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  1. I don't have a stop. And I love Tatis' base running on that.
  2. What size? And do you know if a All Star harness would work on this?
  3. Perhaps Wilson could make some shirts out of furniture cushion.
  4. No kidding. I'm wanting to know that.
  5. I want one of the shirts they wore in the WCWS. As are the shirts in the OP, those shirts are good looking shirts.
  6. Just completed a deal with NavyBlue and it was great. Package shipped on Thursday and arrived on Saturday. Shin guards were as described. Thanks.
  7. Just completed another transaction with wolfe-man and, as usual, it was easy. Shipped on Thursday. Arrived today on Saturday. Mask is immaculate. Thanks Wolfe-man.
  8. As soon as the batter runner is put out at first the force play is removed and runner is no longer required to advance. Runner is safe.
  9. What is unsportsmanlike about this?
  10. DON'T. I wore a red mask for a season, +POS, and man it brought so much attention. Got permission from the Northern League to wear it and they wound up making me change it about 2 weeks into the season. Actually wore it for a season in the Cape Cod League before that. I might still have it. Wore it to a 3 man clinic and was told to stop wearing it as it brings attention. I said no it didn't when obviously it did. DON'T.
  11. Get off of my lawn
  12. No kidding. Obviously slurring while he types.
  13. Thunderheads, go ahead and lock it up. MAN, I kill me.
  14. I think if a guy got knocked on his ass, that's kind of hard to miss. And if your partner doesn't make the call, and it's an 11U, you should probably go ahead and call obstruction to clear up the situation.
  15. I tell them to stop and if they don't it will work against them. I'll call the runner out even if he's safe. It's always worked after the first runner.
  16. I worked 6 varsity games solo this season because of lack of umpires. And I just worked 3 dh's by myself in a collegiate summer league because of lack of umpires. Have to say I don't blame guys for not working in the middle of the day here as it was 110 to 115 degrees on a turf field. I did the dh's from behind the mound.
  17. Ordered today. Will be my first visor.
  18. I am so glad that somebody else threw there back out be sneezing. I endured that pain for 26 years. It would go away and then comeback. In 2016 I had my first surgery and have since had 4 more. Currently have a spinal cord stimulator in my back that helps some. The injury or surgery did nothing to hamper my mobility. What did is having to take a year off because of covid 19. My legs have yet to recover. My advice is to learn how to cheat to get to where you need to go in the shortest possible distance.
  19. Bet he wears a West Vest
  20. Man, he mashed those two pitches.
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