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  1. DO NOT USE EXPLORER TO VISIT THE SITE! Chrome is good, Safari, all is good, edge is good... But this is what I saw at work when using Explorer.
  2. I use this as my primary CP and have for the last 6-7 years and have no regrets. It has excellent protection. That's not to say you will not feel when you get hit, b/c I've been hit by some nasty fouls and it has hurt like a SOB, but I shudder to think what it would have been with anything less. I'll be in the market for a new CP in the next year or 2 and will shop around, but this will be at the top of my list.
  3. This CP is more than protective enough for most levels of baseball. I even have a guy in my group who who uses it at the DI level. I would use this with confidence up to and including HS Varsity. Great entry level CP. Especially for the price.
  4. I like Honig's a lot. Pros: Good selectionI really like some of their brand of items.Items ship quicklyCons: The only negative is their website is really behind the times.I have never had any customer service contact with them other than their tables at the NCAA clinics, but they were very nice then.
  5. Great selectionI love their website and that they keep up with the desires of umpires better than any other retailer.Their website is up to date and informs you if an item is out of stockGreat serviceI actually had 2 occasions to call them. Once I had a question about the specifics of an item and the other time I had to make a return. Both times they were excellent to deal with. Understanding, and didn't make me feel stupid b/c I needed to return an item due to my error.They're involved. Not only here, but through their Facebook, and more. I know I appreciate that. It seems they are there for officials not only when they want to buy something.I highly recommend them.
  6. http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/63817564/v89204683/?query=reynolds Your browser does not support iframes. Now I bring this up because I had a discussion with a friend about the difference between being in the glove vs. caught. What are your thoughts on it?
  7. Tony B


    Many of you have more posts in a day than I do in 5 years. As a long time lurker and rare poster the arguing for the sake of arguing is a turn off. I get to a thread which may be interesting and then we get to the BS and I stop reading. I could be missing out on some great info, but once I get to 3-4 posts of garbage I check out. Police yourselves. Don't get overly excited with each other. I don't know if everybody realizes how great of a resource this place is and I'd hate to see the usefulness of this site go away.
  8. I'm going to say what I bet others are thinking and try to stay in the guidelines of what is acceptable at UE Who the hell is going to take protective equipment advice from some old, crazy looking guy who still wears a ribbed CP? Come on if you want to be in the protective equipment market at least look like you know what you're talking about. That would be like talking to Jim Kirk about buying equipment at UA but finding out he really buys his at KMart. AND who gets hit in the mask once every 20 games? I sure as heck don't
  9. Undoubtedly. 3 of the top. Well, one worked the 99,03,06 CWS one worked the 07,09,12 CWS one worked the 11 CWS Seems pretty good to me. At :03 that move is why nobody can play little ball anymore, since it has been deemed legal. Is the catcher allowed to jump that far out in front of home plate???? When does this constitute a balk or catchers interference (does the bat have to hit the glove for CI on a pitch to draw the CI on this play---wasn't there a time where the catcher could not do this???). If CI and everyone does not advance, what does it become. Is there an option on this play??? Here's a still from the video _sorry the quality is not good I'm not good at doing this. So the catcher is clearly interfering IMHO. But- somebody correct me if I'm wrong - the video does not show if the PU or rest of the crew awarded the batter first so lets not be so quick to jump on them and say they missed a call. We see an apparent rules violation, but we don't get the rest of the story or potential award. So does anybody actually know if CI/Catchers Balk was actually called or not? Until we know that lets give these guys credit as they are among the elite of the elite in the NCAA D-I world. It would be unfair otherwise. And if they did not, that does not make them a Smitty, just human like the rest of us who would kill to be in their plate shoes. Back under my rock
  10. Same here. We talk ad nauseum about retail items here from Chest Protectors to books, to virtually anything else you can name. We're pretty on top of umpiring related things. I love when somebody like Mark in this thread or Jim from Ump-Attire, Aaron from Honigs or Brad from All-Star take the time to see what is important to us - their customers. I wish other companies would do the same. I would have loved to see someone from unequal chime in on their product. But I dislike when someone comes and makes one post about their stuff and disappears.
  11. When I met Warren in Philly we looked at the Unequal Chest Protector together at the Honig's table. BTW Warren was wearing his Ump Attire cap and did get a look from the man behind the table. But this rig was interesting. There was more to it than I thought there would be. It reminded me of the Honigs K-1 to an extent. It was soft but there was something hard beneath the pad. I often wanted the K-1 but never pulled the trigger. I am going to continue to reserve judgement. I've read a lot of negatives about it, but there are others who are in love with this piece so it cant be all bad. Did anybody ever read anything positive on the Davis Shield CP? I don't recall it. So I don't think that is a good comparison. If I get a partner this year who has one and will let me wear it, I will then make up my mind.
  12. You guys who only call the belt or there abouts. You're leaving legitimate strikes on the table. Remember the zone isnt when standing straight up, it is when he is prepared to strike at the ball. The center of the chest is a completely acceptable strike. At a camp I went to Paul Nauret said to call it at the nipples. A friend who is a former milb ump said they were stressing getting the good high strikes. Also in this years NCAA clinic they mentioned that more coaches complain about small strike zones than big ones. Strikes= Outs = shorter games. Get the strikes!!!
  13. I'm honestly not trying to be a jerk here, but first I wouldn't try it on mesh. But mesh isn't suitable for any level of organized baseball. The cost isn't that different from the wool, and for all the effort umpires go through to look the part, a mesh cap would ruin all of that effort.
  14. Good stuff my hat and shirt arrived. Good quality and looks good.
  15. Tony B


    I friend sent me this link and asked if that was a legit Nike mask. The padding doesn't look the same as what I've seen, but I don't know these masks that well, So I pointed him over here to the guru's of gear junkies. http://www.ebay.com/...=item2c6895bbd7
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