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  1. No issues breathing in 100 degree weather yesterday while wearing the UA mask.
  2. $85 for a single and $125 for a dh?
  3. I've used the UA mask in 2 games out here in the desert and they are good. They're made so the mask doesn't get sucked in when you inhale. Had no issues breathing while using it. Have a game tomorrow when it's supposed to break 100 degrees. Will let you know more then.
  4. What's your rating? I'm a retired MSC(SS).
  5. He said he's just going to use his current mask.
  6. I'll pass this on to him.
  7. Have a guy in our association whois looking to buy an All Star FM4000MAG black with tan pads. Checking to see if anybody on here might have one they wanted to sell.
  8. Oh stop it. Right now. Thongs to handle baseballs.
  9. Sounds good. Did you let your partner know to check with you on a check swing in that situation and not just call it a strike? That would be a good post game subject.
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