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  1. I'm not sure where to appropriately ask this question, but does anyone know a coupon code for JK Davis? I need a specific association hat and they have the market cornered on them.. Thanks
  2. In the OBR set, how do they handle a player that has a lower arm cast that may want to pinch run? I can not imagine it is even addressed, but my google searches have not been fruitful. thanks
  3. This occurred at a "higher level" varisty high school game; ie, both coaches should know better.
  4. I understand that allowing the walked runner to touch first and ensuring that no other advance occurs by he or other runners is the time to award time. Several coaches will just walk onto the field without being awarded time.
  5. Fed rule set F1 walks a batter and the coach makes his way out to the mound. BR is not yet to 1st base, U1 has not awarded time but the coach keeps coming onto the field. BR hits first base and takes off to second. As the coach is two or three steps onto the field, F1 wheels around and throws out the BR prior to him reaching 2nd. Any ruling??
  6. @thunderheads Sold. Please lock it up. Thanks
  7. I have had these shoes for the past two seasons. They are worn but have a lot of life in them. I have gone to the low tops. The only blemish are worn areas on the inside of the shoe on the outside heel corners. $45 to your door. Shipping is $20 or these would be less. Any questions, email me at 4Lessigs@gmail.com. Thanks
  8. All sold. @Thunderheads. Please delete
  9. fishnfed

    balk or not

    thanks. Very helpful.
  10. fishnfed

    balk or not

    thanks to the knowledge base.
  11. fishnfed

    balk or not

    A right handed pitcher with R3. Steps directly at third but does not throw the ball. Is it a balk in OBR, FED, and USSSA? Thanks
  12. Red, Honigs - XXL Pink, Dalco, USSSA patch - XXL Black, Smitty - XXL Navy, Honigs, TSSAA patch - XL $15 each or $50 for all four. Email me if you're interested. 4Lessigs@gmail.com
  13. My buddy was in the game and told me about it. The defensive coach opined that R1 HAD to advance. We both disagreed with this thought. Thanks for the replies.
  14. Fed rules, R1, R2, no outs. A sharp hit, short hop to F5. F5 catches the ball off the dirt, touches 3rd and throws to F3 for a double play. R1, thinking that F5 caught a low line drive in the air, dives back to 1st. F3 throws to F6 who is standing on 2nd base. I have a double play and R1 remains on 1st. What says the knowledge base? Thanks
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