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  1. No worries. Thank you for the response
  2. I have a vintage west vest for sale. It's a size medium and is 12 inches measured from the neck to the bottom. $75 includes shipping in the USA.
  3. Smitty 4 way stretch size 32 combo pants. Never worn or hemmed. They do not have the expander waist band. $30 I will send pictures upon request. Also shipping will probably be between 8-10$ buyer will pay for shipping
  4. I'm interested in seeing a picture of all 3 please. Thank you
  5. I have 2 pairs of Honigs football pants. They are size 38/30 with 2 inches to increase length. One pair is for the warm days and the other pair is for the cold nights. Each pair will be $30 and pictures upon request. Buyer will pay the shipping
  6. Smitty 4 way stretch combo size 32 and not hemmed or never worn. They are the ones that don't have the expander waist band. Priced at $30 Buyer will pay the shipping and also since i can't upload any pictures right now feel free to message me on here and i can send via text.
  7. Still looking for zig plate shoes size 11 in all black.
  8. Since there is a thread about mask porn. Maybe we can do a show and tell about our other pieces of equipment that people don't get to see. Maybe you made alteractions to you're chest protector or shin guards and want to share. Or you have a special patch on your CP that means something special.
  9. @wolfe_man if he still has them please let me know. Thank you
  10. Still looking for an all black pair. Thank you for looking.
  11. Selling the original one for $200 but can be negotiated
  12. what size and the tread on the bottom. You tell me what you'd like for them plus shipping. I sent you a PM regarding the other post so lets talk there
  13. @gnhbua93 do you still have any nike ti for sale?
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