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  1. Seeing her picture, without knowing she was mixed race I would have never guessed it.
  2. Because the catcher ends up behind him constitutes interference? Even if the catcher wasn't hindered?
  3. Could be be Atlantic League balk rule.
  4. Never heard of Lynn being that way. Umpire could have just thrown him a new ball.
  5. Bravo. It's sounded like sniveling since the OP.
  6. And the glasses caused it? I mean I misplayed fly balls and took a few in the face and I never wore sunglasses. How about not being that guy and sucking the fun out of a game.
  7. Just posted the same thing about his lack of speed.
  8. Not sure about that. Yadi ain't exactly a speed demon. But man I love watching him play. Hopefully he'll manage in the majors before too long.
  9. umpstu


    Thinking the same thing since I've seen different strike calls all through last week.
  10. Tie goes to the runner and the hands and the bate being the same thing. Sorry, I'm just in one of those moods. I do know all of the local guys who have gone to hs softball from baseball like it better.
  11. You asked good questions. Too bad you couldn't get a real answer.  And I hate having to wear the black with white stripe shirts.   When Brad was IC in my unit we had a policy you could wear what you wanted as long as you matched your partner.  Haven't received a good answer as to why we're doing what we are.  



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