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  1. While I can appreciate your sarcasm. it's what I think it's worth. Prices are almost always negotiable on this site and this is no exception.
  2. This 12" West Vest Platnium is one year old. More importantly it is retrofitted with Team Wendy. I bought the chest protector in December last year and had it retrofitted in January (one of the last runs they did). I wore it for about 50 games this year. Also, I have removed a throat pad on the chest protector. 400$ shipped.
  3. If I had it I would forward it.
  4. the original WV by Douglas.... the one in the ebay pictures.
  5. You wanna sell one to me?
  6. How does the honigs "thermabase" compare to the Majestic brand?
  7. If it was remotely close to my size I would buy it right away. Its a 3XL, but extremely hard to find, EXTREMELY! http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-Majestic-Authentic-Umpire-Mens-Polo-Shirt-Blk-Long-Sleeve-Cool-Base-/321270608660?pt=US_Men_s_Athletic_Apparel&hash=item4acd387314 And one from Phil Cuzzi http://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentinc-Numbered-Mlb-Umpire-Majestic-Long-Sleeve-Shirt-/161168928962?pt=US_Baseball_Fan_Shop&hash=item25866ab0c2
  8. These are coveted are they not, and can be hard to find?
  9. http://fourseamimages.photoshelter.com/image/I0000iALMphnaeDE The umpire in this picture has some awesome looking base shoes. I am guessing they are a version of Nike Airmax 360. If anyone knows where I can find them please post a link. Thank you
  10. Pentagon patent leather plate shoes, and NB 1000's would be my recommendations. The plate shoes take a very little amount of matience and look brand new still. The NB 1000's are a great looking shoe after you replace the white shoe laces with black ones.
  11. Honigs has their plate coat on what seems to be a sale. Although its not advertised as one. $235 is the price their asking for right now! http://www.honigs.com/detail.asp?Item=134&Sub=42
  12. No offense toward the owner of that riddell, but it was in pretty bad condition from the photos he gave. It is missing the riddell power sticker with the lightning bolt and the plastic plates were scuffed pretty bad. Those who want that piece of equipment want one that is in much better condition.
  13. I like your modification to the Spyder Throat Guard.
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