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  1. JUst sold it for you. I'll take it. Send me a pm with info.
  2. I'm taking a screwdriver to my FM4000MAG frame.
  3. I'm looking at getting the black with the tan leather pads. Do you know if the FM4000MAG black frame is in a matte finish?
  4. I use the con-cushion as well with my mag. Not that I do it because of the pad, I just wear it with all of my masks. Good product.
  5. The tink comment is exactly as I have described the sound of the F3 getting hit. Not sure how it ever sounded like a shotgun blast? I do know when I was hit I didn't feel it, work JC ball and high school, and was actually surprised. Both are excellent masks with the F3 being much heavier. I could never get the F3 adjusted so that it wouldn't pull down the bill of my hat. I love both of these masks and you won't go wrong with either.
  6. Been using these for a long time. I like the floating cup pocket. https://www.btlofficialsgear.com/product/btl-compression-tights-w-floating-cup-pocket/
  7. No RLI and I think Voit should have caught it. Not much of an effort.
  8. Which version of the chest protector?
  9. I have a couple of Honigs and they are extremely comfortable. I also use their undershirts. They are much nicer since they shortened the length of the sleeves.
  10. The embarrassment that pitcher had to suffer in front of his peers. Just think if it were in front of 40,000 fans.
  11. Google reviews say they are legit.
  12. Omar and Ozzie were fun to watch.
  13. They did make wide and were the only 4E that was actually 4E. That's why a couple of years ago I bought a couple pair when a miracle occurred and some new ones became available. I think yours are D width.
  14. Max, I guarantee the info was way to deep for the average Joe. Hence why I said during the presentation that you would like it.
  15. I hope i like the new All Star chest protector when it finally arrives. Wish they had a sweet sales price for the shin guards, would have bought them as well. Been wearing the F3 shin guards since they first came out and think it's time to replace them with some new ones.
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