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  1. I bet he does... It went to replay and the call was confirmed by the NCAA, which included the secretary/rules editor.
  2. Thanks. If it were any other mask, I'd consider chopping it, but I'm not chopping off a Nike.
  3. Thanks. Bear in mind I usually only work 15-20 plates in a year so they don't get a lot of wear and tear on them, but they have held up well.
  4. They look cool. From a safety standpoint, I'd say Team Wendy are better. I don't remember what I paid for them at the time, but I believe the price + shipping has gone up quite a bit since then.
  5. I like my pads. They have held up well for 2 1/2 years.
  6. Maybe he was taking pictures of you taking pictures of him to post on his social media telling his friends not to be “that guy” taking pictures of fellow umpires to try to shame them. Just a thought...
  7. Since several feathers have been ruffled, I want to clarify something...maybe I could have worded my last post better yesterday, but at no point did I make reference to the impact of the virus being blown out of proportion. What I was attempting to state was - I think we should be playing baseball, but that’s out of my hands. What I believe that has been blown out of proportion is umpires complaining about the situation. I thought that was the point I was making. My entire post was about how I do not believe the NCAA owes anyone anything. Again, maybe I could have done a better job in how
  8. I’m not going to continue to argue the point but I’ll say this... Your argument would hold much more water if you took it up with your supervisors or assigners than the NCAA. You say “a good portion of their umpires never got a chance to do a game”. The truer statement is ALL of “their umpires” didn’t get a chance to work a game because the NCAA itself doesn’t assign any regular season games. The NCAA’s obligation is to prepare college umpires for the season and provide them with information and guidance throughout the year. Yes, that costs money. Shipping alone for probably 3000+ CC
  9. It’s not a slap in the face at all... Did you complete the 2020 online NCAA Meeting/Clinic? Did you receive your 2020 CCA Manual? Did you receive your 2020 NCAA Rule Book? Did you submit to your post-season background check? Did you take the 2020 NCAA test? Do you still have access to the NCAA Arbiter Central Hub? They are still posting videos and information even though the season is done. If so, the NCAA fulfilled their obligations for your dues for 2020. The NCAA offering a discount for next year is an incredible gesture.
  10. No one in the country is working 5 Big 12 games a week. $40-$45,000 is possible for the top 1% (guys who’ve been to Omaha). Otherwise, $35,000 is pretty reasonable for a full time D1 Umpire (not including post-season).
  11. September 10-13, 2020 We will try to have the website updated by the end of this year.
  12. Just a reminder, the 2019 Mid-American Umpire Clinic is September 5-8 in Springfield, MO. I've attached our flyer. Keep in mind that Umpire-Empire Premium Members receive $25 off their tuition. We hope to see you there!
  13. From a clinic standpoint, I think Richvee hit the nail on the head about attending the RIGHT clinic. You need to choose a clinic that is the right fit. I am constantly getting asked by umpires if I think they should attend our advanced clinic. I ask about the levels they are currently working and several will say they work at the HS level. You want to attend a clinic that will challenge you, but also allow you to stand out. A high school umpire attending an advanced 3-man clinic can end up hurting a guy more than it can help them. Assigners are there looking to hire umpires. Not able to k
  14. We will start contacting everyone in August with clinic details. By the way, there are still a few spots available for each camp. If you are planning on attending, this is the last week to register before the price goes up.
  15. I’ve read through the original post and responses and here’s my take... Dumbfounded or not, if you think the batter swung, tell your partner what you saw. I actually had this happen in a game last night. I could see the pitch was inside, catcher slid over, batter went about 3/4 around, partner gets blocked out by catcher and came to me. EVERYONE knew he swung except the guy who had to make the call. So he came to me and I got it. That’s how we work as a team...the best team on the field. So, you screwed up by not handling that situation properly. You know what? Who cares. The only w
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