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  1. We have this rule in USSSA tournaments that I work. I tell coaches at the plate meeting when discussing courtesy runners that it is the last player to record an out whether it was a player that was forced or tagged on the bases or the one that popped out to the catcher. The whole idea of the rule is to get your catchers back in the dugout so they are ready to go when it is their turn to go out on defense. I have had teams searching their scorebooks trying to figure out who was the last batted out. It takes more time than just letting the catcher run. Never had a coach get upset about it a
  2. Only time I have ever called this was when the batter squared to bunt and lunged out across the plate to make contact. Otherwise I tell the coach I will watch for it but my main focus is the pitch.
  3. 12U USSSA Tournament. Top of the 6th. HT pitcher has pitched the previous 5 innings and comes out at the top of 6 and throws a couple of warm up pitches. At that time HTHC comes out and motions for the 3rd baseman to come in and pitch. I am BU and see this happen and PU and I are discussing which one of us is going to go and tell the coach that his original pitcher has to throw to the first batter of the inning. Before we could do that, I hear, "He can't do that. You do realize that the kid that just went to 3rd already took two warm up pitches?" I turned at this thinking it was a coach
  4. I kept waiting for Kinsler's bat to contact Hernandez with the way he was pointing with it in their "up close" discussion. Just out of curiosity, what would have been the punishment in that case with a bat striking the umpire in these circumstances?
  5. I thought I read somewhere that the Marlins pitcher complained that Beltre was in his line of sight while trying to pitch. Another article or something. I could be wrong.
  6. My biggest complaint was the fact that he told me MY mechanics were bad if I thought he had any responsibility at 2B on that play, meaning to me, if the roles had been reversed and I had been PU and had seen this play with interference at 2B and called it, then he quite possibly would have been upset with me stepping on his call and responsibility. You all have answered my questions about the mechanics though and I appreciate the input.
  7. I had two situations come up this weekend that my partner and I didn't agree on mechanics. Sit. 1 - Bases loaded 2 outs ball hit to F6 and R2 while running to 3B stops in front of F6 and throws hands in the air, dances around trying to distract F6. I'm in C position and have turned to watch the ball for clean p/u and throw while and see R2's antics. I immediately call time and announce "That's interference!" No one complained about the call and everyone was yelling at R2 that he couldn't do that. My partner however when we were grabbing a drink of water between innings told me that
  8. We have more ejections in coach pitch than any other games at our park (we go up to high school age). The coaches don't know the rules, the parents think their kids are being scouted by big time scouts and everyone thinks they can yell at the umpire without penalty. I don't work coach pitch but i can hear what's going down in that part of the park and it is crazy. I also know most of the umpires that work down there (mostly younger guys just starting) and it is great experience in learning game management for them.
  9. Maybe I have missed it but in USSSA rules is a slash/bunt not allowed?
  10. Getting out of there is all good except when you have to have both coaches sign score cards and they usually won't do that until after the handshakes are done. BU usually handles those duties for us (we don't keep lineup cards because most teams do continuous batting order) and PU is told to wait on partner so we can still walk off the field together. Not the most optimum of situations, but it is what it is.
  11. As we were told in a recent clinic that I attended in Springfield, there is no magic spot that determines a swing or check-swing, the question as base umpire is "did he offer at the pitch?" Doesn't matter if you are in A, B, or C, as base umpire you can judge whether or not the batter offered, if he didn't, signal safe, if he did give them the hammer. Paraphrased from the actual instructor that explained it to us.
  12. I'm glad all of our fall ball is 1:30 drop dead. We call it in the middle of an at bat. Coaches ask to let his guy finish the at bat but we tell them, sorry coach, next game starts in 15 minutes, got to keep it on time.
  13. For our fall ball this weekend, we are expecting temps of 89 degrees Sunday and clear as a bell.
  14. I felt like sitting there talking with the evaluators was very educational, almost as much or more as the actual game experience we received. Just having someone give you feedback on your live games was invaluable and doesn't happen at our level very often. Definitely worth the time and money invested in the weekend.
  15. It was an awesome clinic. Truly enjoyed myself and learned that I don't know jack about umpiring.
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