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  1. So I'm helping out my freshman son's HS team by coaching the seniors for a Spring Break Tournament. District rules don't allow the school coaches to do so. Being the beginning of the season after missing last season, I want to make sure the seniors get maximum field time, but I have some underclassmen with us since there are only 7 seniors (Covid was awful, his football team only has 1 returning senior). This is my first game where I haven't batted the roster and could substitute on a whim, plus I may decide to start working higher level (for me) games, since Covid has also wiped out the ranks
  2. If the teams don't have correct baseballs, just ask if they have cash. $20 from each team, that way there are no favorites.
  3. Check with your local dry cleaner as many of them do alterations. We have one that will fit and hem pants for $10. They don't advertise, I think they just do it for customers. They aren't same day, but 2-3 days is quicker than I'd be able to get to them and they do a better job.
  4. Stealing signs from fair territory is part of the game.
  5. With our 13u team last year, I tried getting a player to keep a paper book, but it was too difficult to teach them as well as coach. It's a great teaching tool though. When I'm coaching, I keep a small notebook with batting order and PA results. When keeping score, I like to be behind the plate, too many umpires here mumble and too many point for a strike and then point to show where the ball missed. Had a pitcher working on his curve and walking kids, I showed him the notebook and explained that the next 3 batters were out swinging the last at bat. I told him to use the fastball and get
  6. While not impressed with his decision making during the game, pissing off a huge defensive player, and then chasing him after he rips your helmet off, just made Rudolph worthless.
  7. So, the family is heading to AZ for Thanksgiving. Our 13 year old son is hoping to get some hitting in while we are there. Are there any public batting cages near Cashman Park? Or anywhere in Phoenix? Like a HS or something. I'm sure we can find an indoor facility with pitching machines, but we are working on hitting locations and correctly reading the outside pitch. I'm fortunate enough to be able to locate the strike zone. Can't throw heat, but shortening the distance works for BP. We are lucky here as some of the high schools have outdoor tunnels with L-screens and our little league h
  8. I'd prefer they mandate breakaway bases for FED, before the orange base. IME, the orange base reinforces the horrible habit of F3 standing or having a foot on the base.
  9. Once the ball is dead, he can't do anything. So no. Thrown or batted, it doesn't matter. Bases awarded might change, but that's it.
  10. Note: reaching for the base with a bare hand is a bad idea. Spikes plus hand is not a good combination. If the batted ball gets trapped in F3's shirt, umpire should call time and place the runners appropriately. So no, F3 doesn't have possession.
  11. Having a hard time figuring out how the 2 collide 20 feet up the line, with B/R running into F2. If it's closer, would it be tangle/untangle?
  12. I figure my political views are going to differ from many people I meet. One of the beautiful things about this country is that, things like that can happen. I don't care if you love or hate the president or either party. But calling for, or insinuating, any kind of violence is wrong.
  13. Cole was on top of his game and was painting the outside edges of the zone. I thought Barksdale was outstanding, I would have passed out from mental exhaustion by the 4th inning. Watch Gomes' mitt on that first one. If he sticks the catch, he's probably got the strike, but he pulls it back in. All-in-all, the Nats hitters weren't seeing the pitches very well, so they probably shouldn't project onto the umpire.
  14. Wear a rubber band and make a donation to umpscare.com. The rubber band should remind you of why you are doing it.
  15. These kids will move up to a JBO program for Middle school, which uses FED rules. I just told both coaches to have the kids all pitch from the stretch as it will make the transition easier.
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