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  1. Is the guy behind the catcher wearing gear?
  2. I think in this situation it would be the base umpires call on a tag before first base. I believe the plate umpire might be first baseline extended so he can see both fair foul and the runners touch of 3rd base if he were to attempt to run home. This is a good time for the coach to implement the Mississippi power play where the runner from second just runs across the field missing 3rd altogether.
  3. Good post. On the NFL uniforms, who issues the uniforms, including socks to players? You'd think they would all be getting the same issue uniforms. I think coaches might want to wear shorts,etc. because it might be cooler and more comfortable. I live in an area with a lot of migrant families and as such some schools can't afford more than 1 freshman and JV coach, so I'll actually look the other way if a parent were to wind up in the coaches box when I wasn't looking. It's under grad baseball, not some life or death situation.
  4. I've did it before. I look even more boring than I usually do. No punch out. The only bad part is if it's only you those burners down the line fair or foul. And I did the game for free because the umpire who was assigned didn't show up and I just happened to be there so in a pair of shorts. Tie game after 7.
  5. That's a big if. I was able to umpire 2 hs pickup games in the Coachella Valley and then they stopped. Could be it's now in the 100's or they might have been found out.
  6. Are you wearing a mask?
  7. Not arguing. Trying to figure this eye thing out.
  8. Wait. So all of my Mexican friends who look me in the eye are challenging me? Oh, it's on.
  9. What are you talking about? I have been living in the Coachella Valley in southern California for 26 years and it is full Mexican people. Never noticed the no eye contact being a challenge thing.
  10. Born and raised in Missouri. Doesn't hold water.
  11. FM4K sounds so cool. CAn really impress the junior umpires with that one. MadMax, can I use that term?
  12. That's good for an extra inning or two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Nothing like hobby coaches. I cannot remember a single time having coaches or parents act like the people nowadays when I was playing ball in the 60's and 70's. Even when I umpired, $2.00 a game for 11 games, nobody acted they do today.
  14. lol. Aside from the saphow is the food? Forgot to mention that Bubba's onion rings are really good, too. Fries as well.
  15. I was just in Amarillo and Texas citizens are nowhere near doing anything resembling sheltering or wearing masks. It's full bore pre covid 19 right now. And if you are in Amarillo eat the cheeseburger at Bubba's 33, possibly the best cheeseburger I've ever eaten in my life.
  16. Whipper Snappers!
  17. CIFSS let it be known Friday that their will be no rules changes for next year and that we should use the 2020 rule book and case book.
  18. I was visiting family last weekend in Missouri and my brother and I drove by a field he used to be the groundskeeper for. One of the tourneys was using the fields as a satellite field and although they might have said they were conducting safe practices on the news, they weren't. The dugouts were full of kids, in between innings umpires were standing next to each other and parents were huddled together in the bleachers. Bunch of hard headed stubborn stupid people.
  19. Why, if a mask would help to slow the spread, would you risk giving a kid the coronavirus by you not wearing a mask? And you may be healthy, not have the virus. Or you might just be asymmetrical and not realize you actually have the virus. Why take that chance and not wear the mask? Why let the Mo. tournaments influence your decision? Just wear a mask.
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