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  1. I'd prefer they mandate breakaway bases for FED, before the orange base. IME, the orange base reinforces the horrible habit of F3 standing or having a foot on the base.
  2. Mister B

    Force out at First

    Once the ball is dead, he can't do anything. So no. Thrown or batted, it doesn't matter. Bases awarded might change, but that's it.
  3. Mister B

    Force out at First

    Note: reaching for the base with a bare hand is a bad idea. Spikes plus hand is not a good combination. If the batted ball gets trapped in F3's shirt, umpire should call time and place the runners appropriately. So no, F3 doesn't have possession.
  4. Having a hard time figuring out how the 2 collide 20 feet up the line, with B/R running into F2. If it's closer, would it be tangle/untangle?
  5. I figure my political views are going to differ from many people I meet. One of the beautiful things about this country is that, things like that can happen. I don't care if you love or hate the president or either party. But calling for, or insinuating, any kind of violence is wrong.
  6. Cole was on top of his game and was painting the outside edges of the zone. I thought Barksdale was outstanding, I would have passed out from mental exhaustion by the 4th inning. Watch Gomes' mitt on that first one. If he sticks the catch, he's probably got the strike, but he pulls it back in. All-in-all, the Nats hitters weren't seeing the pitches very well, so they probably shouldn't project onto the umpire.
  7. Wear a rubber band and make a donation to umpscare.com. The rubber band should remind you of why you are doing it.
  8. These kids will move up to a JBO program for Middle school, which uses FED rules. I just told both coaches to have the kids all pitch from the stretch as it will make the transition easier.
  9. This was a LL majors game, so none of this was illegal, but I was having a hard time parsing what was happening. And how it will affect these kids at the next level. Out of 12 pitchers, 8 of them did a very similar action. Pitcher is in the stretch, taking signs, comes set, free foot then steps back towards 1B, and goes into a wind up. Outside of LL, this is a balk, correct? Second question, R1 right-handed pitcher, pivots to throw to first but realizes that F3 isn't there. So he doesn't complete the throw. Is this a balk? F1 didn't step off the back of the rubber.
  10. If you have so many players that you need a visual indicators for captains, you have too many players. Youth level captains are for leading warmups and talking down pitchers on the field. Although, the latter may be too difficult for them to fathom. Don't need to burn a visit to tell the pitcher to take a deep breath and slow down.
  11. We pounded that our guys need to know the count every time. Similar play, but ball bounced, B/R takes off, F2 fires the ball to F5 who tags out R2 trying to advance. Offensive coach, wanted a do over, didn't get it.
  12. Expect many new/young umpires to get this wrong.
  13. Teach the pitcher that with R2, there's no need to hold the runner at 1B. With R1 and R2, F3 should be playing defense. R1 isn't going anywhere. RHP, should be watching R2. I was the 1B coach in a game against a lesser-skilled friendly team. F3 was holding with 2 outs and R1 and R2, I suggested that F3 play defense and not worry about the runner, so he did, next hit was a hard ground ball just to his right. Had he been holding the runner, it would have been a base hit. Not holding, it was the third out.
  14. Not looking at the Green Book, but I was always taught, if he throws a warmup, he must face at least one batter. Now, if the pitcher was ineligible and throws a warmup pitch, we fix the problem and play on if it's caught before pitching to a batter.
  15. So, I've gotten burned by this a couple times this season. But when is the best time to appeal a Batting out of order. Game 1, wrong batter gets on base, next batter takes 2 pitches, now this one, I screwed up on, we appealed, which then just substituted the correct batter assuming the current count. Game 2, Batter who isn't in the lineup, makes 3rd out. Neither name or number are on the scrap of paper we were given. Next inning, batter steps into the box and we appeal. We are told that the batter is legal and that we should have appealed the last inning. Also, told that numbers don't matter, everything is based on last name, which of course we weren't given.
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