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  1. umpstu

    National Anthem

    What field is this?
  2. Not funny. Not even to the players.
  3. I'm confused as to why you were in the C slot and then, after a check swing appeal, you went to the A slot? What was the reason for being on the C slot in the first place?
  4. Sometimes a plate umpire just misses a swing no matter how obvious. That's why they go to their partner for help. Catcher might have blocked the view or whatever. That's neither here nor there. Doesn't matter if you're shocked, give what you saw. And by saying that you were shocked it seems to me that you are coming on here looking to hear somebody tell you that you did the right thing. Well, you didn't even come close to doing the right thing. And I also agree with your partners texts.
  5. Agreed. What is he thinking or saying?
  6. I have always had great service from Honig's. Never had an issue and their delivery was prompt.
  7. umpstu

    Strike Zone

    Now that's funny. Get on your bikes and ride.
  8. umpstu

    Strike Zone

    Strikes and outs make the world go round.
  9. How about the invisible computer mouse and the umpire is scrolling to find the bottom of the invisible zone. On that pitch the scroll takes much longer.
  10. 1. Good with it. 2. Learn how to bunt. It seems to be a lost art. I couldn't hit a fast ball to save my life, but I could always bunt. 3. Could become wild to watch and could cause a few confrontations while adjusting to it. But could be fun. 4. Not sure how I feel. Will there be video review for this? If the rules help with the gathering of new fans, I'm all for them.
  11. The inside part is what leads me to believe it was intentional. I can't remember seeing a MLB player slide inside. Not once. Doesn't mean I overlooked it, just can't recall.
  12. Stop the video at the 2 second point and tell me where they are located at the point of impact? He clocked him, pure and simple. Now he may not have meant to hurt him, but his actions are deliberate. And it isn't like he doesn't know the rule.
  13. What needs to be signaled. And horse &&it play by the runner. They put that rule into effect for that reason.
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