aren't aware of the rules. They don't know the rules because they never had a mentor to tell them to "...read the rulebook before you go to bed, it will help you fall asleep." I've got a couple years under my belt and I still appreciate the post games and the critiques that I get. But those 2-man games aren't happening much any more. And I'm still working on trying to glance at the runners while I'm tracking the ball. It's also hard to work on 2-man mechanics when 95% of your games are solo.
  14. Yep, Might be pulling it out as the weather gets colder. The Schutt was a godsend when I was working 4 games a day in the summer. I didn't get Ray's harness, but I found an All-Star System 7 for $15 and put that on the V-Sport. I love the V-Sport, but there is absolutely no air flow with that, and it gets really hot. And it's still in really good shape. It's taking some serious will-power to not check to see if it's still available. I've got everything, but that's a good price.
  15. You may want to search Craigslist (or here)(or ebay) as well. You can sometimes find somebody who is hanging it up and wants to sell. I bought a bunch of stuff this way, kept what I wanted and donated the rest to my son's LL. It can also allow you to try out different gear. I really like my Diamond mask, it's super light, but I prefer the view thru my Honig's hollow steel mask. It's slightly heavier, but I just prefer looking thru it. I got my first set of gear off of Craigslist. And a couple things on ebay. A year later, I swapped out an old V-Sport CP for the Adams. This year, I replaced my Diamond UmpLite shins for a pair of Force3. This is from our (kind of) local Craigslist. Umpire Gear - $1 (Sammamish) Plate Shoes - 3N2 - Size 9 ½ EE - $35 Base Shoes - 3N2 - Size 9 ½ EE - $25 Shin Guards - Diamond - Size 17, Posi-Fit - $20 Chest Protector - Diamond - DCP-iX3 UMP - $15 Chest Protector - Schutt - Model XV $30 Face Mask - Honig’s - $35 Gear Bag to hold it all - $20 Ball bags, Counters, Red flag, plate brushes - $1 each Various Caps - $2 each Take it all for $160 And don't be frugal with your cup. You will take a shot to the jewels. And while it still sucks with a good cup, it's not as bad as a cheap cup.
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