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  1. www.midamericanumpireclinic.com Sept 5-8 in Kansas City
  2. https://www.walmart.com/ip/uni-ball-207-Retractable-Fraud-Prevention-Gel-Pens-Medium-Point-0-7-mm-Black-Barrels-Assorted-Ink-Colors-Pack-Of-4/235879625 This pen was created by Uni Ball with the help of Frank Abagnale Jr. (the real guy from the movie Catch Me If You Can) for fraud prevention. The ink is quick drying and I’ve never experienced any issues using them in wet conditions. I also use the Sharpie S-Gel pens. Always in red ink.
  3. I know the guy who runs the Mid-American Umpire Clinic. 🙋‍♂️ I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Who knows…reaching out and asking some questions about the clinic might have some financial benefit…
  4. There is central review in post season. No one on the field is involved with instant replay. They put on the headsets and communicate with the central replay…I believe it’s located in Pennsylvania. The NCAA reviewed the play and the NCAA confirmed the call on the field.
  5. There’s not really a right or wrong. “On the tag” should be pointed at with your left hand because you signal the out with your right hand. I point at obstruction with my left hand but there’s nothing wrong with using your right hand. Balks probably should be pointed at with your right hand, but again, it doesn’t really matter. Use your left hand to point when you need to immediately use your right hand to make a call.
  6. Check out the Ump-App at www.ump-app.com It is a great app for umpire associations to train new recruits and current members. Get with your association and we will be happy to set up a demo for you. It is definitely the new trend for umpire education. No more trying to find a place to meet, hoping people show up and pay attention while they are there instead of being on their phones. We’re putting the training on their phones! Email me at jasonblackburn@ump-app.com if you would like to set up a demo.
  7. Good topic! Personally, I would mosey in between innings and see how my partner is doing. What's his demeanor? Just start by asking, how's it going? See what he says. That simple question may open him up to, "Am I missing those pitches?" Now you can have that conversation. I try to identify what I'm seeing...tracking or timing...that's why we miss pitches. We aren't seeing the ball into the glove before making our decisions. Head could be too low or too high. Maybe he's not in the slot. Whatever...but try to give him something besides, "Yeah, you're not very good tonight." On the other hand, if he's mf'ing the pitcher, then probably just head on out to the outfield, get out your barrel and makeup and be ready to play rodeo clown. You tried...
  8. I bet he does... It went to replay and the call was confirmed by the NCAA, which included the secretary/rules editor.
  9. Thanks. If it were any other mask, I'd consider chopping it, but I'm not chopping off a Nike.
  10. Thanks. Bear in mind I usually only work 15-20 plates in a year so they don't get a lot of wear and tear on them, but they have held up well.
  11. They look cool. From a safety standpoint, I'd say Team Wendy are better. I don't remember what I paid for them at the time, but I believe the price + shipping has gone up quite a bit since then.
  12. I like my pads. They have held up well for 2 1/2 years.
  13. Maybe he was taking pictures of you taking pictures of him to post on his social media telling his friends not to be “that guy” taking pictures of fellow umpires to try to shame them. Just a thought...
  14. Since several feathers have been ruffled, I want to clarify something...maybe I could have worded my last post better yesterday, but at no point did I make reference to the impact of the virus being blown out of proportion. What I was attempting to state was - I think we should be playing baseball, but that’s out of my hands. What I believe that has been blown out of proportion is umpires complaining about the situation. I thought that was the point I was making. My entire post was about how I do not believe the NCAA owes anyone anything. Again, maybe I could have done a better job in how I worded that. Now that I’ve hopefully cleared that up for everyone, I’m done.
  15. I’m not going to continue to argue the point but I’ll say this... Your argument would hold much more water if you took it up with your supervisors or assigners than the NCAA. You say “a good portion of their umpires never got a chance to do a game”. The truer statement is ALL of “their umpires” didn’t get a chance to work a game because the NCAA itself doesn’t assign any regular season games. The NCAA’s obligation is to prepare college umpires for the season and provide them with information and guidance throughout the year. Yes, that costs money. Shipping alone for probably 3000+ CCA manuals and rule books has to be extremely costly. The technology behind an online meeting/clinic, video editing/publishing, rules testing, etc is also very expensive. Now, for the argument that a good portion of umpires didn’t get a chance to work... The season for D2 and D3 started January 31. I live in Missouri (not the most accommodating climate for February baseball) and worked 25 games prior to everyone closing up shop. It is no one’s fault that umpires who live in a geographically challenging area didn’t get a chance to work. I know umpires in Minnesota who haven’t worked until May in the past few years. They haven’t asked for refunds of their NCAA fees. It’s the luck of the draw. We can only control what we can control... Don't like your schedule? Control what you can to change it. Go to a clinic and get better/get exposure. What is your availability? Can you work at noon on Tuesday or are you only a weekend warrior? Can you travel or do you have to stay close to home? Look, I think we should be playing baseball right now. I think this thing has been blown out of proportion. I’ve personally lost $25,000 this spring. But it’s not the NCAA’s fault and the NCAA doesn’t owe any of us any sort of refund. Would it be nice if the conference’s stepped up and provided some financial relief? Yes...but not the NCAA.
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