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  1. The one giving me directions on my phone is a woman. She's correct every time.
  2. Got to see them in person today and they are night and day different. Darker, feel heavier, stretch elastic waist. They just seem to be way better. A weird thing is that there are no seams across the butt of the plate pants, but the legs are definitely wider. Really like these pants.
  3. Just spent a few days in the Mosel River Valley in Sept. Just beautiful. And food and wine was incredible.
  4. Reviews stating that they aren't actually wide.
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You have to make time for the Card's.
  6. How do they do on wet grass? And so far our Cardinals have done nothing to get better this off season.
  7. I didn't. Anything that can be used on the bases?
  8. I would think that if Nike does have the contract they will make the shoes in a wider width. Pretty sure that all umpires aren't a D width.
  9. As of now New Balance is the only shoes that come close to my width. The Reebok Field Magistrates also were true to the width in the plate shoes. The base shoes might have said 4E but there was no way they were actually 4E. At least the pair I had.
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