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  1. So, would you say the brushed aluminum definitely looks different than just plain silver? Because that's what I was kinda worried about.
  2. Also, I'm not crazy about the color. To me, it looks way to close to the original color. But that was my choice. I'm sending another one to be done in that brushed aluminum color you had pictures of.
  3. Perfect condition. $60 or best offer. Price includes shipping.
  4. @Thunderheads Sold. Lock it up!
  5. $100 - Old style Wilson Ti frame. No dents or dings. Shipping included in price.
  6. @Thunderheads Found one and purchased it. Lock it up, please.
  7. What mask do you use instead? And how much would you take for it?
  8. Anybody have one that they would part with at a reasonable price?
  9. @Thunderheads Sold. Please lock it up.
  10. $100 - Price includes shipping. Used 3 seasons. Bag comes with original shirt and pant folders. Includes a Force3 drawstring mask bag. Normal signs of wear and tear. I've included pics of the most noticeable: a small tear in the main zipper. PayPal friends and family or Venmo.
  11. Check out the end of this thread for the pictures of the throat guard chopped off. You can see it's some sort of hollow metal. However, I don't know if your Adidas is identical to the one mentioned in the other thread.
  12. I believe @tpatience or @MadMax discovered it was hollow steel. I remember seeing a picture in the forums of an Adidas chopped throat guard and it was hollow inside.
  13. So, I'm just curious: Who here never wants computers calling balls and strikes? Who here is against it until the technology becomes more reliable? Who here is in favor of an electronic strike zone no matter what? As always, this is for posterity so be honest
  14. NEW Wilson Titanium Frame - $150 OBO Prices include shipping. PayPal friends and family.
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