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  1. Does anyone have any Wilson mask harnesses they don't want? I know they aren't that popular but I like them and need some for back-up masks.
  2. SOLD! Lock it up, @Thunderheads
  3. I have a brand new Adidas Icon for sale that I bought on impulse and I just don't need it. I bought it new a month ago and have never worn it in a game. Pics available upon request. I already trashed the pads but I have the original harness if you happen to want it. I also have an extra one of Ray's elastic (not neoprene) harnesses I can throw in if you want. $80. Free shipping. PayPal F&F.
  4. @Thunderheads Everything is sold. Lock it up, please!
  5. USED - Wilson Titanium Mask: $180 Shipped (OBO) Purchased in January of 2019. Used for 4 high school games. No shots taken. The original leather pads were never used and are in mint condition. Pads can be included or not and does not change the price. I can text pictures of the actual mask upon request. USED - 2 Dry-Lo Ball Bags with pockets (Black): $10 each or both for $15 Purchased in 2018 and used for one season. No tears, rips, or damage.
  6. Very reminiscent of a Spyder... https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Throat-Guards/F3-DMTG_Force3-Defender-Umpire-Throat-Guard
  7. I guess Honig's finally jumped in the poly-spandex pants game. https://honigs.com/honig-s-4-way-stretch-premium-base-or-plate-pant.html
  8. I’m so happy for @BT_Blue. It’s always so heartbreaking watching him rush into a post about throat guards and it not being the one he wanted. Shake off those chains!
  9. Merry early Christmas @BT_Blue!
  10. Used low-cut plate shoes with white “N” size 13 2E. 2 years old. Some minor scuffs on the metatarsal plate that could probably be buffed out. $80. PM me for pics.
  11. The pads are still available. The last guy didn't pay.
  12. @kylejt - the tag on mine says Honduras.
  13. @BT_Blue - I had the poly-wools as well and the poly-spandex have the same placement of the belt loops. Thanks for bringing that up, though. It was one thing I missed in my review.
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