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  1. I have and use both memory foam and TW pads. The foam are more comfortable in my opinion. I use them in my primary rig.
  2. I use a piece of tinfoil to scrub the rust off....no chemicals. Works like a champ.
  3. Ran across the following ebay item for sale. Doesn't look correct......be cautious. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nike-Non-Retail-Mlb-College-Umpire-Catchers-Mask-/171494581574?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27eddfa546
  4. This one's real simple...stay out of it. I pre game this all the time with my partners. Plate is responsible for tracking home team knuckleheads and base the away. Once the chaos has subsided, your role is to eject the participants and continue the game. NEVER get in the middle of these types of situations regardless of age group.
  5. I believe Steve over at MIDWEST Ump has done some of these type of reviews. Although he is no longer "active" he may be able to provide some insight including the difficulty or lack of in obtaining the equipment. I also think that if your going for scientific results, then Mad Max's alternative methods seem to fit the bill. You may also want to contact Jaime at M5 Industries (Myth Busters). They have decades of experience in what your trying to accomplish. Here is his email jamie@m5industries.com. Good Luck!!
  6. IMO If we as officials simply apply and enforce the rules consistently and as written, then much of the "house rule" problem would be unnecessary. I've seen as I'm sure many of us have, the official that doesn't know the rule(s), see the issue or want to write up the report. This makes it tough on everyone involved. Coaches, players, fans etc. ...that know that a thrown bat can lead to an ejection are much more likely to cover it, leading to fewer thrown bats. In fact, if it's done properly, it adds to the education of the player. There is no need to make a HUGE production out of it. Clearly and calmly communicate, remove the player and move on. I equate it to getting a traffic citation. If you roll through a stop sign and are cited, your not happy. You might even try and argue your case with the officer. Next time you come to a stop sign though your more likely to come to a complete stop. I'm sure many of you will have other thoughts but in my experience many of these types of issues start and end with us.
  7. Been "out of the box" for a while due to the pesky day job. I didn't discuss this reference specifically. I asked the question using the same example in the OP. My take away is/was that foot placement was the key to the call. He indicated that if the B/R's foot was on the ground next to or beyond the bag prior to F3 catching or gloving the ball, the B/R would have "acquired" the base. As he did not, the correct ruling should have been to call him out. I've had other varying opinions on this play. In one case, I had a senior umpire (and graduate of PBUC) indicate that if the B/R's foot crosses the front plane of the base then it was reasonable to judge that he had "acquired" the base. I don't personally agree with this interpretation but it does demonstrate the "judgement" aspect of what we do.
  8. Update***Update***Update Was getting some conflicting feedback (from several sources other than U/E) so I reached out to a senior member of The Umpire School and evaluator at PBUC. Out of respect I will not identify them here. Here is the feedback...and it's pretty clear, looks like I owe that apology after all. "Good news...the OBR doesn't clearly define, so hard to say you are completely wrong. However, I think a more practical ruling would be if the runner touches the ground beside or beyond the base, he would be consider as to have touched or passed the bag."
  9. Lead foot was in air just past the back plane of the bag. Neither foot had touched the ground prior to F3 gloving the ball. I made my call once the B/R's lead foot hit the ground. Keep in mind that this was a bang..bang play.
  10. Was working an MSBL game yesterday. Made a call that I believe I got right but am looking for feedback. To preface, I was on the bases....no runners on...no outs. B/R hits through the infield to F6 who is playing deep. F6 bobbles the ball then throws to first. The B/R beat the throw but never actually touched first. I called him safe and waited for the appeal which never happened. B/R returned to bag. My logic on this call is/was largely based on Jaksa/Roder. The B/R's body was over the top of the bag at the same time F3 gloved the ball. F3 was in contact with the bag. My interpretation is that the B/R had "passed" and acquired the base. I also recognized he never touched it which is why I was waiting for an appeal. MLB rule reference; 6.05(j) After a third strike or after he hits a fair ball, he or first base is tagged before he touches first base. Jaksa/Roder reference; Touch or pass of a base: A runner who, in the course of running the bases, goes by a base (within a body's length) has eithertouched or passed the base; in either case he has "acquired" the base. If he has touched the base, he is not vulnerable to a subsequent appeal that he has missed that base. If he has "passed" the base, he has failed to touch it, but is considered to have touched it until there is an appeal against his failure to touch. The defense has a responsibility to recognize a failure to touch a base. Sooooo, did I make the correct ruling or do I owe someone an apology. Cheers, NoCal Blue
  11. Looking for Honigs 2X Black and Pro Blue w/Black.
  12. My mask showed up within 2-3 days as promised. My post office however, never left a delivery notice attempt so it sat in their hub for 3 additional days. The only way I found out about it is that Dan from POS+ sent me an email making me aware that It was there and I needed to pick it up before they sent it back. I can't speak for others experiences but from my point of view, the product and service has been as good as any other online vendor I've done business with. I would/will purchase from them in the future.
  13. I ordered a Zero G mask the other day. Received a confirmation email of the order and the next day an email with the tracking number. Should be here in a few days. So far, so good. I'll let you know if there are any issues. Based on experience so far, I'd order from them again.
  14. Had an EJ the other night that surprised even me. 15U playoff game. The league is known for vocal coaches, obnoxious fans and mediocre ball at best. Well, I've got the dish, batter goes to 2-2 count and I bang him out looking. He starts walking off shaking his head. About half way to the dugout he slams his bat to the ground followed by his helmet. He then yells that was a BULLS@%T CALL!! I took a couple steps towards the bench to dump him and then......he turned around stared right at me and yells even louder F#CK YOU GO AHEAD AND EJECT ME!! My response.......O.K. Your Gone! I've had coaches, parents and even older players curse at me over the years but never one this young. It actually surprised me for a second which I didn't think could happen any more.
  15. Ah ha............that's where I am remembering the the reference from. Think I've only called CI three times in the last several years. Finally have the gray matter between my ears realigned. Thanks Again.
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