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  1. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.
  2. The situation I was thinking about, squeeze play is on, Batter squares to bunt, catcher comes up and runs through the bat and catches the pitch to tag R3 out. The way I read OBR, I'm enforcing catcher interference and awarding R3 home and sending BR to 1st base on the catchers balk. But it looks like R3 is getting home, and BR is staying with his at bat. But I might not be reading FED rule correctly. I might be complicating this too much!
  3. So I read 8-1-1e 1,2: So you score the run at home if the BR is obstructed by the catcher, got it. Do you also enforce the "catchers balk"? and award BR 1st base? Like the OBR ruling.
  4. Looking for some help on NFHS rule regarding Cather interference on R3 stealing or squeeze play. OBR 6.01 g (g) Interference With Squeeze Play or Steal of Home If, with a runner on third base and trying to score by means of a squeeze play or a steal, the catcher or any other fielder steps on, or in front of home base without possession of the ball, or touches the batter or his bat, the pitcher shall be charged with a balk, the batter shall be awarded first base on the interference and the ball is dead. I am having difficulty finding NFHS ruling regarding this same scenario
  5. First let me say I am not a Yankee fan, in fact I am a Mets fan. The graphic on the Twins broadcast does not actually follow the ball based on the picture above. It's a good pitch, however not a strike in MLB. I understand its a big situation, but the catcher has to do a better job receiving that pitch. Just my opinion.
  6. 1. R1 is awarded 2nd base. 1 from TOP 2. R2 is awarded home, and BR is awarded 2nd. 2 TOP (Time of Pitch)
  7. After 6 years of umpiring, 3 clinics, 4 camps, countless pre-season scrimage work, 40-50 games per year, I was selected as a 5A/6A umpire this year. Worked District all but 1 year, regionals all but 2 years, worked 9 regional games this spring, and worked day 1 (2 games) of the 2019 5A state tournament in Oklahoma. I just want to say Thank you to everyone on this site for making me a better umpire. This site has forced me to be a better rules guy and a better at game management. What has impressed me most, guys here have reminded me that you always have room to be a better umpire, to n
  8. 1. Time of Pitch or Time of Throw, 2 bases. 2. All runners get 2 bases from the Time of Pitch (TOP). R1 goes to 3rd, BR goes to 2nd. Example of TOT would be base hit to right field, R1 heading to 3rd base and ball goes into dead ball territory. Then you would place runners 2 bases from time of throw. 2 from TOP would be first initial throw infield by a fielder. 2 from TOT would be back end of double play or a throw from outfield. 1 from rubber if an attempted pick off, 2 if pitcher disengages. i'm sure someone will give you the rule.
  9. sthomas13100

    Ball 4 Balk

    ....And unfortunately, in FED we have a runner at second with a 3-0 counts. Enforce the balk.
  10. I use my Wilson memory foam pads with my mask until it warms up, then switch back to the TW. Wilson seems too soft in warmer weather and TW seem too hard in colder weather.
  11. 2 man, less than 2 outs, R1 & R2. On tag up responsibilities, PU has runner at 2nd and BU has runner at 1st base is what I have always believed to be the case. This past weekend, was told BU has the tag up at 2nd along with catch/no catch in the cone, PU would have tag up at 1st, but PU has the call at 3rd if he comes. I have looked in my FED umpires manual and can't seem to find it. I've only been umpiring for about 5 years at the HS level, please clarify. Thanks
  12. sthomas13100


    Rule set matters on this one. OBR, as long as all runners, including the BR advance one base, the balk is ignored. NFHS, balk is enforced, runners advance 1 base and it is a" no pitch". Yes, in HS we penalized the wrong party here, most guys here believe this rule should be changed in HS.
  13. My OP was probably too wordy, USSSA which is OBR with modifications.
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