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  1. We had one school cancel the rest of their season today.
  2. The kids also have to compete with college kids who have been granted another year of eligibility by the NCAA.
  3. btlofficialsgear.com sells tights and shorts with then floating cup pocket sewn in. They're outstanding and a good price.
  4. What's the word from schools about the season being banged? In the Coachella Valley and Morongo Valley they are postponed until 30 April? It's going to suck for kids trying to get seen in attempts to get a scholarship.
  5. I just found a round trip from Palm Springs to St Louis for $219 except I'm not wanting to get the coronavirus or give the coronavirus. If the airlines want me to do that they better get some better prices.
  6. I'm in the same situation. It has come to a point where one person is driving umpires away from umpiring.
  7. All of my college ball was canceled today. Not sure if I'm coming back. But that thought was happening before the virus. Was why I didn't buy anything new for umpiring this year.
  8. Since this is not the usual dropped third strike or routine play on the infield would the run count since it crossed before the appeal (this sentence is concerning the opening post)? Asking for a friend. I had a similar situation in a CIF SS semi final game a few years back when the game was in extra innings with bases loaded and 2 outs. I was 3rd base umpire when the batter got a base hit up the middle and R2 made no attempt to touch 3rd, but instead went right to the top of the dog pile. Thankfully nobody from the opposing team was paying attention and I grabbed the other 3 umpires and made a beeline for the exit gate. Where the heck is Maven at?
  9. And then you would know for sure. This should have been taken seriously and not minimized at all. I think my dogs are bored of my wife and staying home so much. At least I was able to get some toilet paper at Costco yesterday. They removed all of the dining tables in the food court and have placed yellow lines 6 feet apart at the cashiers. It was a very efficient and impressive system. They also had security.
  10. Schools in Riverside County are now closed through 30 April.
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