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  1. If you can afford to wait, I'll also be heading to the US in late July, so I can ship it from there which ought to save my Amerifriends some cash.
  2. After trying it out, eventually decided I didn't like the fit enough to keep using it--I could never get the chin pad in a comfortable position for me. So, here it is for yous guys. It's never taken a shot with me and according to the previous owner (only a few games), also never taken a shot with him. I've worn it for three games. Asking $150USD (or $205CAD) plus shipping. If you're local to the Toronto area, I'm willing to meet up and swap cash for mask as well. Will include the carrying bag, which I bought specifically for this.
  3. Agree. I have it because it was about all I could get north of the border but it's not big enough to hold my Schutt XV, Force3 shins, mask, and helmet in the top compartment without some serious zipper squishing.
  4. This is problematic, though, because physics tells us that even line drives have "some degree of arc."
  5. How tight did you have it to your chest? The foam should be nice and snug up against your undershirt so there's no "slop" in the fit when you get smacked with one.
  6. Got a link? All I'm finding are batting helmets.
  7. Hey @MadMax, can you help me out with a list of what you bought to do these mods? I'd like to move the epaulettes on mine up higher and grabbed some Chicago screws but I see you've also got a nice little bit of plastic to help distribute the force more evenly and protect the fabric that I think I need as well.
  8. The shortest TED Talk ever will save you.
  9. Got to try it out yesterday in some absolutely freezing conditions here. The start of our season was already delayed by a week due to cold and rain but I guess The Powers That Be decided they couldn't delay much further, so I got a plate in both the cold and the rain! About 2C at game time and windy as hell to boot. I wasn't terribly happy with the fit at first as I'd only sized it briefly before all my equipment was on, so I spent the first couple of half-inning breaks getting it dialed in and I think I've found where I like it. It's still quite large so holding it while checking the lin
  10. Apparently hurt his back. His crew's first game in the New York series was three-man because he couldn't do it.
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