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Found 19 results

  1. Our annual Umpire Clinic in Tyler TX is being held Jan 26-28, 2018. Marvin Hudson, 2016 World Series Umpire along with Clint Fagan MLB Rover and others will be instructors. Also present DII, NAIA and JUCO assignors. Both 3 man and 2 man options available. Go to www.umpireclinics.com for details or email umpireclinics@gmail.com for any questions.
  2. September 22-24, 2017. Our Kansas City Collegiate Umpires Alliance Leadership is conducting their 2017 Intro to 3-Man Umpire Clinic. Camp POC; Jon Browar, Assigner for MIAA and GLVC, NCAA Division II Conferences and Kansas Jayhawk Junior College Conference. jbrowar16@aol.com, 913-638-5212. I have attended this clinic along with many of my past and current collegiate baseball partners. Members on this board that have attended are ACPAR72, Ironman and I am sure several others. The instructor staff at this clinic are many of the same instructors that work other midwest umpire
  3. The 6th Annual East Texas Umpire Clinic is coming Jan 27-29. Learn from a 2016 World Series Umpire!!! Marvin Hudson is on our staff and will be here again in 2017. Only $115 right now for Fri-Sun - check out www.umpireclinics.com for all the details. Don't miss an incredible opportunity to learn from incredible instructors at the top of their game to help you better your game. Questions email me - umpireclinics@gmail.com Brian Chinn
  4. I have attached a brochure for the 2016 Mid-American Umpire Clinic, Sept. 8-11 in Springfield, MO. Remember we give discounts to UE Premium Members, Military and Public Service Heroes, and group discounts for 4 or more. Clinic_Brochure_2016.pdf
  5. @Richvee and I just attended the 4th of July clinic hosted by the COG/MAC. The attention on better mechanics and individual evaluations are two of the major reasons I think this group's approach to instruction are top notch. All of the instructors have experience at the Division I level or higher, yet they have the patience and interest to work with umpires of all levels of experience. Without exception, each of the dozen instructors/evaluators took the time to answer any questions and provide suggestions for improvement. Unlike many clinics, the design of this one allows for multipl
  6. Last year, instead of calling balls and strikes, I was learning how to drive and shoot a tank. This year, as of a phone call tonight, I have been named the Umpire-in-Chief of our local summer softball organization. With this big honor comes big responsibilities, such as finding, training, assigning, and evaluating our crew. When I left, here is the state of our officials: No training. Two sets of shared equipment left in the concession stands overnight. A t-shirt with the league logo on the front and "UMPIRE" printed on the back, and a suggestion (that was rarely followed) of khaki s
  7. The California Classic run by Jim Evans is coming up in early October (6th-11th). Is there anybody who will definitely be attending this week-long clinic? If so, let me know so I can catch up with you while I am there!
  8. It is time again for our clinic in East Texas - Tyler, TX, Jan 23-25. This year we have both a 2 man and 3 man camp. We will have several college assignors represented at the clinic this year and your chance to be seen by them as well. UT Tyler is providing players for our drills and simulated games this year. Instructors - MLB Umpires Marvin Hudson, Lance Barrett, MLB Rover Clint Fagan, Former AAA Umpire Nick Bailey, former MiLB umpire Justin Sassman, Dan Wilson plus others. ONLY $85 for the entire clinic. www.umpireclnics.com for more info or to register.
  9. Guest

    umpires and labor laws

    I belong to an organization that has a clinic coming up. Attendance is "mandatory" for umpires who wish to be assigned in the coming season. The clinic costs three game fees plus we must work multiple games, multiple days, with no pay. Anyone know if there's any law against requiring me to work free just to get consideration for a job I already have?
  10. Headed for another long weekend clinic.
  11. Hello, The Wendelstedt Umpire School is returning to the Southern California area to host the SoCal Umpire Classic in Pomona, CA November 21-23, 2014. It will include classroom, cage instruction, and field work conducted with live play by local high school teams. You will have an opportunity to improve your skills and make connections at this event. Scholarships to the professional umpire course will be provided to top students, and other prizes and give-a-ways will be offered, including MLB tickets to 2015 season games. Come and join us to make yourself the best umpire you can be at the mos
  12. Is anybody planning on attending the Jim Evans Desert Classic in Tucson, Arizona, October 21-25th? If so, let me know it would be great to catch up with posters on this site while attending the clinic!
  13. Guest

    scam upon a scam

    I came here to shed light on a subject that I think more people should know about in our community. I didn't trash no one. I only put facts on the table so you could look for yourself. Someone is selling lies with terrorism. As I said in a thread that has since been deleted, I believe all of the instructors advertised on FCU's clinic brochure are top notch umpires, their character isn't in question. When you buy their clinic, you don't get what they advertised and you paid for. It's also not unclear that your choices are to go along with the scam or refuse any chance of breaking into any c
  14. Guest

    FCU Scam

    Since FCU was sold their tryouts have gone from one a year to half a dozen times. The price for trying out has more than doubled, to $300. They don't have more games than they did though. The new owner came from Wendlestedt and brought along the idea of selling a dream. In an email I heard about this year, they said you should attend half a dozen clinics without getting discouraged. If you have been to any of their clinics, you know that FCU falsely advertises the instructors they have on staff, they just flat out lie. Then they really exaggerate what your tuition buys. You don't get any ad
  15. A reminder to everyone our upcoming clinic in Tyler, TX January 17-19. Instructors are MLB umpires Marvin Hudson & Alfonso Marquez, AAA Umpires Lance Barrett and Nick Bailey plus others. Cost is only $100. Go to www.umpireclinics.com for more details or to register. If you have any questions email me at tylerumpires@gmail.com
  16. I will be attending the first week of this camp. If anyone else is coming I am looking for a roommate. Florida Advanced Umpire Clinic Get Seen...Get Evaluated...Get Hired! June 14th—30th, 2013 ♦ DisneyESPNZone In conjunction with High School and Collegiate Baseball Coordinators and Assigners, this premiere clinic provides 2-man, 3 - man and 4-man system training. The SEC is utilizing 4- man crews; stay ahead of the game and advance your career by attending Florida Advanced Umpire Clinic! Clinic instructors are MLB umpires, Professional Baseball umpires, NCAA Division-1 umpires, and
  17. ..........I was NOT actually ......   I was NOT tracking the ball ALL THE WAY into the mitt with my eyes!  Yeah, yeah, go ahead, ........................I know, I know!   Come to find out, I was tracking it with my eyes right into the front edge of the plate, (where I like to invision seeing an imaginary pane of glass), but I wasn't finishing the tracking into the mitt ...   WOW, ...all it took was an instructor to see that and go over a few things, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  It just 'feels' better, and the view is so much better!  Now, I'll only suc
  18. We are hosting the 2nd East Texas Umpire Clinic in Tyler, TX on January 18-20, 2013. Our instructors are Marvin Hudson, Lance Barksdale, Lance Barrett plus a couple more minor league guys. This is the best clinic for the price you will find. Spaces are limited so check it out. http://umpireclinic.eventbrite.com/ Any questions email me: umpirebrianc@gmail.com
  19. Any of you guys is planning to attend this clinic? Is from November 8-11, 2012.
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