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  1. TY sja , curious where did you originally find this ?? Marc
  2. I would be a buyer for $125.00 with a harness (douglas ) , shipping included ? I can send paypal ? Just curious why don't you want or like the cp ? Marc
  3. Do you have a harness for the Douglas ?? How may seasons old is the CP ?
  4. Gentlemen , i havent been on the site for a long time , a good economy has kept me very busy (business) along with all gms worked , and other fun in life . I have seen on this site and floating around on the internet in the past , A "chart" in green,yellow,orange , which indicates the potential danger of taking a foul ball direct shot working the plate . The purpose of the chart is to demonstrate the importance of the "proper slot" mechanic and reducing the risk of getting hit . If any one could provide a copy of this chart , that i can download or a link to the same ? I would appreciate it !! Iam teaching a youth clinic and would like to use this material . Thanks Marc
  5. Largely over looked in most circles , but a quality shin guard is PRO 9 . I use them frequently they are my first choice , never had an issue of any kind . comfort,value,protection,breathable . BTW i also own the newer generation Douglas model (triple knee). Very $$$ , well built , light weight , bullet proof protection . I use them with questionable catcher's Cant beat the value of PRO 9 though , there patella knee pad is second to none . my 2 cents marc
  6. I wore the CP today in a very warm 95 degree's game , excellent experience . no adjusting or any issues to speak of . Pretty comfortable considering the temp . Marc
  7. Thanks to mad max for his time and effort & design idea , i have now completed the DF (ump life) single upper strap design harness modifications . Full disclosure , i didn't have the tools , equipment or skills to perform this myself . i went to a luggage repair service , cost was $25.00 . I can with out a doubt say that it was well worth it !! The difference in the fit with the new harness makes the CP feel like a completely new CP . see images Marc
  8. Mad max i believe i understand what you are suggesting , if you have time to share a diagram or sketch that would greatly appreciated . i do have a seamstress who can perform all the sewing alterations . Marc
  9. mad max , see images , i was planning on attaching a stainless "D" ring to the short nylon strap that is factory attached (sewn) to the "halo" portion of the schutt CP . And then having that short strap now with "D" ring through it ,sewn down at the point at which the short strap is factory attached (sewn) to the "halo" portion . then take the single strap of the new harness and loop through the new "D" ring which is now attached (sewn) to the "halo" portion and use an adjustable plastic buckle to then adjust for fit . if you have another idea im open to suggestions . i am ready to proceed with the method described above , unless i get some different guidance . the method described above seems to require minimal modification of the original schutt "halo" portion . Marc
  10. Gentlemen , if anyone has purchased the ump life DF harness from Ray , since Ray can produce both designs single upper strap or 2 strap option depending on the CP , specifically iam looking for any images showing detail of how you attached to the schutt CP XV factory upper strap with the new DF SINGLE strap design . I would appreciate it , you can pm if you want . I purchased the single strap design , and seeking some guidance on best way to attach . Marc
  11. this is the info we will use in post season Marc OCBOA 3 - MAN 2016.pdf
  12. PM  me i want to but the harness you sell



    1. Razzer


      Just send me an email rbumpire37@gmail.com



      I also need to know what type of cp you use



      $36.50 usd includes delivery

      You will be sent a paypal invoice

  13. I have an AS sys 7 CP the xl model , in very good condition . Also a diamond silver mask with team wendy , and diamond TG , in near new condition PM if interested , i can send photos . Marc
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