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  1. umpstu's post in Tag play after force at first was marked as the answer   
    As soon as the batter runner is put out at first the force play is removed and runner is no longer required to advance.  Runner is safe.
  2. umpstu's post in Advancing retreating runner was marked as the answer   
    When he properly disengages the rubber he becomes a fielder.  Thus you got it right.
  3. umpstu's post in Fair or foul ball was marked as the answer   
  4. umpstu's post in Tag Up and Appeal was marked as the answer   
    If the runner at 3rd touches the plate prior to 2nd base or the runner who left too early being tagged the run scores.
  5. umpstu's post in Does the run count? was marked as the answer   
    She is forced to run, so it is a force out and the run does not score.
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