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  1. This is what I use on one of my mask: https://www.outwestofficials.com/collections/replacement-pads-and-straps-1/products/mask-harness-by-out-west-officials Really enjoy it.
  2. +POS used to have a powder blue turtle neck with the +POS logo on the neck. Very sharp and good quality. Man, +POS used to be the bee's knees in umpire gear.
  3. Kind of caught in a bad spot and that wasn't any of your doing.
  4. umpstu

    Dropped bat

    Every time a pitch goes closely behind of over the batter's head you hear to drop the bat. Does that mean if the ball hits the bat that it is a ball? Or is it fair/foul depending on where the ball went after it hit the bat? This is driving me crazy.
  5. I've owned 2 versions and I believe that's how they are designed.
  6. They've been a great company to work with in my dealings with them.
  7. Tell you what. I've used tights with a floating cup since 1995 and have yet to have my kaballos exposed. Been protected on each pitch. When you squat down that pocket stays against you.
  8. Get back to me when you have a 6 way bypass.
  9. The Btl compression shorts and tights are the only thing I wear. I use them with a banana cup. McDavid used to make tights with a floating cup pocket but do so no longer. These by BTL are really good and so are my dealings with this company. https://www.btlofficialsgear.com/product-category/baseball-softball/baseball-softball-compression-gear-undergarments/
  10. Agreed. Just don't understand it.
  11. Nothing like a good MadMax rant
  12. Welcome aboard brother. Don't suck.
  13. Always something happening in SoCal and Az.
  14. I enjoyed working a lot of freshman and jv games last season due to the fact of a 2.5 hour time limit. And in our area a 2 hour time limit for conference games. Was made aware in Sept of the water polo fees. Wonder what volleyball officials make?
  15. I did it in a college summer league in Palm Springs and it was 115. No way I'm going to work solo on astroturf on the plate. I did it for like 4 straight weeks. Couldn't get any umpires.
  16. Pics or it doesn't exist.
  17. It was announced that it would be on 13 Oct. Still hasn't happened. Guess they're working out all of the kinks.
  18. That mask is old school looking. Like it a lot.
  19. L A was just made into a 24/7 port a month or so ago so hopefully that will help.
  20. In SoCal the fee is $83. Have no idea about middle school fees.
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