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  1. I don't see a reason to wear both a hat that says CIF and a cif patch that nobody knows is a cif patch. Nobody can read the small print on the patches.
  2. Because he wasn't coaching the runner. He was clearing up the situation by saying, "Stay there. You're ok". Kind of like a guy stealing 2nd on a ball 4. To clear it up you tell him ball 4 stay on the bag.
  3. He doesn't like eels? Smoked eel on toast is awesome. My wife is from Holland turned me on to that. That and raw herring coated on chopped onions.
  4. That ain't borderline coaching. It's 100% good umpiring.
  5. So, will Nike issue a navy blue shirt? Might as well get that all-black now white spit and polish group. That group wouldn't buy them for political reasons.
  6. umpstu

    Wrong Ejection

    I can tell you why he might not have asked, he might have actually seen the first baseman's foot on the base. Why go for help if you're 100% sure of the call? And no coach should ever talk like that without expecting to get tossed. That ain't "thin skinned,mean or selfish". That's the coach ejecting himself.
  7. Gotta voice my opinion here and say those are some very sharp looking shirts the umpires are wearing in the WCWS games. Wish I could buy some.
  8. Because they don't like you.
  9. Agreed. It would be fantastic to be able to find wide width Nike shoes for the bases. I like my NB but just something different would be nice.
  10. I use the BTL officials gear compression shorts and tights with the floating cup pocket. I find these type of cups cover my kababababas better. Whereas other cup holder let your boys swing free and exposed in an unsafe manner. These compression shorts and tights are fantastic. https://www.btlofficialsgear.com/product-category/baseball-softball/baseball-softball-compression-gear-undergarments/
  11. If you are calling a strike outside, are you of the thought that you can't call the inside strike? We had a local umpire who used to tell less experienced umpires that you can be a low strike umpire or a high strike umpire. You can't be both. How about the whole zone?
  12. Ilive in the Coachella Valley, another desert spot, and my F3's looked like yours. Since hs was a short season this year I decided to scrub them this decade. Now they get to sit around and let them gather dust until next season.
  13. Well, I think the umpire's decision did put the batter in jeopardy and the batter should have been awarded first base to rectify it. And on a passed ball with a check swing on a possible strike 3 the plate umpire should ask for help right away.
  14. I have some black ones. Used for a season and a half. Will part with them for $25 plus shipping.
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