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  1. I'm going to try the maks that U-A sells (I wore them for football), and I'm also going to try out a gaiter. We have been "highly encouraged" to wear them at the plate and were told they were outright optional in the bases.
  2. For all intents and purposes, it didn't (at least in terms of baseball).
  3. In Mississippi I believe it's a combination of peer evals, coach evals, and experience (I'm not 100% honestly). But according to my assignor, since there are so many playoff games played in the early rounds here, it also sometimes comes down to who's available and willing. I'm not certain but I believe that the state office chooses crews for the state tournament based on evals from the assignors.
  4. Well, I hate that. I would love something more low profile that gives as good of protection as my platinum CP. Here's hoping something comes about in the near future.
  5. That's what I was led to believe. Guess we will just have to wait and see if it comes to fruition. I will say, though, if it does I'll definitely buy one. I like the protection of my WestVest but I don't like looking like a linebacker when I have a dish.
  6. I noticed that there has not been a post in this forum in two years or so... so, why not change that? Earlier this year, Mississippi's public high school league discontinued sanctioning slow pitch softball in the fall. If I'm not mistaken, Mississippi was one of the last states still playing slow pitch softball in high school. Are there any other states still playing slow pitch? I know Kentucky was not when I was umpiring up there.
  7. I read something about Wilson (I believe) coming out with a low profile chest protector. Supposedly, it won't be until closer to the late spring/early summer before it's released.
  8. Thanks. I know FED also bans but just assumed OBR did. Interesting. Wow, that is pretty silly... Have you ever been given an explanation of that?
  9. So, am I reading this correctly: Whether or not the undershirt is distracting is completely at the umpire's judgment even if the opposing team complains? And am I also correct in that there is nothing in OBR to this day that mandates no white undershirts?
  10. Admittedly, you're doing better than me. I think I have a somewhat better understanding than I did but still have some questions (many of which have been answered in this thread thankfully). We're having our first meeting on Monday and I predict most of that time will be spent talking about this new rule.
  11. My first pair of plate shoes were 3n2's... never again. My current pair is NB V2 mids that I love. I probably have another season left of them (I bought them used) and will likely upgrade to the V3s. I agree that the V3s don't have the look I prefer but I'm a guy who cares more about function over form. That's not to say that I don't care about looking good but how well the shoes function are a bit higher on the scale for me. It's unlikely that I'll ever use anything but New Balance for officiating shoes again.
  12. There's a difference in what you mention and a kid who was simply getting up after he slid. I don't believe the intent of the INT rule is to penalize a kid for getting up off the ground. It's not his fault the catcher was still there. Again, if weighing the letter and the spirit of the rule makes me a poor official, so be it. I won't lose any sleep over it. If I believe I saw INT, I'd call it. If I'm unsure I'll see if my partner(s) got a look. If I'm wrong, I'll accept that and move on. But in this instance, I don't believe I am because I don't believe the intent of the rule is to punish a kid for getting up off the ground. That's not an ego thing - I definitely don't know it all and will never claim to - that's me trying to do the right thing not only within the letter of the rule but also within the spirit of the rule. If my desire to try and do the right thing rubs some people the wrong way, again, I won't lose any sleep over that. Now, for real this time, I'm done with this thread. Thank you, goodnight, and tip your servers and bartenders.
  13. I got my pair today and wore them around the house a bit. Yes, they're as ugly as homemade sin in all honesty but they are very comfortable. I can't wait to try them out on the field.
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