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  1. Love Will's book, Men at Work. But I love the bat flip and the home run trot. Mostly enjoy td celebrations in the NFL.. And used to love Billy "White Shoes" Johnson's end zone dances.
  2. Turner's action and words in the dugout was way out of bounds, kind of like his running to first. Do like this series though. Glad Nat's won last night so we could see another game.
  3. I'll let you tell them. D2 is fairly good ball, but the Orange/Empire Conference is the most competitive baseball around.
  4. Congratulations on your selection.
  5. Can always count on you to give me a chuckle. After Mizzou's game yesterday I needed that. Thanks, Rich.
  6. I wore Gerry Davis plate shoes and loved them. Had no issues with the traction.
  7. umpstu


    More than likely those 10th grade coaches were happy to see a good umpire. I don't mind working freshman and jv ball.
  8. umpstu


    I don't see a problem. I know that after 25 years I don't really enjoy putting up with unruly parents and coaches any longer. I can only imagine how good ball is at the 4 year old level.
  9. And if you call a strike out of the zone ot isn't a missed call. You just got a strike. It's when you call a strike a ball that is a missed call.
  10. Last night had a pain free game until the bottom of eighth and then took an 84 mph untouched into my right bicep. HS varsity fall ball so kids might not be too familiar with each other yet but I did not hesitate to let them know to get their act together. And then took a foul ball directly to the mask in the top of the 9th. Yikes. Go Cardinals.
  11. Maybe it's just a personal thing. Since you learned the bases and then the plate, that's all you know. You will make a name faster by working the plate. And a great thing about the plate is you don't fall asleep. There is something happening every pitch that requires your attention. If I'm working a DH I'm on the plate for the first game.
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