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  1. Just found a pair of low cut plate shoes in my actual size. Very cool.
  2. Guy just asked a question and gets mauled for it.
  3. JUst sold it for you. I'll take it. Send me a pm with info.
  4. I'm taking a screwdriver to my FM4000MAG frame.
  5. I'm looking at getting the black with the tan leather pads. Do you know if the FM4000MAG black frame is in a matte finish?
  6. I use the con-cushion as well with my mag. Not that I do it because of the pad, I just wear it with all of my masks. Good product.
  7. The tink comment is exactly as I have described the sound of the F3 getting hit. Not sure how it ever sounded like a shotgun blast? I do know when I was hit I didn't feel it, work JC ball and high school, and was actually surprised. Both are excellent masks with the F3 being much heavier. I could never get the F3 adjusted so that it wouldn't pull down the bill of my hat. I love both of these masks and you won't go wrong with either.
  8. Been using these for a long time. I like the floating cup pocket. https://www.btlofficialsgear.com/product/btl-compression-tights-w-floating-cup-pocket/
  9. No RLI and I think Voit should have caught it. Not much of an effort.
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