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  1. I had insurance through ABUA until last year when I switched to NASO. No longer had a good feeling about ABUA.
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    No SH*#. This is not what I come to this site for.
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    Shut this post down. FFS.
  4. I make less to work a 1 man jv game then a 2 man varsity game. That being said, who else is going to provide umpires for the lower level games?
  5. I assign 2 local high school tournaments and try to lure college and pro umpires to work them. Despite what level umpire they are I pay all the same and they all have a check in hand before they leave the area. And have been told by some of the pro ump's that the pitching and catching is as good or better than the Az instructional league. It's good ball and there is a waiting list for high schools to get in. As far as ejections go, I always tell guys to not be dicks but if a coach ejects himself he ejects himself. And I believe those schools are not invited back. MADMAX, this is your invite to the Coachella Valley the weekend of 9-11 Dec.
  6. Glad you found this site Diego. Good working with you last Friday. Had a really good time.
  7. Kind of like the posters who comment about how the runner should be able to blow up the catcher. Claims game is soft. It's not soft. What is the purpose behind ending a guys career? The Posey and Utley rules are good for baseball. I played organized ball through 8th grade, but spent almost every summer day playing pick up games somewhere. Even though you might not be a good player you can still know the ebb and flow of the game.
  8. At the time budgets. A few years ago we had over 40 umpires in our unit. Now we're down to under 20 so it's a little of both. We wouldn't be able to support 2 man on lower levels unless the schools were to really work with us on the schedules. I have no doubts that they would. I believe we have 14 schools with different levels and, for me, I travel up to 70 miles to work some high school games. The further distances pay travel pay.
  9. The school buses were cut out at the same time money for athletics were cut out. Had quite a few schools lose under class men teams altogether. I believe about half of our schools cut them.
  10. I no longer work travel ball period. But, there hasn't been 2 umpires on under class games for ages now. At least 20 years. It coincided with no more school buses for kids and parents having to drive kids to school. As I've been here for over 25 years as a high school and college umpire I really enjoy working lower level one man games. Kids need umpires at this level and refusing to work games isn't something I agree with in our situation. $87. 2.5 hour time limit or 2 hours if it is a conference game.
  11. I always put the ball into play with a point and a verbal. Sometimes will say "Here we go" loud enough for me, the catcher and batter to hear and then give a "Play". I also give the count after each foul ball or full count. Had a partner not put it in to play once and the pitcher pick off a runner at first. I was not ready and very pissed at my partner about it.
  12. I've never had an issue getting a baseball out of the UMPLIFE bag, nor any issues betting a plate brush or indicator out. Fantastic product.
  13. Same old same old. Fast delivery and the item was exactly as he told me.
  14. I refuse to work travel ball. It is everything that is wrong with youth sports and I made a citizens arrest the last travel ball game I worked back in January. No more.
  15. Are the slacks still available and, if so, are they in good shape?
  16. PM sent. Got an answer from the new guy and he wants it.
  17. What's childish was a catcher allowing a pitch to bounce off of an umpire's head and the announcers laughing about it.
  18. Stop the madness. Looks great.
  19. I've had stock harnesses, All Star and a regular Umplife harness. Nothing touches the UMPLIFE flex protector harness.
  20. Get the umplife harness. Will change your life as you'll never have to adjust your chest protector again.
  21. Was formally diagnosed as having ADHD when I turned 50. Have been on Bupropion since and it changed my life. Bupropion slowed everything down and helped with anxiety issues. Was almost like I would have stage fright. And it also stopped me from blurting out something stupid and then wondering why I said what I did. Spent my first 15 years as an umpire without being treated. Wish I had been treated way earlier in life but if you were the kid who couldn't sit still in school you were just a trouble maker. And no parent wanted the stigma of having a kid on Ritalin. Even with that I find it hard to stay focused and it is the reason I like working the dish in the first game of a dh or in a single game. Every pitch you have to focus. If I'm scheduled for the bases I will try to get my partner to switch. Just me.
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