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  1. Been using these for a long time. I like the floating cup pocket. https://www.btlofficialsgear.com/product/btl-compression-tights-w-floating-cup-pocket/
  2. No RLI and I think Voit should have caught it. Not much of an effort.
  3. Which version of the chest protector?
  4. umpstu


    Love that movie
  5. I have a couple of Honigs and they are extremely comfortable. I also use their undershirts. They are much nicer since they shortened the length of the sleeves.
  6. The embarrassment that pitcher had to suffer in front of his peers. Just think if it were in front of 40,000 fans.
  7. Google reviews say they are legit.
  8. Omar and Ozzie were fun to watch.
  9. They did make wide and were the only 4E that was actually 4E. That's why a couple of years ago I bought a couple pair when a miracle occurred and some new ones became available. I think yours are D width.
  10. Max, I guarantee the info was way to deep for the average Joe. Hence why I said during the presentation that you would like it.
  11. I hope i like the new All Star chest protector when it finally arrives. Wish they had a sweet sales price for the shin guards, would have bought them as well. Been wearing the F3 shin guards since they first came out and think it's time to replace them with some new ones.
  12. What reason would he have to throw at Trout? If you look at the pitcher after the second pitch he's clearly wiping his hand off. Possible he wasn't able to grip it well enough to control it. I just can't understand why you would want to drill the best player in baseball, unless Trout was an ass, which clearly he isn't.
  13. Unless the pitcher is a foot off the rubber and you're on the B position, how would you be able to see if he's in contact? Or if he's behind the rubber taking the signs and then coming in contact, that's pretty obvious. Guys are 40+ years of age, I probably wouldn't have taken such a hard ass stance. Talk to him and let him know what you saw.
  14. The 7 would rub my neck so much my neck would actually drip blood. Had to wear it through a 14 inning game. Man, that really hurt. I even did the basketball in the neck hole trick. Helped some, but obviously not enough. Excited to get the Cobalt.
  15. umpstu

    Foul Tip Strikeout

    They might not have seen the ball get fouled off.
  16. How does that not get noticed when they roll up the tarp? I once worked a JC game and it began to rain so we had to call it. The team had a brand new tarp, just forgot to buy the barrel to roll it up. Not joking.
  17. umpstu

    Joe West

    Nerf bats are a start.
  18. What does this question mean?
  19. I have a very thick neck so the weight doesn't bother me. I could never get the harness on the F3 adjusted so that my hat would stay on.
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