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  1. Adidas Steel Mask (original pads/harness) - $80 Brand new, never worn UMPLIFE Flex Harness - $15 Some of the excess slack has been trimmed Wilson 6” Throat Guard - $10 Brand new, never worn Prices include shipping.
  2. @Thunderheads go ahead and lock it up, please. I'm going to re-list the remaining items with some new items for sale.
  3. Wilson Dyna-Lite - $25 shipped (Normal wear/no dents) Mizuno 2QA-122 - $100 shipped (Normal wear/no dents/original harness/pads) SOLD! Wilson 6” Throat Guard - $10 shipped (Used in one game/no damage) Wilson Two-Tone Leather Pads - $20 shipped (New/never used in a game) SOLD!
  4. @Thunderheads Could you lock this or delete it? I'm no longer looking to buy this type of mask.
  5. I'm so honored to have @MadMax write one of his famous detailed explanations on one of my posts!
  6. Yes, what @eagle_12 said.
  7. Bump. Also, I'm not interested if it's going to cost more than a brand new one. I know they're not made this way anymore, but still...
  8. @Thunderheads Got some harnesses. Lock it up!
  9. Does anyone have one of these they want to sell? PM me!
  10. Does anyone have any Wilson mask harnesses they don't want? I know they aren't that popular but I like them and need some for back-up masks.
  11. SOLD! Lock it up, @Thunderheads
  12. I have a brand new Adidas Icon for sale that I bought on impulse and I just don't need it. I bought it new a month ago and have never worn it in a game. Pics available upon request. I already trashed the pads but I have the original harness if you happen to want it. I also have an extra one of Ray's elastic (not neoprene) harnesses I can throw in if you want. $80. Free shipping. PayPal F&F.
  13. @Thunderheads Everything is sold. Lock it up, please!
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